Fukushima worker “Contaminated water might overflow due to the lack of tanks”

On 11/27/2012, Fukushima diary warned about the serious shortage of contaminated water storage on the column.

(cf. [Column] X-day – when Fukushima plant discharges millions of tones of the contaminated water to Pacific ocean [Link])

According to the tweets of actual Fukushima worker Happy11311, the contaminated water storage is being the urgent problem in Fukushima plant.

Contaminated water might overflow due to the lack of the tanks.

Tepco built a new water purifying facility of Toshiba called Alps, which is supposed to filter 62 sorts of nuclides including strontium.

They expected to start the facility by this September, but because of the orders and reorganization of NISA and NRA, they can not start Alps yet. It’s not even known when they can start it.

They also expected to reduce the storage capacity because of the new water purifying facility, so they did not prepared new tanks in case they can’t start Alps.

Now a few hundreds of o tones of groundwater flows into the building on the daily basis but they still can’t even finish the bypass construction nor impervious wall.


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Français :

Le travailleur de Fukushima : “L’eau contaminée pourrait déborder par manque de réservoirs”

Le 27 novembre 2012, dans son éditorial, le Fukushima diary a mis en garde contre la pénurie grave d’espace de stockage pour l’eau contaminée. (cf. [Edito] X-day – Quand la centrale de Fukushima balance des millions de tonnes d’eau contaminée dans l’océan Pacifique [Lien])

Selon les tweets de Happy11311 qui travaille actuellement dans la centrale de Fukushima, le stockage de l’eau contaminée est en train de devenir le problème urgent dans la centrale.

L’eau contaminée pourrait déborder par manque de réservoirs. Tepco a monté un nouvel équipement de purification d’eau de Toshiba nommé Alpes, qui est supposé filtrer 62 types de nucléides dont le strontium.

Ils pensaient le mettre en marche courant septembre mais à cause des ordres et de la réorganisation de la NISA et de la NRA, ils n’ont pas encore pu démarrer Alpes. On ne sait même pas quand ils pourront le faire.

Ils pensaient pouvoir réduire la capacité de stockage grâce au nouveau système de purification et n’ont pas préparé de nouveaux réservoirs au cas où Alpes ne pourrait pas démarrer. A présent, quelques centaines de tonnes d’eaux souterraines inondent les bâtiments tous les jours mais ils ne peuvent même pas finir la construction du détournement, ni le mur d’étanchéité.

Sources : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8





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5 Responses to “Fukushima worker “Contaminated water might overflow due to the lack of tanks””

  1. pat b says:

    we have contaminated water flowing out of the turbine buildings, the basements and the suppression chambers.

    does it really matter?

  2. dka says:

    TEPCO management can really only prepare best cases scenarios and is very obviously totally overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.
    With a bullet in one of the whole of this russian roulette and a TEPCO clowns managing the show, chances are that something will go wrong.
    I don’t see any positive action on the ground to think that the risks are managed and moving toward control within 6 clicks (there are 5 wholes and 1 bullet in a 6 slots gun, if nothing is done within 6 clicks….).
    These guys seems out of their mind. What is the problem with them? Is the Japan governement so stingy that it prefers to risk to see the whole country blow up rather than to pay for proper management of the risks of further explosions? This is insane. Totally insane. Better blow up than less rich?
    The only way I can reason this is that these people are incompetent and we are really in great danger. I also feel sad and quite lonely thinking about this.

  3. dka says:

    You are a civil engineer, so like me you know what water does on concrete during winter? Every little crack in the fondation will fill with water. than freeze,chewing the concrete in pieces. Let’s just poor water all over the place! As if the site needs this.

  4. Doru says:

    The ‘ Containment ‘ last phase will be the ocean waters , and the rain generated by it will dictate our lifestyle ( indoors when raining with the ventilation at minimum , and yes , can’t grow anylonger crops in the open , a big ‘oops’ ) .

    ‘Scientists’ and politicians built reactors on known fault lines , they also feed us pesticide laden food , they make weapons of mass destruction , they use Fiat currency and pay interest on it , and they lie to us about the anthropogenic cause of global warming ! A Fine bunch that we call the Pillars of our society !
    I need to go to vomit …

    But Wait , YOU voted for them !!

  5. smug_alec says:

    If I may make a correction:

    They use fiat currency and WE pay the interest on it – through tax.

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