Paul McCartney down with illness and cancelled 3 shows in Tokyo / “Doctors ordered complete rest”

Paul McCartney came down with an illness and cancelled 3 shows in Tokyo National Stadium.

He arrived at Japan on 5/16/2014, planned on shows for 17th and 18th.


However the show of 17th was “unavoidably” rescheduled for 19th.

On 18th, he made another announcement to postpone both of the shows of 18th and 19th again.


According to the statement, Paul came down with “a virus” on the day of arrival. Doctors and his team ordered the complete rest.

He has had to reschedule only a handful of shows in the entire career.


The detailed symptoms are not announced.


↓ Paul’s statement on 5/17/2014



↓Paul’s statement on 5/18/2014

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You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Paul McCartney malade annule 3 concerts à Tokyo / “Les médecins ordonnent le repos complet”


Paul McCartney est tombé malade et a annulé 3 concerts au Tokyo National Stadium.
Il était arrivé au Japon le 16 mai 2014, il avait des concerts prévus pour les 17 et 18.
Néanmoins, le concert du 17 avait “inévitablement” été reporté au 19.
Le 18, il a fait un autre communiqué pour reporter à nouveau les concerts des 18 et 19.

Selon le communiqué, Paul a attrapé “un virus” le jour de son arrivée. Les médecins et son équipe ont ordonné le repos complet.
Il n’a jamais eu à reporter qu’une poignée de concerts durant toute sa carrière.
Le détail des symptômes n’est pas communiqué.

↓ Communiqué de Paul du 17 mai 2014

↓ Communiqué de Paul du 18 mai 2014
Article lié : [Propagation des problèmes de santé] La maire de Yokohama hospitalisée et soignée à domicile un mois de plus pour ses problèmes cardiaques

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

    1. No; radiation weakens immune systems, and damages Mitochondrial DNA which lacks the robust repair mechanisms that our regular cellular DNA has.
      That makes compatible organisms more suceptible to viruses, bacteria, and mycotoxins, heavy metals and other pollutants.
      Cook slowly via low-level microwave energy to speed up the process a bit. How’s your WiFi signal strength?

  1. Please note that this blog has not reported on the recently published statistics showing a very dramatic increase of thyroid cancer in children in the fukushima area. Instead, Iori published an article about a celebrity suffering from a virus. Dear readers, if you think this blog is in any way informing you of the situation in japan then you really need to broaden your horizons and start to also read some other, more reputable sources.

    1. Well; have at it. Where is your link?

      Had wondered what the bad stench was, yet Niall opened up to share his effervescent warm personality and instead farted.

      Do remember that he may know some of the children and/or their families. Let us see how you manage to survive an ongoing nuclear crisis. So, how is that going for you anyway? We’re just thrilled with it here. Loving those deformities showing in our children here. Everybody wants to talk about it. It’s always the topic of discussion.
      Nobody wants to talk about it here. It’s always a topic people deny. Yet it exists despite sadistic “statistics”.

      Oh yeah, you don’t do “compassion”. You are spiritually deader than a hammer.

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  3. Wow!

    Another 70 year old man is sick.

    I’m beginning to think that being 70 years old might be correlated with ill health.

  4. Paul McCartney may have suffered some ill effects from Fukushima Radiation Fallout; but this is more likely due to California exposures in 2011.

    The Jet Stream Fallout arrived in California in about 6 days. The surface winds brought the 2nd nuclear fallout in a month or two.

    About NOW, the 3rd wave of Fukushima nuclear contamination is beginning to wash ashore in California. The levels will be very low at first; and gradually increase to a peak in about 5 years. The levels will probably not begin to decrease during Mr. McCartney’s lifetime.

    If the former Beatle wants to stay healthy, he will avoid Pacific seafood and move inland from the beach. But he is a big boy, and it is his decision and his life. No children are presumably in residence at his beach house.

    1. Don’t forget; he flys a lot too, i’d wager. Maybe he tired of the stewardesses that had lost so much hair and took a cruise line instead.
      Speaking of the little blue pill; lost that spring in his step too, has he? Wonder where that lethargy comes from? Maybe his “force” is lacking some mitichlorines; or in reality mitochondria.

      Note the following quote is in the context of external radiation sources affects upon mice:

      Quote of Steven B. Zhang: “Most of the remaining alterations in nDNA are repaired by different enzyme-mediated pathways. Although a limited level of mtDNA repair does occur, most of the repair pathways do not exist in mitochondria”
      via Creative Commons: http ://

      http ://

        1. I’ve been waiting for Mr Bill Duff to pass, but he just goes on and on and refuses to drop. Like a stubborn turd.

    2. He probably should have reduced his food intake, eh Mr Bill Duff?
      Nevermind that there is no radiation, and nevermind that you didn’t bother to purchase a detector before you decided your food was radioactive and reduced your intake. I think your non radioactive diet atrophied your brain. Anyway, lets hope Paul makes a fine recovery in a day or two. Radioactive viruses have a short half life.

      1. Radiation damages to health are, for the most part cumulative.

        Humans and other omnivores & predators occupy the apex of the food chain. Therefore, with regard to radioactive fallout; the top of the food chain species fall victim to both bio-accumulation and bioconcentration.

        For example, the mushrooms, kelp, filter-feeders and snails gather and store radiocesium. Hogs and fish eat these, and further increase the radiocesium levels.

        Then Mr. McCartney and other humans dine on all levels of the food chain. And our bodies pay the price, over time.

        This bioaccumulation and bioconcentration compounds the damage received from atmospheric weapon tests, nuclear reactor atomic fallout, radon, radium, medical XRays, and gamma radiation from the environment.

        Cumulative Damage is a bad thing.

          1. “atmospheric weapon tests, nuclear reactor atomic fallout, radon, radium, medical XRays, and gamma radiation from the environment.”

            Apparently, Bill’s “The End Of Humanity” and “The Great Death of The Northern Pacific” hasn’t actually occurred as predicted (oops), so these are the new evils.

            1. So, how many CT scans, or TSA X-ray scans has Sir McCartney endured over his lifetime (bearing in mind that ionizing radiation’s consequences are indeed cumulative, yet only represent external radiation)???

        1. How are humans at the apex of the chain? They are just food sources for bacteria. Mr Bill Duff displays the typical western hierarchical, egoistical thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.

          1. I go to a local forest, and spot a bear.
            Invariably, it runs away not long after it spots me.
            It seems that way with every other animal in the forest, except skunks (go figure).
            It would seem human reputation precedes as not necissarily humane.

  5. Niall I can’t for the life of me figure out why you keep posting on this site. Hey at least Bill Duff has a somewhat fun personality despite his endless spam.

    1. Fun personality? It’s quite possible that Duff is just a poorly programmed chatbot.

      1. You too have been “poorly programmed”, yet haven’t we all been at one point or another in our individual lives?

  6. Immune Suppression

    Radiation exposure from internal sources (nuclear fallout contamination) and external sources (typically gamma) tend to suppress the immune system. This renders biota more susceptible to ‘bad bugs’ (Prion, Virus, Bacteria) and other environmental stress.

    Cancer increases, due to radiation exposure, are tied to mutations as well as immune suppression.

    Cardiac damage and function loss, from radiocesium also leads to poor tissue perfusion and general malaise.

    Weakness, sickness and death are often the result of radiation exposure.

    1. Note: bill duff is employed by fossil fuel company (gas, I believ ) and his only in erest here is a professional discrediting of nuclear power.

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