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Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Fukushima gov to open swimming beach / 94 Bq/Kg from sea floor, but don’t even check sand

Fukushima prefectural government and Iwaki city government are going to open 2 swimming beaches this summer (Yotsukura & Nakoso) without analyzing the beach sand. They measured 3,167 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco discharged 561t of bypass contaminated groundwater to the Pacific

    ↑ They announce the discharged water is safe enough but the staff fully wears protective clothing in front of camera. It’s written Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


Aerosmith “We were uneasy about the radiation during Japan tour in 2011. …It was pretty scary.”

An American rock band, Aerosmith confessed that they were worried about radiation during the Japan tour in 2011. They talked to “Rolling Stone” in July 2013.   They held Japan

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

90 cases of malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor among Fukushima children / Increased from 75

Following up this article.. Malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor of Fukushima children increased from 58 to 75 cases [URL]   Malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor cases increased from

Effects to be confirmed

Paul McCartney to cancel all the shows in Japan

Following up this article.. Paul McCartney down with illness and cancelled 3 shows in Tokyo / “Doctors ordered complete rest” [URL]   On 5/20/2014, a spokesman for Paul McCartney announced


[Shift from nuclear] Ambassador to Japan, Kennedy visited Fukushima / Offshore wind farm IS the symbol of restoration

  Caroline Kennedy, American ambassador to Japan stated that offshore wind farm in Fukushima is the symbol of restoration.   She visited the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant on 5/14/2014, and

Effects to be confirmed

Paul McCartney down with illness and cancelled 3 shows in Tokyo / “Doctors ordered complete rest”

Paul McCartney came down with an illness and cancelled 3 shows in Tokyo National Stadium. He arrived at Japan on 5/16/2014, planned on shows for 17th and 18th.   However


[Column] Managed to open the new bank accounts and trying to install a new payment module

It’s been a week since PayPal closed the account of Fukushima Diary and blocked all of my personal accounts.   My accountant asked me why I reimbursed “all” the donations

Effects to be confirmed

[Spreading health problems] Yokohama Mayor to be hospitalized and home remedy one more month for cardiac problem

Following up this article.. The Mayor of Yokohama hospitalized for unequal pulse [URL]   Yokohama city Mayor, Hayashi Fumiko is going to be hospitalized and have home remedy for approx.


Anti nuclear former JP PM Hosokawa hospitalized and in recuperation / Suffering from “dizziness for unknown reason”

A former Japanese Prime Minister, the new anti-nuclear activist, Hosokawa fell in sick and hospitalized. He became a candidate for Tokyo gubernatorial election.   In mid April, he suddenly fell