Tepco “Hope the youth to come to work in Fukushima plant” / “Aspiration” to work for Japan and the world

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Following up this article.. Tepco “The Olympics would cause the shortage of Fukushima workers” / No specific measures [URL]


The worker’s supply is estimated to be in the serious shortage in 2~3 years. Regarding this matter, Tepco’s vise president Aizawa stated they hope the young people to come to work in Fukushima nuclear plant.

He commented they hope the youth with the aspiration to work for Japanese society and the world to work in the plant. The expected young workers are to be involved in technology development and also in the site itself.


He didn’t mention conscription law, but stated he wants to make the steps so the young people would come to work in Fukushima plant.



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Tepco : “On espère que des jeunes vont venir travailler dans la centrale de Fukushima” / “motivés” à travailler pour le Japon et le monde
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Article lié : Tepco : “Les Jeux olympiques vont provoquer une pénurie de travailleurs pour Fukushima” / Pas de solution spécifique

On s’attend à ce que la pénurie en travailleurs devienne grave d’ici 2 à 3 ans. A ce sujet, le vice-président de Tepco, M. Aizawa, a affirmé espérer que des jeunes allaient venir travailler dans la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima.
Il a déclaré attendre des jeunes motivés à travailler dans la centrale pour la société japonaise et pour le monde. Les jeunes travailleurs attendus seront déployés dans le développement technique et aussi sur le site lui-même.

Il n’a pas parlé de loi de conscription mais il a affirmé vouloir que ça avance pour que les jeunes viennent travailler dans la centrale de Fukushima.


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  1. Conscription of youth from Tokyo area to work at the stricken plant would be better than bringing youth from all over the country, because, most youth in the Tokyo area eat, drink and breathe ionising radionuclides on a daily basis and would probably already be contaminated.
    Bringing in uncontaminated youth from all over the country from areas not contaminated, would be a serious human rights abuse.
    There is also the possibility that the Tokyo Olympics will become the Osaka Olympics, once the athletes and the tourist find out the truth and reality of what is happening.

    1. Osaka Olympics. Hmm.

      Look what the Olympics did for Athens, British Columbia, and London.
      Even Russia has spent over $50 billion for a two week party that only the wealthiest can afford.

      I like the Japanese people, and would not wish this economic blight upon them.

      I live in British Columbia. All the Olympics brought us regular people were lots of cops, loads more debt, and one hell of a hangover! I do not drink, so i did not have a hangover.

  2. Tepco’s vice president Aizawa needs to send his young relatives FIRST and check it out! See how radiated they become, how much DNA is damaged. Workers needs to be able to store DNA/stem cells and reproductive tissues..paid for by TEPCO! Stem cells for Leukemia, and other tissues to allow for babies. Especially if young women and men..they will destroy their ability to have normal children by working at Fukushima….

    1. So, have they worked out the “bugs” in stem-cell therapy yet?
      Side-effects like CANCER are not encouraging.

      Long-term studies?

      Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Fry?

  3. They will have a VERY short career. Shortly after arriving at the plant, perhaps on the order of a few hours, they will have received a lifetime dose.

    These recruited ‘yutes’ will scarcely complete their new-hire orientation session, when it is time to fill out their retirement papers.

    They should pose for the photos quickly, before they take the dirt nap.


    Bill Duff

    1. Respectfully, i cry “bullshit”.
      It’s not towards you, Mr. Duff.

      It is the idea that young workers will only be actively employed for a short time period.
      Why is Happy still working, for instance?

      TEPCO would work them for days first if not weeks, in my humble opinion.
      It will likely be a death sentence for many young workers.

      They cannot even be trusted to candidly and honestly reveal much about the health of current and past workers.

      I say, force management and contractor heads to take a turn as regular workers.

  4. Why do the Japanese government/industry heads seem intent on cutting Japan’s already declining birthrate (and subsequent population and consumer base)? Oh yeah, because they’re heads and they’ll steal everyone’s money whether they live or die in the long run.

    1. Justice must be seen to be done, or anarchy will result.

      Somebody has to go to jail for these crimes against Japan’s current and (hopefully) future residents.

      Better yet, sentence many responsible to clean-up work at Fukushima Daiichi.

      Their “golden parachutes” should instead be “golden showers”! 🙂

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