My personal PayPal account and Japanese account were also blocked / Back to “700$ in pocket”

I’m back to the beginning. Now all I have is 700$ as when I left Japan.

After PayPal closed the account of Fukushima Diary, I noticed they blocked my personal account too.
And this morning, I noticed even my Japanese personal account was blocked too.

I can’t withdraw fund to the bank. So, I can’t pay for the health insurance of my potential cancer. Now it’s not the PayPal account, it’s me.

When they suddenly suspended the account last week, I had really a bad feeling for some reason. It was like how I felt on 16th March 2011. Intuition is always correct.

Like I wrote last time, I’m not informed of why.
However I have tried to collect as much information as possible and starting to figure out how it can happen.

From my research, PayPal has a background info of each user across the multiple accounts.
If you have a problem with one account, it can affect other accounts of “yours”.

I ” ” ed yours because I can see a problem in it.
What do they define “your profile” based on? Name ? Birthday ? Nationality ?

Actually when you open a personal account, you are not required deep information such as passport number or social security code etc..

So it’s likely that they investigate all the “possible” accounts of “possibly” the same person when someone causes a problem with his or her account.

This explains why so many people have gone through their sudden investigation and baseless account closure.

So, if someone opened a fake account with my ID info, and violates the rule on purpose, it can affect my real accounts.

I learnt that this background user info of theirs is connected from regions nor regions when they blocked my Japanese personal completely irrelevant account.
Even if the fake account made for some malicious purpose was in Japan, it can affect my Romanian accounts.

This is just my hypothesis.

I actually have many enemies. Pro nuke side, nationalists, and others.

I have been criticizing some groups with a certain political view in Japan because I knew what’s in it for them. I had a lot of possibilities to get PayPal accounts closed.

In short, the PayPal accounts won’t be back. PayPal clearly said to me that I can’t open a new account anywhere in the world.

I refunded all the money that I can. So, I lost all the donations from 8th March to Today. I’m going to cancel all the monthly donations accordingly too.

PayPal rule stipulates that my fund will be released in 180 days. But who trusts them now? I can’t even call them without a voice recorder.

This is why I refunded. I felt guilty for all the donors.

Fortunately, my bank and poBox are alive at this moment.

I’d would be very happy if you come back to the bank or send me something to poBox.

The bank info is …



Beneficiary/受取人 : FUKUSHIMA DIARY SRL (not Iori Mochizuki)

IBAN : RO71PIRB4203739401002000 (For Eur/ユーロ建てでいただく場合)
RO37PIRB4203739401003000 (For USD/ドル建てでいただく場合)

… I heard Japanese banks require the address of branch and beneficiary etc..
If you needed them, I’d be glad if you kindly ask me by any means.

The poBox is…



I used to have the monthly donors to cover the fixed cost such as server or rent. But I lost them all. I don’t know how to cover them.

Thank you for reading this.




You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Mon compte personnel PayPal et mon compte japonais sont également bloqués / Retour à “700$ en poche”


Je suis de retour à la case départ. Tout ce qu’il me reste actuellement sont ces 700$ que j’avais quand j’ai quitté le Japon.

Après que PayPal ait fermé le comte du Fukushima Diary, j’ai découvert que mon compte personnel l’était aussi
et ce matin je découvre que même mon compte personnel japonais l’est également.

Je ne peux pas retirer d’argent de la banque. Donc, je ne peux plus payer la couverture maladie pour mon probable cancer. A présent ce n’est pas un compte PayPal, c’est moi.

J’ai vraiment eu une très mauvaise impression la semaine dernière lorsqu’ils ont brusquement suspendu le compte (Paypal). Je me sentais un peu comme au 16 mars 2011. Intuition toujours juste.

Je ne suis pas informé du pourquoi, comme je l’avais écrit l’autre fois.
J’ai cependant essayé de rassembler autant d’information que possible et j’ai commencé à imaginer comment ça a pu arriver.

D’après mes recherches, PayPal dispose d’informations confidentielles sur chacun de ses clients et sur tous leurs comptes.
Si vous avez un problème avec un compte alors ça peut affecter tous “vos” autres comptes.
J’ai ****é les vôtres parce que je peux voir un problème dedans.
Sur quoi repose ce qu’ils définissent comme “votre profil” ? Le nom ? La date de naissance ? La nationalité ?

En fait, lorsque vous ouvrez un compte personnel on ne vous demande pas d’information de fond comme votre numéro de passeport ou de sécurité sociale, etc..
Donc, lorsque quelqu’un provoque un problème avec son compte, ils doivent examiner tous les comptes “possibles” “appartenant “potentiellement” à cette même personne.
Ça explique pourquoi autant de gens se sont retrouvés sans fondement l’objet d’enquêtes soudaines et de fermetures de comptes.
Donc, si quelqu’un ouvre un faux compte avec mes informations d’identité puis viole le règlement exprès, ça peut impacter mes propres comptes.
J’avais appris que leurs données confidentielles sur les utilisateurs sont interconnectées entre les régions lorsqu’ils ont bloqué mon compte japonais qui est totalement sans  rapport.
Même si un compte fallacieux est créé dans un but mal intentionné et situé au Japon, ça peut affecter mes comptes en Roumanie.

C’est juste une hypothèse.

J’ai de fait beaucoup d’ennemis. Des  pro-nucléaires, nationalistes et autres.
J’ai critiqué des groupes d’une certaine tendance politique du Japon parce que je sais de quoi il en retourne avec eux. Il y a beaucoup de moyens pour arriver à faire fermer mes comptes PayPal.

En bref, les comptes PayPal ne reviendront pas. PayPal m’a clairement dit que je ne peux ouvrir d’autre compte où que ce soit monde.

J’ai renvoyé tout l’argent que j’ai pu. J’ai donc perdu tous les dons entre le 8 mars et aujourd’hui. Je vais également annuler tous les virements mensuels de la même façon.
Le règlement de PayPal stipule que mon argent me sera rendu sous 180 jours mais qui peut leur faire confiance à présent ? Je ne peux même plus les appeler sans utiliser de dictaphone pour l’enregistrer.

C’est pour ça que je rembourse. Je me suis senti coupable envers les donneurs.

Par chance, ma banque et ma boîte postale sont encore vivantes en ce moment.
Je serai très heureux si vous  pouviez revenir sur la banque ou m’envoyer des choses à la boîte postale.
Les informations bancaires sont …

Beneficiaire/受取人 : FUKUSHIMA DIARY SRL (et pas Iori Mochizuki)
IBAN : RO71PIRB4203739401002000 (For Eur/ユーロ建てでいただく場合)
RO37PIRB4203739401003000 (For USD/ドル建てでいただく場合)

… J’ai entendu que les banques japonaises exigent l’adresse de l’agence, celle du bénéficiaire, etc..
Si vous en avez besoin, je vous serais reconnaissant de me les demander de la façon qu’il vous plaira.

La boîte postale, c’est …


J’avais pris l’habitude que les virements mensuels couvrent des charges fixes comme le serveur ou le loyer mais je les ai tous perdus. Je ne sais pas comment les couvrir à présent.

Merci d’avoir lu ceci.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. A brief review of their very lengthy PayPal User Agreement in the US reveals the following clause:

    “5.5 Security Interest. To secure your performance of this Agreement, you grant to PayPal a lien on and security interest in and to the Balances in your Account in the possession of PayPal.”

    . from: https : //

    Is that a “your money is our money” clause?

  2. That looks close enough to be pig latin for ‘its our money sucker’.

  3. Have they stolen the money?
    they can’t keep that money. That does not sound right.

    1. Try reading the rest of it WITH comprehension.
      I “double-dog” dare anyone!

      Note that it is for Americans in the US, yet seemingly forces signatories to obey all laws worldwide. Also note the paltry time-span whereas they can change the agreement with notice which doesn’t actually mean such notice has to be received by the signatory. But wait … there’s more!!! I only got half-way through before my brain rebelled with one word – “ENOUGH!!!”

      People – seriously; read contracts fully before signing electronicly or otherwise. I like adding clauses or striking out onerous ones when a paper agreement is available. Be creative like the original Van Halen band & their contractually obligated bowl of brown M&M’s (signifying that their contract had indeed been read by the other party). Where it is unavailable, tell them “kiss my ass” (or something more subtle)! Try it once in a while, if legal in your jurisdiction; it feels therapeutic and refreshing. Pick your battles and hold firm, yet don’t be rude (that is unless they steal your money, etc.). Don’t force them by inappropriate action to phone authorities. If authorities are dispatched, don’t run. If they have to come running after you, they’re bringing an ass-kicking with them!!!

      Am not saying any of this happened to Mochizuki-san, just a word to the wise. Know thy enemy.

  4. have you thought about starting up of Fukushima-diary Kickstarter project? it might be an easier way for people to send you money electronically quicker than sending it to your PO Box or directly to your bank…

    1. What service would people be paying fbr, exactly? Anecdotal news clips about sick camels? The internet is full of people ready to exploit those who are afraid. Don’t encourage it.

      1. Returned to the scene of the crime, i see.

        He is asking for donations.

        Why don’t you take the hair out of your eyes, so you can see what it is your saying?

  5. Crowdfunding may be the way to go, as you have an electronic product, this blog, and facebook pages.
    Otherwise, a new bank account held by a lawyers Trust Fund such as Geoffrey Robertson or prestigious law firm that can deal with this sort of interference in your affairs.
    It may be that an emergency grant may be available from a Non-Profit organisation associated with free press or other issues.
    Feel free to call Bill Gates and ask for some help.
    You deserve it, your blog is a public global health awareness site, so there might be a Health Related Organisation willing to pitch in some cash.
    Call Richard Branson.
    There is a billionaire who will help, call Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd. he doesn’t want the whales to get cancer in the Pacific…

  6. Not a likely prospect

    Bill Gates is working with the ChiCOMs to produce a ‘Black Box’, nuclear reactor, which is SELDOM, if EVER opened for inspection.

    The technology is not a secret. I glanced over the technology some while back. If memory serves, refueling is seldom, if ever required.

    The condition of the reactor(s) would be the big secret.

    The reactor rather obviously is running on plutonium, rather like MOX, but without fuel reprocessing. Can probably be considered to be a sort of (Slow) Breeder Reactor.

    There are lots of alternate fission technologies out there for civilian nuclear reactor power generation.

    The point is, Bill Gates PROMOTES nuclear power.

    1. Whats your view on fusion, Bill? Are you also paid to discredit it or is it just fission power and ‘team nuke’ which you are paid to attack?

      1. I know what i have to say about fusion. Am against the new reactor being constructed by a BC firm but not against research. They are hiring a Computational Plasma Scientist, Senior Mechanical Engineer & a Experimental Engineering Physicist if anybody is interested.
        See General Fusion.

      2. Fusion:

        Some fusion beverages are OK.

        Cold Fusion deserves a closer look.

        Fusion Weapons (Hydrogen Bombs) are effective weapons and deterrents.

        Some continued investigation into controlled nuclear fusion, for electrical power generation are warranted.

        A few, experimental level, civilian fission power plants should be continued, as a hedge against an always uncertain future. Five or 10 operational power plants in the ‘Lower 48 States’ would be appropriate. They should be constructed at least 200 feet below surface level, IMHPO.

        By Request:

        Bill Duff

  7. Mission 1

    Iori Mochizuki-sensei,

    Focus on Mission! Try not to let this financial attack, to overly distract you from your prime mission and tactical objectives.

    We look forward to ‘beating PayPal senseless’.

    ‘Team Nuke’ is increasingly desperate; and it shows. Press forward!


    Bill Duff

  8. Get worried when you you don’t post for a day or two. Really care about you.

    1. More than 3 days is a concern.

      3 Days is travel time, for Iori Mochizuki-sensei.

      Safe Travels, we hope.

  9. Last 2 months of Paypal donations to Fukushima Diary returned to sender.
    Paypal is operated by a Swiss Bank.
    Swiss Banking rules are very selective in favour of the bank.
    Its how they get by in good times and bad.

    1. Speaking of Swiss Banks; have you ever heard of Leo Wanta “the 27 trillion dollar man” former Ambassador of Somalia to Canada?
      http ://

      OK, so it was Chernobyl AND Wanta that took down the Onion of Soviet Socialist States?

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