[Photo] Japanese comedian “There is a mole on the pupil of my eye”

A Japanese comedian, Akihiro Yoshitome, commented on his blog that there is a mole on the pupil of his right eye and it’s grown up (See picture below).


The reason and other symptoms were not mentioned.




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You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

[Photo] Un comédien japonais : “Il y a un point noir sur la pupille de mon oeil”


Un comédien japonais, M. Akihiro Yoshitome, a déclaré sur son blog qu’il y a un point noir sur la pupille de son œil droit et qu’il s’étend (cf. photo ci-dessous).

La cause et les autres symptômes n’ont pas été précisés.

Article lié : Un japonais : “3 dents me sont tombées en un seul jour”


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. There was some rather interesting news recently regarding the plans to remove fuel debris from the reactors. But Iori is busy blogging about teeth, moles and unwell camels. This blog has seen better days. I don’t see what all the fuss about paypal is about, since who’d bother donating to this tabloid junk?

    1. moley, moley, moley; MOLE. (in a deep Mike Myers voice)
      Much like a pimple, am certain you will come to a head soon enough!

  2. Hi Niall
    Your point could only be vaild if the
    ” plans to remove fuel debris from the reactors ” was news.

    They been making plans on that for over 3 years now. Besides, any “fuel debris” removal will still be going on for the next 3 years

    Any radiation will continue to spew from Daichii, land, air, and sea.

    I understand “teeth, moles and unwell camels ” are not what you see on the “news”. And what you see on the news from tepco is far more newsworthy to you.

    This blog is info for the people most effected, those who have/had teeth, moles. And those that watch as pets die, maybe not camels maybe memories of pets left behind.

    You know, no one makes you visit this site. Are you really that bored

    Alot of damage has already been done, the effects on people, animals, and the sea life are just now becomming noticable.

    The “plans” of tepco changes nothing to those affected, to those who can relate to the teeth, moles and unwell camel news.

    lighten up

    1. I refer to the recent decision to abandon the plans to flood the reactors and extract the fuel from the top. Seemed more interesting than uninformed speculation on teeth and moles to me, but if thats what the donating public want to read then Iori must be raking it in.

      1. Oh, and in regards to the effects becoming noticible now, I believe the sky turned orange in 2011. A recent survey shows no cesium found on the us coast, but 20000 died anyway, along with no end of starfish and owls.
        My personal favorite is ‘the end of humanity’, or maybe just the pacific, but I’ve heard of 3000000 dead too, so, in light of all these, how is blogging about a loose tooth considered news? Maybe Iori could blog about where the missing socks go, cos plenty of people are affected by that.

  3. Ocular melanoma.

    Incidence: 8 per million people per year.

    So this year in Japan we should expect about 1000 cases even if Fukushima had never happened.

    Rare enough that few people have heard of it. Disturbing enough that it makes a great blog post.

    It’s been three years since the reactors blew. The end of the world keeps stubbornly refusing to arrive. For the true believers in our imminent demise this is becoming a problem and the solution is to seize on any anecdote of any health problem to try and imply that fukushima is having a devastating effect on the population.

    But the problem with that is that people get ocular melanomas all the time, people get heart arrhythmia’s all the time, people win the lottery all the time, zoo animals get sick all the time, people have dental problems all the time.

    If you start scouring the internet for health issues you’re going to find them, no problem.

    So if you want to know what fukushima contamination is really doing, out there in the real world and not in the world of your imagination, you have to actually do the slog of looking at the statistics to see if there’s been a significant change. You can convince yourself of anything by looking at anecdotes.

    1. I want to see statistics. Where can I find statistics on, for example, the incidence of nosebleeds or ocular melanoma among Fukushima children? I’ve seen statistics on juvenile thyroid abnormalities in Fukushima province, and they suggest there’s been an alarming increase relative to the general population.

      1. Don’t we all.

        ehp niehs nih gov (/ehbasel13/o-4-18-01/)

        “Assuming two years for duration on detectable level of cytology until clinical level, incidence rate ratio was 26.98 (95% confidence interval, 14.12-48.61) in the nearest area, and in Fukushima city, it was 19.41 (95% confidence interval,?9.62-37.31), compared with the Japanese mean annual incidence among those aged 15-19 years from 1975 to 2008 (i.e., 5 per 1,000,000).”

        www thelancet com (/journals/landia/article/PIIS2213-8587(13)70058-5/fulltext)

        “It is extremely important to understand that the Japanese are using very sensitive technology to look at these children,” said Gerry Thomas, professor of molecular pathology at Imperial College London (UK). “The thyroid often has tiny tumours that are less than 1 mm in diameter, and probably many of us go through our lives blissfully unaware that we have these tiny lesions in our thyroid…It is much more likely that this is a blip and the reservoir of cancers that exists in any population is being uncovered all in one go, giving rise to a false increase.”

        It would be good to do the same screening on a control sample before reaching a conclusion.

        1. Thanks for the links. You will be aware that the number of confirmed thyroid cancers has increased since Toshihide et al gathered their data. (1)

          I agree there needs to be baseline sampling of Japanese people well outside high-contamination areas, to provide a basis for assessing the contribution of radiation to the observed pathologies.

          In view of the recently passed state secrets bill, and reports that radiation-related research is actively being suppressed in Japan (2), I don’t hold out much hope we’ll see the results.

          (1) theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/09/fukushima-children-debate-thyroid-cancer-japan-disaster-nuclear-radiation

          (2) http:// enenews.com/madness-doctors-japan-helping-perpetuate-fukushima-cover-patients-being-told-illnesses-exposure-radioactive-contamination-scientific-reports-show-radiation-health-damage-humans-forbidden-be-publ

    2. PS – Please don’t point me to the World Health Organisation, which has long since been a handmaiden of the IAEA.


  4. Thanks for sharing this info. It would be great if you could have more reports on food contamination, land and sea, so those of us who have to live here, can survive.
    Probably, if you want to get the real info about health effects, you would need to find someone who can hack a certain university hospitals files, or get an undercover reporter in there. Otherwise, hope is like an iceberg leaving Antartica.

  5. That mole is not on the pupil, it is on the iris. The pupil is the black dot in the center.

  6. WOW…Paypal screws you and then comes the siege of trolls!!! All that means is that you are definitely doing the right thing… Stay strong Iori, your true readers are always on your side!

    1. Oh, the trolls have been besieging this conspiracy-theory tabloid source of scandal and speculation for a long time, where’ve you been?

      And paypal users get what they deserve after their treatment of Assange. Shame on Iori for continuing to finance their evil operation for so long.

  7. Hi Niall. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Iori’s blog has been a source of primary-source factual analysis for a long time, using releases directly from Tep-Gov…

    A few stories about moles might just be his way of saying he’s too busy to deal with that right now. Being shut out by PayPal for innocuous reasons doesn’t help. And he’s not raking it in either, something you would know if you read the posts about PayPal.

    Don’t you think you’d better serve humanity by warning of the dangers of nuclear power than bashing a blogger who is generally working for people’s betterment?

  8. If you don’t consider quality of life and costs factors then everything is wonderful with the nuclear agenda.

    Today no nuke plants running in Japan. Does any country really need or miss nuke generated electricity? Definitely not cost effective even when your nuke plant doesn’t blow up unless you consider amassing bomb making materials and its associated radiological remnants and dangerous processing wastes a viable profit.

    Nuke related wastes long term storage is a minor inconvenience to be ignored along with medical offshoot maladies that are hard to prove, easier to deny or pretend doesn’t exist if you don’t look at the rising cancer rates when compared to previous history without nuclear bomb blasts.

  9. Herded like German Jews to their doom

    The Japanese People are living in a Nuclear Exclusion Zone. The macabre results, of this genocidal human experiment, will persist for 100 generations.

    The Japan WWII era Unit-731 & Unit-8604 had NOTHING on these 21st century mass murderers.

    Human Experiments – for fun & profit

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