Tepco “The Olympics would cause the shortage of Fukushima workers” / No specific measures

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Tepco’s vise president Aizawa stated the Olympics and the potential economic growth would cause the serious shortage of Fukushima workers in 2~3 years from now.

It was announced in the press conference of 10/28/2013.

Aizawa stated they have enough supply of workers in the short term, but he is concerned about it in the long term.

He added the Olympics may increase the demand in construction workers to decrease the workers who potentially can go to Fukushima plant.





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Tepco : “Les Jeux olympiques vont provoquer une pénurie de travailleurs pour Fukushima” / Pas de solution spécifique
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M. Aizawa, le vice-président de Tepco, a affirmé que les jeux olympiques et l’augmentation prévisible d’activité associée vont induire une pénurie grave en travailleurs pour Fukushima d’ici 2 à 3 ans.

Il l’a déclaré au cours de la conférence de presse du 28 octobre 2013.
M. Aizawa a affirmé qu’ils ont assez de travailleurs à court terme mais qu’il est inquiet sur le long terme.
Il a ajouté que les jeux olympiques vont augmenter la demande en travailleurs dans la construction ce qui va probablement faire chuter le nombre de ceux susceptibles d’aller à la centrale de Fukushima plant.


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  1. A failed experiment

    The Cold-War civilian nuclear power experiment, ‘Atoms for Peace’, initiated by USA President, Dwight David Eisenhower has unfortunately FAILED to meet the rigorous test of time. Nuclear power is not, all factors considered, an acceptable electrical power source.

    http archive vod umd edu/ (internat/deafpcon) htm
    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=2B8R-umE0s0)
    http www Eisenhower archives gov (research/online_documents/atoms_for_peace) html

    Civilian Nuclear Power Plants have proven to be an uneconomic, unscientific, and environmentally unfriendly, threat to public health, as well as an unacceptable national security risk. The civilian nuclear power producers, and the civilian nuclear power contractors have repeatedly shown themselves to be deceptive and dangerous gamblers with both public policy and public health.

    The only beneficial future civilian employments, in the civilian nuclear power industry, are and should be, dismantling and decontamination of the many dangerous and costly relics of this enormously-costly and utterly-failed pseudo-scientific experiment.

    It is time to turn out the lights and lock the doors of the civilian nuclear power industry.


    Bill Duff

  2. “The acquisition of unwarranted influence … by the military-industrial complex”

    The idealistic and hopeful proposals of President Eisenhower were defeated by the failure to heed his cautionary conditions. Perhaps the moral failures outweighed even the most intractable and inherent technical deficiencies, of the ‘Atoms for Peace’ program. The moral midgets in international government councils, and the global civilian nuclear power industry, as well as the digital surveillance society, have ‘out-kicked their coverage’. It is time to ‘lower the boom’ and ‘bring to HARSH justice’, these dangerous, dishonorable, lying dogs. IMHO

    http presidency ucsb edu/ (ws/?pid=12086#axzz2j843ESPh)
    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=ZraxD1Fp8Hg)

    “This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence-economic, political, even spiritual–is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

    “We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

    “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present–and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite. It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system–ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.”



    Bill Duff

  3. “a pathetic mix of unsatisfying assurances”

    http www nytimes com/ (2013/10/29/opinion/the-white-house-on-spying.html?_r=0)

    Editorial – By THE EDITORIAL BOARD, Published: October 28, 2013

    The White House on Spying

    The White House response on Monday to the expanding disclosures of American spying on foreign leaders, their governments and millions of their citizens was a pathetic mix of unsatisfying assurances about reviews under way, platitudes about the need for security in an insecure age, and the odd defense that the president didn’t know that American spies had tapped the German chancellor’s cellphone for 10 years.

    Is it really better for us to think that things have gone so far with the post-9/11 idea that any spying that can be done should be done and that nobody thought to inform President Obama about tapping the phone of one of the most important American allies?

    Currently, the government conducts metadata collection by periodically vaguely informing a federal court in secret that it is working on security-related issues.

    We are not reassured by the often-heard explanation that everyone spies on everyone else all the time. We are not advocating a return to 1929 when Secretary of State Henry Stimson banned the decryption of diplomatic cables because “gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.” But there has long been an understanding that international spying was done in pursuit of a concrete threat to national security.

    That Chancellor Merkel’s cellphone conversations could fall under that umbrella is an outgrowth of the post-9/11 decision by President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney that everyone is the enemy, and that anyone’s rights may be degraded in the name of national security. That led to Abu Ghraib, torture at the secret C.I.A. prisons, warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, grave harm to international relations, and the dragnet approach to surveillance revealed by the Snowden leaks.

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