Rubella pandemic “Rubella causes neonatal heart disease”


Rubella explosively spreading in Japan.
According to Infectious Disease Surveillance Center [Link], the number of patients is already 3 times much as last year. The number of the patients was the biggest in 2011 before 2011 since 2008. (2012 : 1016, 2011 : 371, on 8/8)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare warns about congenital rubella syndrome. If a pregnant woman in early stage is infected, rubella may causes neonatal heart disease or deafness.

Female patients are 24% of total, but 35% of them are in 20s to be pregnant.

However, I couldn’t even find an actual patient from Tokyo to Osaka. Fukushima Diary is asking for the information about rubella patients around you.


Rubella pandemic "Rubella causes neonatal heart disease"


Rubella pandemic "Rubella causes neonatal heart disease" 2


Rubella pandemic "Rubella causes neonatal heart disease" 4


Rubella pandemic "Rubella causes neonatal heart disease" 5


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<Settlement report 8/18/2012>


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Settlement report 8/18/2012


Settlement report 8/18/2012 2



  1. It’s sad that so many people are suffering and/or watching their newborn babies suffer and will continue to until what may be an early death.
    This article highlights some potential problems for human kind. The first is that if the Infectious Diseases Surveillance Center is in fact correct, why is the media in the UK not reporting this? This problem needs to be dealt with as it is clear that an individual or more are choosing what is considered news when as a species, this is a big news story.
    The second problem that this may highlight is that if your research finds no evidence of disease and only of radiological damage Mochizuki, why is a scupulously scientific organisation which is the National Infectious Disease Surveillance Centre misinforming human kind?

    I believe that we can only change this situation by forgiving and loving everyone. Anger enters the ego of the recipient (and yourself) and causes an inability to see the situation for what it is and therfore change thing.
    The reason I love Fukushima Diary is that you Mochizuki, report accurately and without bias, despite, like every human and animal and plant, having a vested interest in reducing others’ suffering.

    Thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

  2. This just sounds like a cover up for Fukushima Cesium affecting childrens hearth. Cesium is creating holes in childrens hearth.
    Given that Governement is doing all it can to have effects of radioactive particles on human body dismissed, wouldn’t it be convinient for hospitals to avoid problems with the governement and conclude quickly that holes in children hearth are caused by Rubella instead of by Cesium?
    Are the women being vaccinated now?
    Rubella is extremely rare. A Rubella pendemic is really odd.
    Why has the governement not requested a targeted vaccination campain earlier? And is it requesting one now? Vaccins are working against Rubella. This is totally unreal.

    1. “Rubella pandemic “
      15% of pregnant woman in Fukushima suffer from depression
      Death rate of heart disease in Fukushima became the highest in Japan
      Infant death of heart disease doubled as 2010 in Fukushima
      Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl

      Gov concealed radiation exposure data of Fukushima children
      “not to cause fear”

      Student’s physical strength is decreasing in Miyagi

      “Bura bura disease”
      Fukushima children can’t climb a jungle gym

      their is no vaccine for what these people have

      nothing to do with rubella nor bura bura

      but everything to do
      with anything

      out of sight, out of mind

      they just opened a stupid swimming pool
      and people are so happy
      to get things back to normal

      no wonder why these plants continue to run
      its normal

  3. In the United States we have a shot called MMR – which our children get from when they are first born, with several booster shots – the R is Rubella part of it. Do you have something similar in Japan?

    Also would the radiation have the same effect as Rubella? I will be sharing your link on twitter and fb!

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