Reactor4 is bulged worse than announced before

Following up this article..West side of the reactor4 building bulged

Government’s and Tepco’s traditional way of manipulation is like this,

1. Release data.

2. Secretly revise it to be worse.


Again, Tepco revised the data of the reactor4 building on 6/25/2012. They haven’t announced the next schedule of revision.

The South-West corner of reactor4 building turned out to be bulged/leaned to outward.

The third floor is 46mm outward compared to the first floor. On their last report, it was 33mm.

Reactor4 is bulged worse than announced before


↓ It is the blue circled part. Last time, they reported the bulging range of the yellow spot was 33mm, which was supposed to be worst.

Reactor4 is bulged worse than announced before 2









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12 Responses to “Reactor4 is bulged worse than announced before”

  1. Joe says:

    What would make it bulge?

  2. true2U says:

    Probable that weight is causing problem, placing that 60t lid may have added more problems and it also may not tolerate cranes and workers. They are cutting peices of the structure/debris from the roof and a building in whole is structurally dependant on complete frames. It is explained like this, if you are framing a house the walls are not supported by the foundation they need a structurally sound roof so try taking the roof frame off and the walls are only supported by the force of the other walls if you add tons of water in the center of frame the walls would eventually buckle without the support of the complete frame. the weight of the debris is putting stress on the structure and the makeshift fix not working. The amount of times tepco pulls on the structure the more fragile it becomes salt in wound.

  3. true2U says:

    This plant was built without much thought, and cheap material. It is that the most weight is suspended in midair, how long can a severly damaged building sustain that? we only guess, tepco does not guess they poop in pants knowing.

  4. pat b says:

    this is why they are suddenly clearing away the roof sections above the fuel deck, i think they are desperate to unload the structure.

  5. freedomwv says:

    That building is starting to really worry me.

  6. true2U says:

    Safe handling this plant is presumably a 20% with the stress these of these workers.They don’t feel well or exhaustion? Can’t move quickly, this is very dangerous operation.

  7. Gordon Graham says:

    Is this the building that poses such a threat to life on this planet as we know it?

    How long until the next typhoon or earthquake enables it to fall? I’ve read somewhere that a large amount of radioactive water and fuel rods are contained in that, or some other building. Yes?

    How long before that discharge is felt on the left coast or Alaska? My thinking here is that some of us may be more sensitive to radioactivity than others so we’ll see something of a bell-shaped curve describing the number of people that will die over time. I’ve also heard of heightened levels of radioactivity in some forms of sea-food. At what levels, or accumulations, does that radioactivity become fatal?

    Debris I thought would take 3 or 4 years to get to the left coast started being reported about a year after the earthquake – 3 months ago. Would one year be the leading edge then of, dare I say it,the beginning of the end of life on this planet as we have known it?

    I want to know so I’ll have enough time to grow some anti-cancer drug of choice.

  8. Kate says:

    I just watched the Australian ABC report on the spent fuel pool( link to video here if it’s allowed )

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed!

  9. Mimi Mato says:

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Le mur du réacteur 4 est plus bombé que ce qu’annoncé d’abord.
    Par Mochizuki le 25 juin 2012 · 8 Commentaires

    La méthode classique de manipulation du gouvernement et de Tepco ressemble à ça :
    1. Publier des données.
    2. Les rectifier en secret pour ce qui est du pire.

    Encore une fois, Tepco a rectifié les données du bâtiment du réacteur 4 ce 25 juin 2012. Ils n’avaient pas annoncé la date de leur prochaine révision.

    L’angle Sud-Ouest du bâtiment du réacteur 4 est donc encore plus bombé/penché vers l’extérieur.

    Le troisième étage penche de 46mm en surplomb du premier. Dans leur premier rapport c’était de 33mm.×126.png

    ↓ C’est la partie entourée en bleu. La dernière fois, ils disaient que la portion bombée dans la zone jaune était de 33mm, ce qui était supposé être le pire.×349.png

    Source :

  10. Intel Agent says:


  11. jak jones says:

    Im getting a bad bad feeling

  12. rakingmuck says:

    I am very confused about situation in reactor 4. First I see news that cooling restarted. Then this dated one hour ago
    Then CaliforniaFiresNow puts out alert to be prepared to evacuate if living in CA????? Can anyone shed light on the true nature of cooling system? Thanks

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