Yamamoto Taro prepares for evacuation abroad


Yamamoto Taro prepares for evacuation abroad

↑ I hope the Shushi is Strontium free.

Japanese anti-nuclear actor / activist, Yamamoto Taro got married to Ms. Juri, a Japanese professional surfer last May.
They had only 1 month before marriage, his fans were surprised.

On her blog of 6/12/2012, Ms. Yamamoto stated like below,


We came to Okayama, where my parents are living. We are going to talk about our future plan. It means, we are planning to move out of Japan for the risk of reactor 4 and incineration of disaster debris in Osaka. We have already decided which country to go. (I’m only 19 years old but) because it’s easier to get the permanent residency as a family, we got married ahead of our schedule.
I feel sorry for people staying in Japan, it looks like we are going to abandon them, but we don’t know how Japan is going to be..
Her husband, Mr. Yamamoto tweeted, they are going to move to Philippines because it’s easy to obtain permanent residency there. His mother is already in Philippines to have a look around.
He hopes to build a Japan town to motivate mothers to want to save their children.

The blog of Ms. Yamamoto is shut down now.




  1. What has happened in Japan is heart breaking. All that culture and history just resigned to such a fate. If this doesn’t end nuclear power then we are all fools.

  2. A refreshing change to see smiles on this website – a little break from the doom and gloom. I wish you every happiness and congratulations. It would be wonderful if you could save some children. Is Phillipines far enough away?

  3. It is wonderful to see such joyful, happy smiles of youth and innocence and hope on their faces. I wish them all the best in their new lives.

    My heart breaks for all who are left behind, unable to evacuate to safety.

    May they be able to help many, many others evacuate as well!

  4. I am happy he is taking this step for his life and his possible future family but I am saddened to see that those who are speaking out against Fukushima and the lies will be losing a leader as there are so few. No other celebrities are brave enough to sacrifice their careers to save their nation. They are all cowards.

    Regarding Yamamoto-san destination choice of the Philippines I would have hoped he would choose somewhere a little further away as it is situated rather close. Hopefully he can later move to Malaysia or further once he is out of Japan. I wish him and his family the best.

  5. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/yamamoto-taro-prepares-for-evacuation-abroad/#.T9dVqasyNzM.facebook

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Yamamoto Taro prépare son évacuation à l’étranger.
    Par Mochizuki le 11 juin 2012 · 3 Commentaires

    ↑ J’espère que ces sushis sont sans Strontium.

    Le militant/acteur anti-nucléaire japonais, M. Yamamoto Taro s’est marié à Melle Juri, une surfeuse professionnelle japonaise, en mai dernier. Il ne leur a fallu qu’un mois pour se décider, ses fans ont été surpris.

    Sur son blog, le12 juin 2012, Mme. Yamamoto a publié ceci :

    On arrivait d’Okayama, où vivent mes parents. On va leur parler de nos projets pour le futur. Je veux dire, on se prépare à quitter le Japon à cause de la menace du réacteur 4 et de l’incinération des débris de la catastrophe à Osaka. Nous avons aussi choisi le pays où nous allons. (Je n’ai que 19 ans mais) parce que c’est plus facile d’y obtenir la résidence permanente en tant que famille, on s’est mariés suivant ce qu’on avait prévu.
    Je suis désolée pour les gens vivant au Japon, on dirait qu’on les abandonne mais nous ne savons pas ce que le Japon va devenir …

    Son mari, M. Yamamoto, a tweeté qu’ils vont partir aux Philippines parce que c’est plus facile d’obtenir la résidence permanente. Sa mère est déjà aux Philippines en préparation.
    Il espère construire une ville japonaise pour motiver les mères qui veulent sauver leurs enfants.

    Le blog de Mme. Yamamoto est clos à présent.

    Source : http://www.narinari.com/Nd/20120618198.html

  6. Best of luck with your move to a new country. Such a beautiful young couple! Since Fukushima, a part of my heart will not heal because I understand the affects on Japan and all the eco-systems from Cesium-137 fall out. Words can’t say enough about the sorrow I feel. When you can’t get out of a bad situation, you try to make the best of a bad situation. This is much worse compared to any situation on the face of this Earth! I am so aggrevated the disaster is handeled as if milk was spilt and it’s not a big deal………wow! Radiation had fallen onto Canada and the United States as well last year. The government is hush hush about it. People have noted two headed birds, flowers and deformed vegitables. Yet our government too had decided not to inform the public. People would freak out and come un-glued if our President were to state on national television, the united states was hit with a plume of cesium-137 fall out radiation. No matter how much the truth hurts, you should come face to face with reality and deal with situation at hand.

  7. Why do people care when uneducated actors (or surfers for that matter) make public statements? Who cares? I’d be more interested in what an alcoholic living on the streets has to say.

  8. Rick you are an idiot! You don’t even realize what that actor is saying.
    Just shut up don’t post ok.

    Man it’s crazy how the Gov of Japan is being sold out and is acting like Gov of the Us acted on the BP oil spill. There just so messed up!

    you have to be an the biggest moron in the world to burn radioactive materials to get rid of materials!

    Japan get a grip ok! your people are honestly losing hope that you even have a clue for the future.

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