Turning off the TV is the best way to save power

Related to this article..Power company “Even if we have enough power, we need to restart nuclear plants.”

Private think-tank company Nomura research institute analyzed that turning off TV is the best way to save power.

Details are like these below.

Turning off the TV is the best way to save power


Turning off the TV is the best way to save power2


Offices and buildings turned down air-conditioners last year but turning off TV is 4 times more effective.

TV programs have not showed this result.


Source 1 2







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5 Responses to “Turning off the TV is the best way to save power”

  1. Yamagata says:

    I was very happy to read this. I do not have a TV. But I am worried that the computer uses a lot too.Do you know about computers’ power usage?

    I read about a small company run by an inventor in Tochigi Prefecture. He is making appliances like refigerators that don’t use electricity at all. I would like to get one!

  2. Brain Power says:

    Turning off the TV will also save you from being brainwashed by both the ads & shows. Instead you get to use your brain power learning about the news TV will never show you & teach you about the world around you.I stopped watching TV 3 years ago love it. I feel free now & am more alert too, not like a zombie.

    On saving energy I would love it if you would remind your viewers that Japan will NOT be short of electricty becasue the Nuclear plants closed.

    Maybe it is time to make Tepco accountable for the people that suffered as a result of those blackouts. It is inexcusable & disgusting that Tepco took advantage of the Japanese people that were already suffering from the earthquake, tsunami & the meltdowns.
    This is another example how the Japanese suffered as a result of these blackouts.

    Mr. ISHII: (Japanese language spoken)
    ZARROLI: He tells me Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, announces power outages hours in advance, and it does so nearly every day. Often, the blackouts are canceled at the last minute, but the unpredictability makes it impossible to schedule the kinds of lengthy heart and brain operations the hospital performs.

    Mr. ISHII: (Japanese language spoken)

    ZARROLI: For instance, Ishii says, the hospital will sometimes stop a patient’s heart to perform surgery, and put the patient on a machine temporarily. But it can’t do that when it’s using generators because their voltage is uneven. If power fluctuates too much, the patient could die. As a result, Kawasaki Saiwai has pretty much stopped performing complex operations altogether. When patients come in, doctors try to steer them to other hospitals, if possible. But that takes time, and the delay can lessen the odds a patient will survive.
    This presents a huge dilemma for doctors like heart surgeon like Yoshiaki Tsukamoto.


    Dr. YOSHIAKI TSUKAMOTO (Heart Surgeon): (Through Translator) Time is the most important thing in treating these patients. In the 21st century, we can treat these cases. But here at the hospital, we cannot. It’s sad. We have to do something about it.

    ZARROLI: What the hospital does is plead regularly with TEPCO for steady power. But Kawasaki Saiwai is a private facility, with fewer than 200 beds. It’s also not in the earthquake disaster zone, so it doesn’t get high priority from TEPCO.

    The recalculation found that the country would have a surplus power supply of up to 6 percent even without a government order for power restrictions if renewable energy supply and other elements were factored in. The recalculated data was compiled in August last year and was reported to Prime Minister Kan, but it was never released to the public.



  3. pat b says:

    yeah, the typical tv show will never recommend turning off the TV.

  4. kintaman says:

    All the better. The TV only spreads lies and government propaganda anyway.

  5. This is excellent information. I didn’t know it. TY very much.

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