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Cesium from the urine of 40% of the children in Iwate, “Considering to stop the research anymore”

Last April, Fukushima Diary reported cesium was measured from the urine of 119 among 132 children in Iwate. [URL 1] The second survey was conducted from last October to January.


[Column] What is Sv, Bq, Cesium, how and why it matters

I’m often asked what is Bq/Kg and what is Sv/h etc.. I’d like to explain it in the most casual way in the world. For example, if I shout from


Cesium and Iodine was measured from nearly 10% of breast milk from March to Sept of 2011

According to mother and children support network *1, Cs-134/137 and Iodine-131 were measured from 29 of 357 breast milk samples taken from March to September of 2011. The locations are

Domestic and global Environment

1,050,000 Bq/Kg from the soil beside reservoir in Fukushima, jumped up by 11 times since last summer

According to the Ministry of the Environment, 1,050,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the soil beside reservoir in Fukushima. Sampling date : 10/25/2012 Location : Beside the pond for


Cesium measured from 50% of Fukushima apple juice

According to Fukushima prefecture, cesium has been measured from 49.09 % of apple juice produced in Fukushima since 10/20/2011. Fukushima prefecture publishes they have tested 55 samples since 10/20/2011. Cesium


Cesium from school lunch in Zushi city Kanagawa, “Always from frozen tangerine in Kanagawa”

Cesium-134/137 were detected from school lunch in Zushi city Kanagawa. (270 km from Fukushima plant) The contaminated products are always frozen tangerine produced in Kanagawa prefecture. 福島原発から270キロ離れた神奈川県逗子市の給食からセシウムが検出されました。 汚染された食材は全て神奈川県で生産された冷凍みかんです。   Date

Sea contamination

[The Voice of Russia] Cs137 in Pacific ocean 500~800km from Fukushima, “10 times higher than norm”

<Quote> [The voice of Russia] Russian scientists find radiation off Fukushima coast Russian scientists have detected radiation in the north-west of the Pacific Ocean at a distance between 500-800 km


28 Bq/Kg from Udon, “contaminated wheat”

More and more traditional Japanese food turned out to be contaminated. It’s hard for tourists to find clean food in Japan. 28 Bq/Kg was detected from Udon in Kanagawa. It’s

Food contamination Sea contamination

Cesium from 90% of fishery products offshore Fukushima, “Highest reading was 25,800 Bq/kg”

Following up this article..Fukushima is going to start selling marine products Tepco measured significant amount of cesium from fish offshore Fukushima. The highest reading was 25,800 Bq/Kg. Sample : Greenling


Cesium measured from Tofu in Aichi, Mid Japan

    Food is produced in contaminated areas and consumed in less contaminated places. Cesium was measured from Tofu. The Tofu was purchased at a supermarket chain, Max Valu in