[Column] Managed to open the new bank accounts and trying to install a new payment module

It’s been a week since PayPal closed the account of Fukushima Diary and blocked all of my personal accounts.


My accountant asked me why I reimbursed “all” the donations of the past 60 days.

She says I didn’t need it because it was not my fault but I think it was a right decision.


I didn’t want to pay the commission for PayPal as much as possible, and I was feeling a responsibility for my readers.


This is how I lost the donation of 2 months, but it wasn’t all that I lost. I also lost the connection with the readers.


I had the monthly donors, but I lost all of them. I used to cover the rent with the monthly ones, but I won’t have it from now.


but I can’t stop at this point for too long.


Yesterday, I already opened 2 more bank accounts. One of them is a business account but the compete bank staff finished the process only within a day.


My planned new company in Cyprus hasn’t been registered yet because of the PayPal mess, but it’s starting the first researching project with a lawyer in Netherlands. This is going to be the first time for a Japanese to research the certain issue. The outcome will be something that nobody has ever investigated in the history.


For the security reason, I also decided to move.


I still don’t know the reason why that happened to me. Don’t even know if my donation will be released in 6 months.


Some people recommend to me some alternative services to transfer money on the internet, but I’m kinda starting to be wary of those services.

All of them can detain the balance whenever they want, none of them are under any kinds of the regulations. If it happened to PayPal, it can happen to other services too.


I’m trying to install a credit card payment module on Fukushima Diary.


Thanks to some readers who sent me the emergency money, I can survive for a couple of more weeks. If you noticed the refund of your donation in the past 60 days and remember that that was the only energy source of Fukushima Diary, I would really appreciate you if you kindly re-send the donation to the bank.


The bank information (New bank info to be updated soon)






Beneficiary/受取人 : FUKUSHIMA DIARY SRL (not Iori Mochizuki)


IBAN : RO71PIRB4203739401002000 (For Eur/ユーロ建てでいただく場合)

RO37PIRB4203739401003000 (For USD/ドル建てでいただく場合)


… I heard Japanese banks require the address of branch and beneficiary etc..

If you needed them, I’d be glad if you kindly ask me by any means.


The poBox is…






Thank you for reading this.



You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

[Édito] Réussi à ouvrir de nouveaux comptes en banque et j’essaye d’installer un nouveau module de paiements


Ça fait une semaine que PayPal a fermé le compte de Fukushima Diary et bloqué tous mes comptes personnels.

Ma comptable m’a demandé pourquoi j’avais retourné “tous” les dons de ces 60 derniers jours.
Elle dit que je n’avais pas besoin de le le faire puisque ce n’est pas de ma faute mais je pense que c’était une bonne décision.

Je ne voulais pas payer de commission à PayPal autant que possible et je me sentais un peu responsable envers mes lecteurs.

C’est ainsi que j’ai perdu deux mois de dons mais je n’ai pas perdu que ça. J’ai aussi perdu la liaison avec les lecteurs.

J’avais des virements mensuels mais je les ai tous perdus. J’avais pris l’habitude de payer le loyer avec mais je ne les ai plus à partir de maintenant.

mais arrivé à ce point après si longtemps, je ne peux pas arrêter.

J’ai déjà ouvert, hier, deux autres comptes en banque. L’un d’eux est un compte d’entreprise et le personnel de la banque n’a mis qu’une seule journée pour mener le processus (de création de compte) à terme.

Ma nouvelle société prévue à Chypre n’a pas été enregistrée à cause de la pagaille de PayPal mais la première recherche de projet avec un avocat néerlandais a commencée. Ça va être la première fois qu’un japonais fait des recherches à ce sujet. Le résultat sera quelque chose que personne n’a historiquement jamais examiné.

J’ai également décidé de déménager par sécurité.

Je ne connais toujours pas la raison pour laquelle ça m’est arrivé. Je ne sais même pas si mes dons seront restitués dans 6 mois.

Certains me recommandent des services concurrents pour transférer de l’argent par internet mais je commence à me méfier un peu de ce type de services.
Ils peuvent tous bloquer les fonds dès que ça leur chante, aucun d’entre eux n’est soumis à une quelconque règlementation. Si c’est arrivé avec PayPal, ça peut arriver avec les autres aussi.

J’essaye d’installer un module de paiement par carte de crédit dans le Fukushima Diary.

Merci aux quelques lecteurs qui m’ont envoyé des fonds de secours, je peux survivre encore deux semaines de plus environ. Si vous avez été avertis du remboursement de vos dons effectués dans ces 60 derniers jours et que vous vous rappelez que c’est la seule source d’énergie du Fukushima Diary, je vous remercierais grandement de rediriger votre don sur ma banque.

Les informations bancaires  (les infos sur la nouvelle banque seront bientôt communiquées)

Bénéficiaire/受取人 : FUKUSHIMA DIARY SRL   (ET PAS Iori Mochizuki)
IBAN : RO71PIRB4203739401002000 (si en Euros/ユーロ建てでいただく場合)
RO37PIRB4203739401003000 (si en USD/ドル建てでいただく場合)

… j’ai entendu dire que les banques japonaises exigent l’adresse de l’agence, du bénéficiaire, etc.
Si vous en avez besoin, je vous remercie de me les demander de la façon qu’il vous conviendra.

Ma boîte postale est :


Merci d’avoir lu ceci.

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Glad you are funtioning again. A credit card payment module would be helpful because it could be used with a prepaid card. Also, if and when you have time,check out Bitcoin… the safe wallets in which you have your own private key and no one else does – It would mean that people who use Bitcoin could transfer money into your wallet, the service is almost free and you can choose which method you like to convert the bitcoin into Euros or local currency and into your bank.. there may be a small charge for this. The only safe rule is dont leave a large amount of money in Bitcoin … convert it into your chosen currency quite quickly.I’m just researching it at the moment, but I’m going to use it.You would get far more of the actual money people give you than by other methods.
    Thank you for all you do.

  2. The move away from PayPal and other online-account type options will add a better feeling of security to the donations, good choice.

  3. I haven’t seen you post ANY info which would be useful to japanese also thinking of running away. Just some scaremongering about teeth and camels, and that blue ice.

    1. That just means you don’t follow this blog very closely, because that info was there. Iori also keeps a separate lines of communication open to his Japanese speaking audience, and works closely with several of them in their plans.

      You’re just being contentious Niall and should considering retiring as a troll.

          1. Not to mention the sick child’s younger brother,
            and physically challenged older sister.
            That and the child’s mother whom suffers asthma and frequent nosebleeds and heavy cramping.
            In addition, the father of said child who must travel over 100km each day to bring home a take-home pay that increasingly pays for less and less in this world that his family needs, just to survive yet not near enough to thrive.

            When ripples cross water, it is more than just the surface that moves.

    2. So get lost. What’s your problem man? There is no obligation to read this blog nor to donate. Fucking asshole…

      1. Public service to protect the stupid from those who try to profit from their fear and stupidity. You may donate to me via the usual means.

        1. For me this blog is interesting, I am not scared and I will do whatever I like with my money. Got it idiot?

              1. He has a hard time with recognizing reality.
                It is not his fault, really.

                I repectfully submit Swedish Twins that put to rest any doubts about what Chernobyl radiation did to parts of Sweden.

                https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1TRXOPL_vU

  4. The sick child has a runny nose. This may possibly be due to radiation! Please donate some money to me for providing this service.

      1. Can’t piss? That might be due to radiation! Please donate to me for bringing this important news to you. Mr Bill Duff can paste some giant article about the chilling effects of radiation on the urination process.

  5. Radioactive Fallout Related Disease – By Request:

    http www cancer org/ (cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/intheworkplace/cancer-among-military-personnel-exposed-to-nuclear-weapons)

    Cancer Compensation Programs for People Exposed to Radiation as Part of Nuclear Weapons Testing. The US government has passed several laws to compensate military veterans, people who worked in the nuclear industry, and others exposed to radiation as part of nuclear testing programs who later develop certain types of cancer or other diseases.

    Radiation Exposure Compensation Program: The Radiation Exposure Compensation Program is administered by the US Department of Justice. It provides payments to 3 groups of people:
    Uranium miners, millers, and transporters: People who worked in these industries between 1942 and 1971 and who develop lung cancer, kidney cancer (in millers or transporters), or certain other conditions may be eligible for a lump sum payment of $100,000.

    Onsite participants: People (including military personnel) who were present onsite during above-ground nuclear tests (at the Nevada, Trinity, Pacific, or South Atlantic test sites) and who later develop certain medical conditions may be entitled to a payment of $75,000. (Military personnel exposed to radiation at Hiroshima or Nagasaki are not eligible.) The eligible conditions include cancers of the lung, thyroid, breast, esophagus, stomach, pharynx (throat), small intestine, pancreas, bile ducts, gallbladder, salivary gland, urinary bladder, brain, colon, ovary, and liver (unless related to cirrhosis or hepatitis B). Other cancers covered include leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

    1. Mr Bill Duff is a known liar, don’t waste your time reading posts by such a dishonest moron.

      1. That is incredibly impersonal, antisocial, and generally offensive.

        I take offense to your continued personal attacks, and wish Mochizuki-san had the time to ban your smug, self-righteous, vacuous, inane, textually-incontinent self.

        In practice, this gives others open-season to practice rebuking one.

        Thanks Niall, for sticking your neck out here.
        Kindly stick it out just a little further.

  6. The PROPER Way

    http www merckmanuals com/ (professional/injuries_poisoning/radiation_exposure_and_contamination/radiation_exposure_and_contamination) html

    Public response: After widespread high-level environmental contamination from a nuclear power plant accident or intentional release of radioactive material, exposure can be reduced either by

    Sheltering in place
    Evacuating the contaminated area

    The better approach depends on many event-specific variables, including the elapsed time since initial release, whether release has stopped or is ongoing, weather conditions, availability and type of shelter, and evacuation conditions (eg, traffic, transportation availability). The public should follow the advice of local public health officials as broadcast on television or radio as to which response option is best. If in doubt, shelter in place is the best option until additional information becomes available. If sheltering is recommended, the center of a concrete or metal structure above or below grade (eg, in a basement) is best.

  7. Kidney Cancers

    Radioactive Fallout particles may become lodged in the kidney filtration mechanisms. Thereafter, due to the close proximity, radioactive emissions from those clogging particles can damage kidneys affecting function and resulting in increased cancer risks.

    Nasty stuff, Kidney cancer

  8. Niall (by self-report, in Sweden, but not a Swede)

    Niall unwittingly provides, the interested reader, a glimpse into the viewpoint and worldview of ‘Team Nuke’.

    It is not a ‘pretty picture’.

    1. I don’t work for a fossil fuel company as a paid lacky to plaster websites with antinuke propaganga and lies.

      My house is heated via geothermic heat pump, and about 40% of my electricity comes from my solar array. I vote for the green party and voted in the referendum to close the nuclear plants in Sweden (a referendum which was won, but unfortunately the government decided years later that no alternative exists, and left the plants running). I favour fusion power, donate money to the ITER research project and own shares in a small fusion wannabe startup and an electric car company.

      What about you, Mr Bill Duff?

      1. And you know what, Mr. Bill Duff? You’ve been calling me a liar for several months now, but in all that time, I have never actually made any claims or statements about what is going on. I just point out the stupidity of some of the so-called research and pseudo-scientific mumbojumbo being passed off as evidence of a catastrophe (we’re now down to the level of sick camels and pop celebs as ‘evidence’). If someone disagrees with you, it does not mean they are a liar.

        I have been courteous and refrained from indulging in name calling, yet have been repeatedly called a shill, troll, a fucking retard, a moron, and on and on. Poor form, Mr Bill Duff. Have you nothing better?

        And what about you Mr Bill Duff? You have been asked several times if you are indeed employeed by a fossil fuel company, which you have never denied. You are asked for your stance on fusion power, which you dodged. You just jump to the next piece of co-called evidence without engaging in a proper conversation. You create other accounts with fake names and pretend like people agree with you.

        You think you are arguing and waging a campaign against something (team nuke!), but in the end you are only displaying deceit and rude conduct, and nothing else. Let it go.

            1. This is where you crawl away in shame. Oh wait, you can’t, can you? You are paid to post anti-nuke lies on blogs.

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