[Column] Tepco melts down ~ The grotesque end of the mega corporation

[Column] Tepco melts down ~ They can't stand anymore

When they say Fukushima is ok, there’s nothing to worry about, they don’t have any basis. The only thing that makes them say so is “Because TV doesn’t report about it”.


It can’t be a reason.


I have been saying there’s not technology, invention has the highest priority.

However, I seem to be wrong.


Tepco is rapidly deteriorating even before inventing anything.


Typhoons are coming near Fukushima plant one after one.

Yesterday they had another leakage, and the leaked water flowed to the sea.


Let’s look into the details of this accident.


1. The tanks were “dipped” in the rainwater. They tried to pump it up but there was no spare tank.

2. They put the water to the contaminated tanks, but the tanks were already 98% full.

3. One of the tanks overflowed for too much water.

4. The tanks were built on the tilted land. They had only a water level indicator in the tank located in the highest place, and they were reading it while the tank located in the lowest place was leaking.

5. They “patrol” the tanks 4 times a day but they didn’t notice the leakage for 12 hours because “it was raining”.

6. The leaked water went to the Pacific straightway, but all they could do was to “put sandbags in the drain”.

7. Every time a typhoon comes, 1,400 tones of additional water is to be put in the tanks, which are already full.

8. All the other tanks may have the same accident even right now.


Having the new leakage, Tepco held an extraordinary press conference on 10/3/2013.

I would like you to see the photo above. The date is wrong. It wasn’t 10/2, it was 10/3. (They fixed it just when I’m writing this.)

Also, Tepco’s spokesman was sick, he couldn’t talk long due to coughing.


This is the reality. Everything is malfunctioning.


One of the reasons why I was criticized to warn about Fukushima accident was “the best talented engineers must go to nuclear industry”.


Please look at what it is now. This is how “the best skilled engineers work to save the world”.


To follow up more details about the new leakages, I saw Tepco’s website this morning.

Just took a glance, and I found 3 leakages on-going in the plant.


Contaminated water problem is only a part of the entire crisis. However, even that problem can’t be solved. Moreover, the mega corporation -Tepco is falling apart in the grotesque way.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] Tepco s’effondre ~ La fin grotesque d’une méga entreprise


[Column] Tepco melts down ~ They can't stand anymore
Quand ils disent que tout va bien à Fukushima, qu’il n’y a rien d’inquiétant, ça ne repose sur rien. La seule chose qui leur permet de le dire c’est que “la télé n’en parle plus”.

Ce ne peut être une justification.
J’ai pu dire qu’il n’existe pas de technique, que la plus haute priorité est de l’inventer.
Il semble cependant que j’ai eu tord.

Tepco se détériore bien avant que d’inventer quelque chose.

Les typhons s’abattent sur la centrale de Fukushima les uns après les autres.
Hier, ils ont eu une autre fuite et l’eau en est partie à la mer.

Voyons un peu le détail de cet incident :

1. Les citernes “baignaient” dans l’eau de pluie. Ils ont essayé de la pomper mais il n’y avait plus de citerne disponible.
2. Ils l’ont mise dans les citernes extrêmement radioactives mais elles étaient déjà pleines à 98 %.
3. Une des citernes a débordé de trop de remplissage.
4. Les citernes avaient été montées sur un terrain en train de s’incliner. Ils n’avaient qu’un seul indicateur de niveau d’eau sur la plus haute des citernes pendant que la plus basse débordait.
5. Ils “patrouillent” dans les citernes 4 fois par jour mais ils n’ont pas vu la fuite pendant 12 heures “à cause de la pluie”.
6. La fuite est partie directement dans le Pacifique et tout ce qu’ils ont pu faire a été de ” mettre des sacs de sable dans l’évacuation”.
7. Chaque fois qu’il y a un typhon 1 400 tonnes d’eau s’ajoutent dans des citernes qui sont déjà pleines.
8. Toutes les autres citernes peuvent connaître le même incident, en ce moment même.

Tepco a tenu une conférence de presse extraordinaire ce 3 octobre 2013 sur cette nouvelle fuite.
Je voulais vous en montrer la photo ci-dessus. La date est fausse. Ce n’était pas le 2/10 mais le 3/10. (Ils l’ont corrigé pendant que j’écris ces lignes) De plus, le porte-parole de Tepco était malade, il ne pouvait pas parler longtemps parce qu’il toussait.

C’est une réalité. Tout va de travers.

Une des raisons avancées pour me reprocher de parler de l’accident de Fukushima était “les ingénieurs les plus talentueux doivent aller dans le nucléaire”.

Regardez ce que c’est devenu aujourd’hui. C’est comme ça que “les plus talentueux des ingénieurs travaillent à sauver le monde”.

J’ai regardé le site de Tepco ce matin pour avoir plus de détails sur les nouvelles fuites.
J’ai juste donné un coup d’oeil rapide et j’ai découvert 3 autres fuites en cours dans la centrale.

Le problème des eaux extrêmement contaminées n’est qu’une partie de toute la crise. Or, même ce problème-là ne peut pas être réglé. Qui plus est, la méga corporation Tepco part en morceaux d’une façon grotesque.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Its a really confusing situation, how the Japanese Government or the academia people dont weigh in on this? Tepco dont have the knowledge, money or capacity to handle it alone. And its a really bad thing. Its like if nobody really cares..only some few.

    1. No one helps because it costs money to help and no one realy cares about the health of what is called “the little people”. Welcome to earth and it’s leadership corruption.


      Zebra mussels survived and thrived in the cooling ponds at Chernobyl.
      Zebra mussels survived and thrived in the nearby rivers heavily contaminated by groundwater runoff from the plant, at higher densities than the cooling ponds.

      Zebra mussels are the BIOFOULING agent of the Nuclear Power stations in the US. They arrived in ballast into the Great Lakes from Europe, and coated every surface, of the water inlet pipes and beyond.
      Freshwater mussels coat the surfaces they move over with a silicon gel, the whole inside of a tank, the whole inside of a pipe.
      They FIX LEAKS, they seal everything water tight.
      Where there is a flow of water, the tiny sprat flow with it.
      Mussels and other shellfish filter feed, and absorb heavy metals in their flesh and most importantly, directly into the shells.
      The shiny inside layer of the shells is Aragonite, which attracts and traps heavy metals in each layer, to make it stronger.
      They have a good survival rate for hot particles and tritium.
      They get on well with plutonium.
      Once the radiation is in a half shell, it isnt going to be available anytime soon further up the food chain.
      So might as well start at the source.

      If there is the right mix of algae and Japanese mussel sprat added to the inflow of water into the unfixable areas of the Reactors, then the mussels will become an inhouse plumbing team for many years to come.
      Freshwater mussels can individually live over 100 years.

      Tepco just has to admit the aren’t going to get the plant online again, and turn the waterlogged areas into a giant bioremediation acquarium.

      Bill Duff can sink his warships in the harbour, the mussels will grow on them, and we can all sit on the deck in white wetsuits sipping NZ wine…..
      Cheers Helen

  2. Hi there, I am sitting in the very tiny and safe Switzerland and am asking myself, what can I do from here? I wrote the Japanese embassey and the biggest newspaper and expressed my anger about accepting the ignorance of the seriositiy over there in Fukushima. But what else can I do to support a solution for the problem?

    Best & thank you, your blog is appreciated,

  3. IMHO

    I do not personally think that TEPCO personnel, generally had any individual notion, as to the EXTENT of their corporate: paralysis, disfunctionality, dishonesty, dishonor, disgrace, cowardice, fear, stupidity, inhumanity ignorance and/or ‘loss of face’.

    However they are ALL ‘In for a penny and in for a pound’.

    In this particular circumstance, like the USA Enron matter. TOTAL DEFAULT, bankruptcy, open-disgrace, corporate dissolution and CRIMINAL PROSECUTION are the most appropriate outcomes.

    The corporate LYING and denialism of TEPCO stands in the way of constructive solutions. As long as TEPCO has a dollar, they will spend it for bribes. IMHO


    Bill Duff

    1. Prosecution:

      The reference to criminal prosecution of TEPCO executives, board members, atomic vendors and lenders; does not imply any personal distaste for ‘Old Fashioned Japanese Justice’; such as ansatsu. It is their country and their health at stake.

      I am entirely indifferent, to the specific local social mechanisms, in such matters. The French were somewhat decisive in handling collaborators following WWII. C’est la vie!


      Bill Duff

  4. Tokyo is to foot a $3.1 billion bill, which is part of the cost for relocating American troops from Okinawa. For the first time, it will also host US long-range surveillance drones, which would help to monitor disputed islands in the East China Sea.


    Your earlier forecasts seems to be correct Iori, the Japanese that rule the country are more interested in the beef with China than to solve Fukushima.

  5. There is more to this than meets the eye… this us not just about Tepco,. there is also Wall St and the shareholders,.. ultimately it is always the same,..connect the dots and follow the money..
    We have managed to irradiate two -thirds of earth,.. for 1000,s of years to come.
    The U. N . is a joke,.. international aide should have been sent from the beginning,.. ever asked yourselves why,.. why has there been no intervention… why did the USA GOV pull iodine from her own people… ?
    For those who have mocked conspiracy theorists and the realities of the depopulation agenda ,. Well here it is,.. up and running in full swing.

    1. It would be a crazy plan to release poison like that to depopulate. How would the depopulators beat the poison? Targeted wars and cutting off of food is more manageable, but radioactivy all over? I think it shows how humanity lost its grasp to reality. I say to people i know that the Pacific is poisoned, that they should look out for what fish they are eating, to be aware of the algae, especially Nori, they dont care.

  6. Why doesn’t the “world” help is getting old.

    Can’t people understand if the nuke industry could fix this they would.
    Tepco is “left alone” with the consent
    best wishes of the nuke industry,
    Dilution is the only solution.

    The amount of radiation that has been released is off the charts.
    Tepco told everyone,
    their is nothing left in #4 spent fuel pond that can burn.

    Translation, what could burn, already did.

    Depopulation? Of course, intentional, maybe not.
    The numbers have been run
    nothing can put the radiation back into the reactors.

    A former white house chief of staff for the current administration said
    “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

    ” How would the depopulators beat the poison?”

    By doing everything they can to avoid
    contaminated areas, food and drink.

    Your only hope
    is not that some one can “make it go away”

    Your only hope is to do the same
    avoid contaminated areas, food and drink.

    Don’t think anyone can do much better then Tepco
    This is all about deception and lies

    Something Tepco is really good at.

    1. Yeah, anyway its handled..it will take a looong time to go away. Of course there are conspiracies involving high power and ruling elites. What i dont understand is that the average human doesnt care, be it a Japanese, Californian or South African. Theres no distress about it. Actually for a lot of people nothing is happening just because they dont know about it.

      1. Fancy That

        High end estate wines from California, Vintage 2011 are on the ‘marked down’ rack at the grocery store and Target. The delightful radio-cesium bouquet with a just a hint of strontium and an aftertaste of plutonium has not appealed to the discerning œnophile.

        The winos and morons will still drink the swill. Until 2011, I seldom drank southern hemisphere wines, when north of the equator. Since 2011, it has become a habit.

        I expect that global demand for premium sake (nihonshu) and other Japanese foodstuffs is at a record low. And the Japanese are no doubt consuming a LOT more imported food, of late. Their survival and health depend upon it.


        Bill Duff

      2. lophophra
        Thats the plan,
        people have doubts about gov’t
        but they trust the media.

        The “govt shutdown” in the usa
        Heres some headlines

        Feds shut down D-Day beaches, cemetery in Normandy…

        Barrycades: Try to Close Privately Owned Mount Vernon…

        Philly tavern frequented by Founding Fathers shuttered…

        Lodge with 12 rooms closes on Cape Cod…

        Monuments, memorials stayed open during last shutdown…

        Grocery stores on Army bases closed, Obama’s golf course open…

        The “govt” has not shut down
        in fact about 6% is closed.

        It cost additional millions more each day to close things like
        national parks, grocery stores on ALL mulitary bases, ect.

        Most direct effect on and for suffering of the people

        Agencies used to control the people, like the nsa, cia, fbi, dea, and the entire military complex are left open and unaffected.

        The media has become nothing more then the propaganda arm of the gov’t

        How long will it be till the people get involved and do something?

        Well thanks to the “war on terror” ALL americans are now suspects
        by the gov’t.

        A simple thing like moving or saying the wrong thing during a traffic stop will cause your head to be blown off.

        FEAR, thats why the people say nothing
        Fear they may lose even the little they have.

        Fear and hopelessness

        Those with money and influence will thrive
        It sucks to be poor and defenceless

        People need to understand, you can only govern the willing

        The amount of tryany a govt will impose is the same amount
        the people will tolerate

  7. Terry is right on stating what should have been obvious from the beginning in stating that Tepco is left alone because there is really no mitigation anyone else is going to come up with and who wants to assume failure? What makes a hero is one who will assume that failure, die trying to do something no one else will do, and maybe succeed. One should notice that 99% of heroes are tragic figures. Corporations nor, might I add, governments are very often run by heroes. I do believe some help would be appreciated, but the Japanese government has already madated that Tepco is going to be the scapegoat. Unfortunately, once they strap their sins to the beast and send it away, it’s not going to wander off to some faroff place and forgetfulness. Sorry, but there really hasn’t been any use blaming and ranting about Tepco since about the middle of April 2011. The world could materially help, I guess, but really the world haven’t even let their research people get too close to this other than modelling on a computer. I haven’t heard, though I don’t hear everything, that any government has challenged the area in which Japan will ‘allow’ ocean testing. And even Greenpeace might prefer boarding a Russian oil rig in frigid waters and face the guns as pirates not long after the accident. I really can’t even blame Tepco too much for the lack of skilled laborers at the site. It takes much less than a normal IQ to understand what’s there and find dumpster-diving a more worthy occupation for now. Also from about April 2011 it was apparent to me that with the damaged buildings the hope was to preserve what was intact, to not make it worse if poosible, with dilution to the atmosphere and the ocean along with time the given solution. Find yourself some clean-as-you-can spot for a while, at least till the strontium goes through some half-lives, eat intelligently, and enjoy the show. Make sure you’ve a lot of popcorn, as this one has few epics to rival in length of performance. I’m not sure we’ve got enough blank CDs to record it all. Look at Chernobyl, a more stable site, different kind of reactor, and it needs to be monitiored, maintained, and an occasional new suit. Beleive me, I’ve cried about it literally, and I’m not defending anyone. Statistically it was foretold. The hazards were well known. It’d be nice to go back in time, but our physics haven’t gotten there yet if it’s really even possible.

  8. The situation is dire, but the fact is it could get a lot worse and doesn’t necessarily have to. The two immediate threats are the spillage of 400,000+ tonnes of contaminated water and the meltdown/fire/explosion of SFP4. Both risks could be significantly reduced if the government went on a war footing and treated the crisis as the international emergency that it is. The irony is that in order to save face, ride the Olympic gravy train and cover their sorry arses, the top brass are setting the scene for the collapse of Japan as a viable country.

  9. Writing Big Checks

    TEPCO wrote a Fukushima Check that they could not cash. TEPCO is bankrupt and continues to exist, financially, in name only.

    TEPCO wrote a Fukushima Check that the entire Global civilian nuclear power industry can not cash.

    TEPCO wrote a Fukushima Check that Japan will have a tough time cashing. The USSR could not bankroll the Chernobyl disaster cleanup. The Fukushima cleanup still looks like a $5T project to me. However some bright fellows think it could be done for only $500B. In any event, it is a BIG CHECK!


    Bill Duff

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