[Notch tank overflow] Tepco “Mistook another hose made of the same material”

Following up this article.. [Collapsing contaminated water system] All β nuclide level 13 times higher than safety limit in overflowed notch tank [URL]


According to Tepco, the primal cause of this accident was that they mistook another hose made of the same material.


Because they couldn’t prepare the water evacuation system before the Typhoon season comes, Tepco was requesting the sub-contract company to install the new pipes urgently. However, the sub-contract company misunderstood the order. Tepco stated “there was a mis-communication”.

Moreover, they missed the connection error by mistaking another hose made of the same material.


The competence of Tepco to decommission Fukushima nuclear plant is seriously deteriorating.





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Débordement de la cuve crantée] Tepco : “On a confondu avec un autre tuyau de même facture”


Article lié : [Effondrement de la gestion des eaux contaminées] La radioactivité β à 13 fois la limite de sécurité dans le débordement de la cuve crantée

Selon Tepco, la cause principale de cet accident a été d’avoir confondu un tuyau avec un autre d’apparence identique.

Tepco avait demandé à un sous-traitant d’installer les nouveaux tuyaux en urgence parce qu’ils ne pouvaient préparer le système d’évacuation avant l’arrivée de la saison des typhons. Or, le sous-traitant a mal compris les ordres. Tepco affirme qu’il “y a eu une erreur de communication”.
Qui plus est, ils n’ont pas vu l’erreur de branchement en confondant deux tuyaux d’apparence semblable.

La compétence de Tepco dans le démantèlement de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima se dégrade sérieusement.


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. People make mistakes.
    It is a fact of life.

    Until we learn to not repeat those same mistakes,
    as is inherent in our nature, they will be repeated.

    Each and every one of us has our own characteristic mistake patterns.
    Knowing those is a key to avoiding them!

    We are not machines; we are many magnitudes more complex and exceedingly precious. Let us not forget.

  2. Dud, competence is a prerequisite in certain endeavors.

    Surgeons are REQUIRED to work to very high standards, and for the most part they do.

    Airline pilots are REQUIRED to perform to very high standards, and for the most part they do.

    Tepco and the Japanese government have been shown to be serially incompetent and yet they carry on…

    This should not be acceptable under the blanket excuse of ‘human foibles’

    It’s time to string one of these Tepco/JP Govt people up on a gallows as an example and incentive to the others.

    1. I agree, except I think it’s time to urge the executives of Tepco to show a tiny percentage of the honor and courage of their ancestors — and bring back the tradition of Seppuku. If allowing a disaster of this magnitude to occur would not have prompted a samurai to commit Seppuku, I don’t know what would.

    2. … and yet even competent surgeons and airline pilots can and do make mistakes.

      There is a saying:
      “Doctors bury their mistakes,
      Architects can have planted ivy.”

      Perhaps a new paradigm in addition to previous definitions of competence could be the ability to limit the consequences of inevitable mistakes. Has Tepco been competent in limiting the consequences? No, not in my humble opinion. Yet it is that they are there actively battling our common enemies. I encourage them to gain competence and aim for victory, though we may only hope for a draw at best. Hopefully the NRA can force candor and honesty from them. If only they had the american NRA as enforcers.

      As much as my sentiment may align with those thoughts of yours Bill & David, please refrain from counseling Tepco to commit suicide or to lynch them. Think of what many might do were that to actually come to pass. Fear and panic would be rampant, would it not? Would we see any more truthful and candid information about the Mega-Disaster afterward?
      I would that more would simply leave the area for greener pastures. Vengence will not remediate any soil, treat any disease, nor will it comfort many for long.

      That is simply my humble opinion.

      Fukagawa, i saw a new sign on the highway proclaiming you sister city!
      Konichiwa, Fukagawa; beautiful sister!
      I weep with you for what has been done in the name of mammon.

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