[Column] This is how I spend your donation

The Japanese family told me the radiation level was 0.03 μSv/h in Romania, and they also stopped losing their hair.


They are from western Japan, but they used to lose a bunch of hair every time they have shower. and in Romania, the hair became more shiny, they told me.

I don’t know if it has something to do with what happened in Fukushima plant.


I don’t know if they are deciding to come to Romania someday, but at least they got a good impression about here. The world is full of harmful rumor about Romania. If those stray dogs sunbathing on the streets are not the “secret police”, it must be safe.


I’m doing this all free. I cannot rip off the family who are suffering themselves.

Even if I publish some book, probably I will “sell” it for free. If someone appreciates it, he/she may donate me. It should be enough. If not, it means my book was worthless.


The family told me they wish someone would invest some money on Fukushima Diary.

However actually the “cost” of updating Fukushima Diary is not that big. It’s only my living expense and the server. No matter how much it’s invested into, the output doesn’t increase.


but I can guide more people. and I can also research more places. Most of the people are tied with their work and family. They can’t make time. They don’t know what / where to research either.


This is why I can be needed.


This time, the guide expense was covered by my little saving.


I said I was going to re-accept the donation from LAST monday but one week has already passed without doing anything (!).

Probably nobody would notice it even if I re-post the paypal buttons on Saturday and Sunday either. I will put it back this Monday, definitely.


I want you to know, all the past donators. This is how I spend your donation.



Couldn’t make time to get the Donation button back on by 10/14/2013. It should be reposted NEXT MONDAY. I will try.


Français :

[Édito] C’est comme ça que je dépense vos dons


La famille japonaise m’a dit que le niveau de la radioactivité est de 0,03 μSv/h en Roumanie et qu’ils ont aussi arrêté de perdre leurs cheveux.

Ils m’ont dit qu’ils viennent de l’ouest japonais et avaient l’habitude de perdre un paquet de cheveux à chaque douche et, en Roumanie, leurs cheveux sont devenus plus brillants.
Je ne sais pas si c’est lié à ce qui s’est passé à la centrale de Fukushima.

Je ne sais pas s’ils vont décider de venir un jour en Roumanie mais ils en auront eu au moins une bonne impression. Le monde est farci de mauvaises rumeurs contre la Roumanie. Si ces chiens errants qui se chauffent au soleil dans les rues ne sont pas “la police secrète”, ça doit être sûr.

Je fais tout ça gratuitement. Je ne peux pas arnaquer une famille qui souffre déjà.
Même si je publie un livre un jour, je le “vendrai” sans doute gratuitement. Si quelqu’un l’apprécie, il/elle pourra me faire un don. Ça devrait suffire. Sinon, ça voudra dire que mon livre est sans intérêt.

La famille m’a dit qu’ils souhaitaient investir un peu d’argent dans le Fukushima Diary.
Cependant et en fait, les “coûts” des mises à jour du Fukushima Diary ne sont pas si importants. Il n’y a que mes dépenses quotidiennes et le serveur. Quelle que soit la somme investie dedans, sa production n’en augmentera pas.

mais je pourrais servir de guide à plus de gens. et aussi explorer plus d’endroits. La plupart des gens sont retenus par leur travail et leur famille. Ils ne peuvent pas dégager de temps. Ils ne savent pas non plus quoi / où chercher.

C’est pour ça qu’on peut avoir besoin de moi.

Cette fois-ci, les dépense de guidage sont couvertes par mes petites économies.

J’avais dit que j’allais ré-accepter les dons à partir de lundi DERNIER mais une semaine est déjà passée et sans avoir pu rien faire (!).
Personne ne remarquera sans doute que c’est en ligne si je remets les boutons Paypal samedi ou dimanche. Je les remettrai lundi prochain, promis.

Je veux que vous sachiez, vous les anciens donateurs, que c’est comme ça que je dépense vos dons.

Pas eu le temps de remettre les boutons sur les dons pour le 14 octobre. Ils devraient être de retour LUNDI PROCHAIN. Je vais essayer.

  1. Beware the Ides of March

    The Honshu Island ‘winds aloft’ spun 360 degrees, several times, during the critical time period of Mid-March through Mid-April of 2011. This local weather pattern distributed a significant radionuclide storm over Honshu Island.

    The ‘Fuel Flea’, ‘Hot Particle’, ‘Rocket Fuel’, Europeum, Plutonium, Uranium, Americium … INTERNAL doses for the Honshu Island residents were significant health hazards, during the time period of the ‘Ides of March’ through the ‘Ides of April’ and will show up in lung cancer and urinary system cancers for a very long time. The fission products, such as radioactive Iodine, Cesium, Strontium and Tritium exposures are manifesting their effects in Japanese and other downwinders. The radiocesium, radiostrontium and Tritium exposures have been periodically redistributed by incineration, rain, wind and pollen. Certainly ALL Honshu Island residents have sustained threatening internal dosages, with the expected sequelae.

    The Spring 2011 Westward blowing Jet Stream was tracing its usual Vernal northward path from South (San Diego, Houston, Miami) to North (Vancouver, Ontario, Québec), during the critical time period.

    It is fascinating that the KNOWN symptoms of INTERNAL RADIONUCLIDE EXPOSURE decrease so rapidly.


    Bill Duff

  2. hola,

    I m currently in Peru working but i am Romanian, i ll return home in december. Until then, if you are bored and do not know a lot of people please lemme know and i ll get you in touch with friends and nice people that do a lot of nice stuff at home. I also wrote to you on facebook. I m glad you like Romania, it s such a nice place ^_^

  3. If possible, can you tell us which part of western Japan are these people for (area will be ok: Kinki, etc?) For us, who are still in Japan, it is very important. Also, which part of Romania has 0.03? Somebody has checked Bucharest recently and got 0.16. Thanks.

  4. I am a 26 year old American who lived in Tokyo starting Aug 2012 for 2 months. My hair also fell out and became thinner all around. Seems common sense that their hair is also being affected.

    Thank you for helping them.

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