[Column] Donation info will be passed by personal contact instead of the public notice (Near future plan)

About two weeks ago, I received a shocking message on Facebook.

The person was very upset. He said, “why did you remove me from your friend list ?”.

He wrote he was supporting me so much. He settled some problem in a Facebook group for me, and even promoted the donations for me, but for the reward, he said, I removed him from the list.


I didn’t remember if I removed him if I ever did. (I’m sorry for what happened to us if you ever read this. I’m not meant to be rude for anyone.)

I don’t remove anyone. I only block obvious trolls, spammers, abusive ones and the racists.

but sometimes some accounts are hacked and post shifty links around. In that case, unfortunately I have to report the posts. In the process, I wonder if some of those accounts were removed automatically.

Anyway, because the person blocked me immediately, I couldn’t even reply to him.


As time passes, it’s been changed how Fukushima Diary is thought and how I am considered.

Me, I can’t be on Facebook for longer than 1~2 mins a day in total. I post something, check emergency messages from my legal assistant and translators, but can’t take any more time on it. Please don’t take me bad, I honestly have no time even to scroll down the page. Every time I open it, I see 200~400 updates in the red balloon.


Though I’m being thought to be a bad / rude / cold person, unexpectedly Fukushima Diary is being thought to be a solid source.

Until last year, Fukushima Diary was thought to be “overly forward” and it can post something uncertain. but recently it’s thought to be one of the most reliable sources. Maybe this is what they call maturing. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing but apparently something changed.


Everything changes. The potential risks in Fukushima plant, attitude of the press, and what Fukushima Diary is expected to be, everything changes.


So I think it’s rational to hide the donation buttons and information for most of the time.

Now it’s back on because it’s the end / beginning of a month.

However, I think it’s ideal if I can hide it all through the month. Never come back.

I want to give the Paypal address and Bank code to someone who wishes to donate, and keep the “unity” strong. So no one would say I’m trying to earn the web traffic by exaggerating the danger.


For starting it, I’d like to give the Paypal address to those people. If you are interested in it, please send me a message via google profile hopefully.


Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary all the time. (Maybe this column was a little too long.)



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] Les infos pour les dons transmises par contact plutôt que par avis publics (plan pour un futur proche)


J’ai reçu un message choquant sur Facebook il y a 2 semaines.
La personne était très en colère. Il disait “pourquoi m’as-tu retiré de ta liste d’amis ?”
Il a écrit qu’il me soutenait tellement, qu’il avait réglé un problème dans un groupe Facebook pour moi et même fait de la pub pour les dons pour moi et, en remerciement, il dit, je l’ai retiré de la liste.

Je ne me souviens pas de l’avoir enlevé, si je l’ai jamais fait. (Je suis désolé de ce qui nous est arrivé, si éventuellement vous lisez ceci. Je n’ai pas à être mal-élevé envers quiconque).
Je ne retire personne. Je ne bloque que les trolls évidents, les spammeurs, ceux qui abusent et les racistes.
mais parfois des comptes sont piratés et arrosent de liens furtifs. Dans ce cas, malheureusement, je dois signaler les articles. Je me demande si certains comptes n’en sont pas automatiquement retirés au cours du processus.
Quoi qu’il en soit, comme la personne m’a immédiatement bloqué, je ne pouvais même plus lui répondre (ndt: c’est la “démocratie selon FaceBook”…)

Avec le temps on ne regarde plus le Fukushima Diary de la même façon et on me considère autrement.
Moi, je ne peux pas rester sur Facebook plus de 1 à 2 mins en tout par jour. Je publie quelque chose, je contrôle les messages urgents de mon assistant juridique et des traducteurs mais je ne peux pas y passer plus de temps. Ne le prenez pas mal, je n’ai honnêtement pas même le temps de faire défiler ma propre page. Chaque fois que j’y vais, j’ai entre 200 et 400 notifications dans les bulles rouges.

Bien qu’on me considère comme une personne froide / revêche / méchante, curieusement le Fukushima Diary est vu comme une source solide.
Jusqu’à l’an dernier le Fukushima Diary était considéré “trop en avance” et qu’il pouvait publier des choses douteuses mais depuis peu il est regardé comme une des sources les plus fiables. C’est peut-être ce qu’ils appellent la maturation. Je ne sais pas si c’est une bonne ou une mauvaise chose mais apparemment quelque chose a changé.

Tout change. Les risques potentiels dans la centrale de Fukushima, l’attitude de la presse et même ce qu’on s’attend a voir devenir le Fukushima Diary, tout change.

Alors je pense logique de cacher la plupart du temps les informations et boutons des dons.
Ils sont de retour en ce moment parce qu’on est en fin/début du mois.
Cependant, je pense que l’idéal serait de les cacher mois enter, ne jamais les remettre.
Je voudrais donner l’adresse Paypal et le code d’identité bancaire à ceux qui souhaitent donner, et garder “l’unité” forte. Comme ça, personne ne pourra dire que j’essaye de vivre sur le trafic Internet en exagérant le danger.

Pour commencer, je voudrais passer l’adresse Paypal. Si ça vous intéresse, envoyez-moi un message sur mon profil Google.

Merci à vous de lire le Fukushima Diary tout le temps. (Cet édito est peut-être un peu trop long.) (ndt: ça pourrait être pire.)

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. HiIori,

    personally, if I were you I wouldn’t worry. Someone who reacts so swiftly is dealing with his/her own problems. The minimum would have been to let you reply and explain.
    Don’t remove the button. You need the help to sustain youself and you are doing work for all of us.
    I also donate regularly because the work you are doing I can’t do it.

    Please keep up with it and don’t worry. You help us all.


  2. Hello Lori
    For us your are a warrior, a very good warrior who fights for the truth. Maybe you go to save us too. Anyway you give us the means to protect us and our children. You also give us to be supportive of the Japanese people. More and more people return to your information and it starts to move the media in France and Europe. Continues my friend you have found the right path. Good luck and take care of yourself.
    Thank you my friend for all you do. Thank you so much.

  3. Dear Lori-san, I have suddenly run into problems when trying to donate funds to you via PayPal after not using the account for several months. I’ll try to find another way to help you continue your great work through donations but I’m concerned about the possibility of intentional “problems” arising from collusion between corporate interests that conflict with “our” shared beliefs & agenda and PayPal?! Their customer service dept. keeps bothering me to complete a survey describing the experience and yet they never even responded to my emails or resolved the issue and I hope whatever(?)THEIR problem is,that it doesn’t have an impact on you or those trying to help! I’m not unduly paranoid though since the forces who despise what we stand for and are trying to do would stop at nothing to thwart you/us and keep the TRUTH from reaching the public & reducing the coveted apathy MSM & the nuke industry has emplaced so effectively(?)!! I truly hope “my” PayPal problems are “coincidental” & not being experienced by others trying to donate to your(our)cause or other popular information resources deemed not “politically correct”??!! I’ll figure something out though and GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES to you in the meantime! 🙂

  4. Hi lori

    Leave the donate button up
    and don’t talk about it anymore

    People come here for info, thats what you provide
    Thanks and support for that
    bring you Joy
    not shame.

    Besides who cares anything about facebook
    I mean do people lie on facebook, lol

    Let it go,
    let them who complain about donations
    feel free to just not donate

  5. Hello Lori,
    I agree–keep the donation button up. I’ve also had problems with PayPal in the past on other sites, so I was glad to see other ways to give posted. I’d like to send my contribution via Western Union, but they will need the bank address. Could you post this as well? Is the USD (US dollars) “IBAN” number the only number I need to reference? I could send this to your post box but I’d prefer to wire the donation so you have access sooner and without complications. Also, don’t worry about the Facebook encounter. Facebook and many of the people who use it are high maintenance. Many people(like me)value their time and privacy too much to just give it to Facebook to “monitize” and provide to NSA. No loss: One less distraction. 🙂

  6. Again, thank you for your hard efforts.
    Fukushima nuclear disaster is only half way, if we can rely on the Chenobyl experience, where it took 4 years for mass panic, a lot will come..
    Your site is a historical testament, and I will vote for you to be a ‘Japanese Living Treasure’.
    Please be careful. Protect yor life.
    And, any info for us living in Japan regarding food safety, would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks always

  7. “Leave the donate button up and don’t talk about it anymore”

    I agree 100%, and stop worrying about it. I am hoping to start making a donation if I can afford it soon. I wouldn’t want to have to wait until the end of the month to try and find the button when I am ready though.

    Just put the donation in the sidebarsomewhere where we can find it, and forget about the critics.

    Also, it would be far more effective financially if you signed your visitors up to a daily newletter of your headlines and put requests for donations in that EVERY DAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE EMAIL. Those who want to donate could then find out how to do so much more easily!

    Thanks for all your hard work though, we wouldn’t know half of what is going on at Fukushima without it.

    If the full story of Fukushima is ever told I am sure your work will be one of the primary sources of information.

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