Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay

Having received the petition of 320,000 people for referendum of nuclear power, Ishihara Tokyo governor mentioned the plan to build a nuclear plant along the coast of Tokyo bay.

He believes Fukushima plants were damaged by Tsunami, suggests to build one on the mountain in Chiba.
He stated Mt. Nokogiri yama in Chiba is 329m of height, 1km from Tokyo bay so it can take water from Tokyo bay for its coolant system.
Ishihara mentioned this plan at Metropolitan Assembly budget Committee on 3/14/2012 at first but local residents opposed the plan. Ishihara commented, it was merely an idea for civilization, but he won’t apologize.







Français :

M. Ishihara, gouverneur de Tokyo pense construire une centrale nucléaire dans la baie de Tokyo

Après avoir reçu la pé tition de 320 000 signatures demandant un référendum sur l’énergie nucléaire, M. Ishihara, le gouverneur de Tokyo a parlé d’un projet de construction de centrale nucléaire sur la baie de Tokyo.

Il dit croire que la centrale de Fukushima a été endommagée par le tsunami, il suggère d’en construire une en montagne dans Chiba.
Il a affirmé que le Mt. Nokogiri yama de Chiba culmine à 329 m, qu’il est à 1 km de la baie de Tokyo, donc on peut prendre l’eau dans la baie pour son système de refroidissement.
M. Ishihara a présenté ce projet à la Commission budgétaire de l’Assemblée Métropolitaine le 14 mars 2012, au départ seuls les habitants locaux s’y sont opposés. M. Ishihara dit qu’il s’agissait plus d’une idée pour la civilisation mais il ne présentera pas d’excuses.










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17 Responses to “Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay”

  1. dka says:

    That project could very well be the last mandat for him. I think that he can’t be reelected. Japanese are not that stupid as to support such a dangerous and stupid project that is creating immense amount of problems for Japan.

  2. Sigh says:

    Words cannot begin to describe my hatred for this man.

  3. CaptD says:

    That is why they are now dunping nuclear waste into Tokyo Bay to help increase the “BACKGROUND” readings!

    What a Nuclear Waste!

    If the Japanese people allow this to happen then they are bowing to a radioactive fate.

  4. CaptD says:

    63% of Japanese citizens say ‘no’ to restarting of Oi nuclear reactors

    Japan writers’ group gets eye-opener in Chernobyl

    Japan’s Leaders Fret as Nuclear Shutdown Nears –

  5. CaptD says:

    I hope Ex PM Kan can use this and other examples of Gov’t. nuclear denial* to retake control of the Japanese Diet and lead Japan away from yet another disaster happening like Fukushima…


    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

  6. Concrete man says:

    A citizens’ group has submitted a petition to Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara demanding he create an ordinance to allow the capital to hold a local referendum on the abolition of nuclear power.

    Japan public “beginning to slow burn” and “becoming very indignant” — Gov’t “very fearful of opening any reactors”

    Hey Iori, we NEED TO GET the excellent, superb book The Doomsday Machine by Martin Cohen and Andrew McKillop translated into Japanese and IN THE HANDS OF THE JAPANESE public as fast as possible. It debunks all the arguments like Ishihara pro nuke morons can muster.

    Also, today I bought the Japanese language version of the book by Arnie Gunderson at a book store in Tokyo. It is supposedly the best seller in the science section. It would be good if you could give that book some attention and get readers to spread the word.


  7. Jim says:

    It is already too late for most Tokyo residents. They are the walking dead. Take a look at the mutations in the Toko vegetation, and know that is also happening to Japanese DNA.

    Japan was murdered.

  8. Soyogu says:

    There is a Japanese movie by the name “Toukyou Genpatsu” (Tokyo nuclear plant). I watched it when still living in Japan. It is an antinuclear movie, where governor (or mayor or something, the biggest guy anyway) of Tokyo attempts to start a project to build a nuclear plant in the middle of Tokyo. The point was, he expected people of Tokyo go against it and after that it would be easier to shut down rest of the plants all over Japan.

    Here is the official site.

    Lot of information on the dangers of nuclear plants is included in the film and there are (apparently pro nuclear) sites explaining how very much safer nuclear power is than what it is told to be in the movie.

  9. levo blitz says:

    Ishihara is scum. Scum, that’s there is to it.

  10. Ann says:

    Yes, while hatred for this man is understandable, note also that his attitude is typical of industrialists and capitalists. It has been so for a long, long time. According to these types of people (who might be called psychopathic in some circles), self-gain and profit is more important than the (what may be called) collateral damage that may occur. In economics it’s called externalities, which merely doesn’t get figured in. Externalities are someone else’s problem not the industry’s, whose sole primary purpose is to profit. The way current institutions are structured these types of people do quite well, otherwise they’ll be replaced by others (psychopaths). If we don’t change the institutions (rather than just doing patch work via malleable policies) all this will keep going on and on, as it has been.

  11. CaptD says:

    I hope Ex-PM Kan can get this Leader replaced before Tokyo Bay is a N☢ GO Zone…

  12. rick says:

    Wonderful, now the radioactivity will just run downhill and/or get blowin into the upper atmosphere. True genius.

  13. Just Stop Spending says:

    See, the politicians are paid off by the nuclear industry.
    They want plants build, whether anyone needs them or NOT! (No one really need them!)

    Alternative Energy, does NOT figure into their “vision of life” for people!

    Stop allowing the politicians to use YOUR taxes to FUND these unprofitable and deadly nuclear power plants….if they won’t STOP, then vote them out of office!

    Find candidates that will tell the TRUTH and SHUTDOWN ALL NUCLEAR PLANTS in your various countries. Each plant is a population reducer and genetic mutator.

    Since, it’s the children and generations into the future, that will have to deal with these “decommisioned” death-spewing, monuments to global stupidity….push to have them shutdown forever!

  14. KA says:

    If “Civilization” means destroying LIFE, well then forget about “Civilization” !!

    Divine Recommendations for protecting Life on Earth on

  15. (I think that)they have continued to and want to continuing ,instead of nuclear weapons both with the nuclear power plant and “vast huge plutonium(that possessed by Japan as No.1 in the world) without dumping ground” .
    Even though by nuclear weapons of North Korea and Iran and other, if other countries might be targeted but own people is not targeted. but,

    these in Japan are “can even threaten the world” at the expense of the Japanese people in Japan based on Japan’s own spirit of self-sacrifice …'m_always_happy_but_sometimes_pity.html

    Prime Minister of Japan( as of May 27, 2012).

  16. [...] 7/19/2012, Ishihara Tokyo governor [cf. Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay] announced he cancelled the tour of inspection for London Olympic planned for 7/24 ~ 8/7/2012. [...]

  17. [...] He has suggested the possibility of building a nuclear plant beside Tokyo bay. (cf, Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay [Link]) [...]

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