Yamamoto Taro prepares for evacuation abroad


Yamamoto Taro prepares for evacuation abroad

↑ I hope the Shushi is Strontium free.

Japanese anti-nuclear actor / activist, Yamamoto Taro got married to Ms. Juri, a Japanese professional surfer last May.
They had only 1 month before marriage, his fans were surprised.

On her blog of 6/12/2012, Ms. Yamamoto stated like below,


We came to Okayama, where my parents are living. We are going to talk about our future plan. It means, we are planning to move out of Japan for the risk of reactor 4 and incineration of disaster debris in Osaka. We have already decided which country to go. (I’m only 19 years old but) because it’s easier to get the permanent residency as a family, we got married ahead of our schedule.
I feel sorry for people staying in Japan, it looks like we are going to abandon them, but we don’t know how Japan is going to be..
Her husband, Mr. Yamamoto tweeted, they are going to move to Philippines because it’s easy to obtain permanent residency there. His mother is already in Philippines to have a look around.
He hopes to build a Japan town to motivate mothers to want to save their children.

The blog of Ms. Yamamoto is shut down now.




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