Ishihara. Jr to be named the minister of Environment and nuc energy affairs, “stop citizens from measuring radiation”

On 12/26/2012, new Japanese prime minister Abe named Ishihara Nobuteru, as minister for the environment and nuclear energy affairs.

Ishihara Nobuteru was the former LDP Secretary-General, who made the comment of “Geiger counters costing between 40,000 and 50,000 yen ($500-600) provide patchy measurements. We have to try and stop citizens from taking their own radiation measurements.” (cf, Japanese gov’s trying to stop citizen measuring radiation [Link])

His father is Ishihara Shintaro, the former Tokyo governor and current president of Japan restoration party.

He has suggested the possibility of building a nuclear plant beside Tokyo bay. (cf, Ishihara Tokyo governor plans to build a nuclear plant along Tokyo bay [Link])

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Français :

Ishihara. Jr, ministre de l’Environnement et des affaires nucléaires : “Empêcher les gens de mesurer la radioactivité”

Le 26 décembre 2012, le nouveau premier ministre japonais, M. Abe, a nommé M. Nobuteru Ishihara comme ministre de l’Environnement et des affaires d’énergie nucléaire.

M. Nobuteru Ishihara était le précédent secrétaire-généneral, du LPD, celui qui avait dit “les compteurs Geiger coûtant entre 40 et 50 000 yens ($500-600) donnent des résultats imparfaits. Nous devons essayer d’empêcher les gens de faire leurs propres mesures de radioactivité.” (cf.  Le gouvernement japonais essaye d’empêcher les gens de mesurer la radioactivité [Lien])

Son père est M. Shintaro Ishihara, le précédent gouverneur de Tokyo et le président actuel du parti Japan Restoration (extrême droite).

Il a suggéré de construire une  centrale nucléaire dans la baie de Tokyo. (cf. Ishihara, le gouverneur de Tokyo prévoie de construire une centrale nucléaire sur la baie de Tokyo [Lien])

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  1. 1) in all fairness I am not aware of a Citizen Colective website where volunteer Live Cams show 24/7 the readings including the location . I am sure that among 80 million+ adult Japanese 1% can spare the cost and Live Cam setup . Where is it ??

    2) The Math Gong :

    a) we are a living being with a skin surface of at least one square meter , also meaning that a melanoma anywhere will affect the Entire organism
    b) one square meter = a square which has one meter sides = one Hundred Centimeters square
    c) the average radiation counter has a Sensor about one centimeter square , hence it reads the radiation encountered by only one square centimeter , so a ‘ low ‘ reading of 30 Counts per Minute ( CPM ) is just what falls on a square centimeter
    d) and finally , since the human body has a minimum adult surface of one Hundred square centimeters , it means that a reading of 30 CPM from a one cm sq sensor is actually for the entire human body 30 CPM X 100 cm sq = a Total Body absobed radiation of 3,000 CPM !! A Totally different ball-game …. wake up !

    1. Sorry about this unintentional experiment ( since everyone was polite not to mention my mistake ) , but as you can see in my original post the point 2/b is incorect by a factor of one hundred : one meter square = 100 X 100 centimeters = 1,000 centimeters Square .

      Hence a 30 CPM on a one centimeter square sensor means 30 X 1,000 centimeters square = 30,000 CPM over a ( low ) average body of one meter square . ‘M’ stands for ‘ per Minute ‘ !!

      But why blame inept/incompetent/corrupt politicians ??!

      The Real blame is on the ‘scientists’ that allowed nuclear power to be used Anywhere ! And how do we know those scientists were/are wrong ?
      a) radiation corods even special steels in the piping 24/7 , but How do you monitor it ? They can’t , so they rely on pressure sensors to shut down a liking pipe , and than replace it ( great ‘troubleshooting’/monitoring , LOL )
      b) 3Mile-Island , Chernobyl , Fukushima , etc .

      But are those people Real scientists ?

      1. Should we mention that 100 X 100 = 10,000 ? LOL .

        300,000 CPM for a small one square meter skin body is extrordinary …

        PS : any other errors ?

  2. Do the Japanese voters know who they have elected?

    I’m wondering if there are any websites which collect, track, organize and expose the sins of these elected officials, so the public can truly know who these idiots are when they are asked to vote.

    I’m also wondering if there are any civic groups or non-profits in Japan who might be willing to pay for a mailing to all of the residents of young Ishihara’s district – a mailing that explains who this guy is, what he is going to be doing to Japan as a result of their voting, asking them if this was their intent, and telling them what they could do differently next time.

    Truly, a well-meaning, inexperienced, high-school educated housewife would be better for Japan than a politically-connected, well schooled, well funded fool like Ishihara.

  3. He can put his nuclear power plant in is asshole and play with it. We don’t want it.
    Gods, if there are any, please spare us from these demons.

    1. Would that nuke-puke stuck in his backside
      qualify him to be AtomBoy’s side-kick?

      Maybe he can stop some from measuring (lies),
      yet there is nothing he can do
      to stop anyone from getting sick …

      especially those sick of politicians,
      sick of ‘nukular’ industrialists,
      and other “authoritarians” that spew falsehoods, fabrications
      and other literal and verbal deceits and fornications!

    2. Yes there is a God, and we are His instruments. Redouble your efforts! We will beat them in the end.

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