2 more under 18s diagnosed as thyroid cancer, 7 more suspected to have cancer in Fukushima, “From before 311”


From the thyroid test of Fukushima prefectural government, 2 more children were diagnosed to have thyroid cancer. They were under 18 years old in 311.
So far, 3 children were diagnosed to have thyroid cancer.
Additionally, 7 more children are suspected to have thyroid cancer.
Fukushima medical university commented thyroid cancer takes 4~5 to come out from the research of Chernobyl. The cancers found this time have been growing since before 311, which is not from Fukushima accident.

They were denying the similarity between Chernobyl and Fukushima so they don’t have to compare, but having found 3 thyroid cancer cases, they started picking up the research data of Chernobyl, which contradicts themselves.

The government does not even conduct thyroid test for the children in Metropolitan area. It is not known how many of the children to have thyroid problems.

When 311 happened, iodine tablets were not distributed to most of the children in Japan, however, the packages of iodine tables were found in government’s offsite center. They evacuated themselves on 3/15/2011 for the explosion of reactor3. [URL 1]


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2 mineurs avec un cancer de la thyroïde, 7 autres suspectés de cancer à Fukushima, “Ça date d’avant le 11-3”


Des examens de la thyroïde de la préfecture de Fukushima, 2 enfants de plus ont été diagnostiqués avec un cancer de la thyroïde. Ils avaient moins de 18 ans le 11 mars.
Pour le moment, 3 enfants ont un cancer de la thyroïde diagnostiqué.
En plus, 7 enfants sont suspectés d’avoir un cancer de la thyroïde.
L’université médicale de Fukushima précise qu’un cancer de la thyroïde prend 4 à 5 ans pour se révéler selon les recherches issues de Tchernobyl. Les cancers trouvés cette fois ont commencé à se former avant le 1-3, ils ne sont pas issus de l’accident de Fukushima.

Ils avaient nié toute similarité entre Tchernobyl et Fukushima donc ils n’ont pas à faire de comparaison mais ayant trouvé 3 cas de cancers de la thyroïde, ils ont commencé à se servir des données recherche de Tchernobyl, ils se contredisent eux-mêmes.

Le gouvernement ne procède même pas à des examens de la thyroïde des enfants de la région métropolitaine. On ne sait pas combien d’enfants ont des problèmes de thyroïde.

Quand le 11-3 est arrivé, les tablettes d’iode n’ont pas été distribuées à la plupart des enfants japonais, toutefois, des paquets de tablettes d’iode ont été trouvés dans les centres déportés du  gouvernement. Ils se sont évacués eux-mêmes dès le 15 mars 2011 après l’explosion du réacteur 3. [Lien]

Article lié : 3/19/2011 Yamashita, “It’s not serious enough to take iodine tablets”

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  1. Dear Fukushima Diary

    Thank you very much for your work. Hugs.

    http://www.bbc5.tv is a website based in England, U.K. They have put a link to Helen Caldicott’s film “The Truth about Fukushima”. Also the film “Fukushima Never Again” film.

    If you have other films/videos to recommend to the site please contact them.

    I lived in North Japan in the 1990s and I want to say hello to you and send you a big hug from me. I love Japan; I think of you guys a lot.

    When Fukushima started I sent potassium iodate tablets to friends in Yamagata-ken who had family in Fukushima. Real tablets and also homeopathic remedies. This was a very small thing I could do.

    Thank you again and very best wishes. Big apologies that I don’t have money available to donate at the moment but I do care and do think of you.

    Very best wishes, dozo yoroshku, Gambatte kudasai


  2. The persons responsible for radioactive pollutants known to be among the leading cause of cancer have absolutely no regard for the fate of the children who are also the most sensitive & succeptible to radiation-induced illnesses!!-Anyone who would knowingly continue conducting routine operations & business practices that are even suspected of being amongst the leading causes of sickness & death for their customers/victims even when their own family & friends fate hang in the balance are the lowest form of scum and yet they are allowed to continue with their foul,”poisoning for profit” while controlling the govt.’s and media! It’s so disgusting and inhuman that I CAN’T think of the “nuclear-powered & enrichened elite” as human beings with even an ounce of anything “good” to offer much less even exist?!! That they would be in positions of power or in charge of anything with so much harmful potential is as foolish as it is disturbing and yet their public victims continue to eat TPTB’s lies and contaminated food & drink and “PAY” for the “privelage” of having the lights come on when they flip the switch with both their hard-earned money and theirs and their childrens health and lives! Even though the lights still worked while all of Japans NPP’s were shutdown after 3/11/11,the PROVEN to be un-neccessary nuclear power industry received little opposition by the Japanese people who’ve been abused badly by their corporate-run leadership but are “too” well-disciplined,polite,courteous and gullible for their own good! Had a (known)nuclear event of the same magnitude taken place in the USA the backlash against the nuke industry and cozy relationships between them and the govt. & so-called “protective”regulatory agencies would likely be undermined by the “uncouth,barbaric,gun-toting,patriotic Americans” being poisoned routinely by domestic nuke releases as well as the massive contamination events that have and will continue to be deposited globally from events in Japan and elsewhere?! Had the Japanese people rose to the occasion and shown proper concern for the fate of their children BEFORE the telling cancers & illnesses appeared perhaps the populations of the USA & other so-called “free” countries would’ve allowed themselves to be “de-programmed” and a universal acknowledgment of the deceit and foul nature(nature-fouling) of the nuke industry,collusive govt.’s and media would’ve been realized and the push for ending nuke power generation would be further along by now?! IMO it may be too late now to “fix” what has already been done & what’s “expected” in the way of damages to the Earth’s environment beyond Mother Nature’s ability to “repair” or “return” the planet to a state that would allow a chance for life as we know it to continue? Even if it really is “hopeless”-the young people deserve the best chance for even the remote possibility that Japan and/or the US shut down nukes and “try” to salvage what they can for their sake!! SOMEONE needs to step up and SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!!! 🙁

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