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Effects to be confirmed

A very short message from me

This is not news. I thought I wouldn’t lose anything to tell it to everyone. Today I had a major pain in the middle-left side of my chest. I hope


1.04 million Bq/kg at the poolside of a school in Koriyama Fukushima

Following up this article..Elementary school to have students clean the pool gutter   Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist tweeted like these below.   郡山市内の某小学校では、プールサイドで最大104万ベクレルもの高濃度汚染が判明!それでも市教委は屋外プールでの水泳授業にゴーサインを出した #郡山市 #被曝 #プール @hanayuu@YuriHiranuma… — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 12,


Yamamoto Taro prepares for evacuation abroad

  ↑ I hope the Shushi is Strontium free.   Japanese anti-nuclear actor / activist, Yamamoto Taro got married to Ms. Juri, a Japanese professional surfer last May. They had


Settlement report 6/11 ~ 6/12/2012 – Believers

      1 hour later, news paper companies finally reported the explosion of reactor 1. At first they didn’t even report it exploded, instead “Explosive sound was heard, white


Mr. Hizumi, Japanese freelance journalist passed away

Following up this article..Yamashita admits he exaggerated the safety of under 100mSv/y The journalist who got this statement from Yamashita, Mr. Hizumi (1963-2012) passed away at 20:28 6/12/2012. He was