Power company “Even if we have enough power, we need to restart nuclear plants.”

Following up this article..Has anyone died from lack of nuclear power ?



At Energy strategy meeting,  Kansai electric power company (Kepco) commented, whether power is in oversupply or in shortage, they want to restart the nuclear plants. It has nothing to do with the power supply to restart the nuclear plants (Ooi nuclear plants).

In case this summer is as hot as 2010, Japan will be in short of power by 0.4%. However, it is estimated that other 3 power companies can support Kepco. Power generation with pumped-up water would add even more power supply.

The reason why Kepco and other power companies try to stick to nuclear power is because almost half of their property is related to nuclear.

In case of Kepco

Net assets 1.5 trillion yen

Nuclear facility and fuel 0.9 trillion yen

Left 0.6 trillion yen

Deficit in 2011 0.2 trillion yen


Nuclear is only needed to keep power companies rich. It has nothing to do with actual power supply.


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