[Column] A Japanese family is visiting Romania to look around

A Japanese family is arriving at Romania in 6 hours from now.

I’m going to guide them in two cities for about 10 days. They are bringing a little child.


I plan to be with them almost 24 hours a day until they finally get used to this circumstances so maybe I update Fukushima Diary a little bit slower but will work in the early morning.


I don’t get any profit from it. My hotels and transportation expenses will be paid by my savings. They offered me some help but I thought it’s better for them to spend the money on education etc.. I want the kid to go to some university in North Europe when he grows up. Romania is close to all those countries.


I put the highest priority on this guiding because this is the very reason why I left Japan and came to Romania. Finally I can do what I thought I should do.


I’m thinking of canceling this current apartment while I’m away so I can save money.

and I’m also re-accepting the donation from next Monday. Last time, nobody noticed it so this time I’m trying to notify it some time before actually re-accepting. If you ever read this post and sympathize with me, I’d be very happy if you consider donation or monthly donation.


I’ve been called a hippie, a travel blogger or traveling the world by ripping off the people from being a fearmonger etc.. I hope I’m finally making myself understood step by step.

I help one family. Me and the family help more family. Me, the family, and the more family help more more family. I don’t like “ism”. I only believe in deed.



News is not the truth. It’s a virtual reality that the sponsor wants us to live in.


Français :

[Édito] Une famille japonaise visite la Roumanie pour voir


Une famille de japonais arrive en Roumanie dans 6 heures.

Je vais leur servir de guide dans deux villes pendant environ 10 jours. Ils viennent avec un petit enfant.

Je prévois d’être avec eux pratiquement 24 heures par jour jusqu’à ce qu’ils s’habituent à ce contexte alors je vais sans doute mettre le Fukushima Diary à jour un petit peu plus lentement mais ça marchera tôt le matin.

Je n’en tire aucun profit. Mes dépenses d’hôtel et de transport seront payés de ma poche. Ils ont proposé de m’aider mais j’ai pensé qu’il leur serait plus utile de dépenser leur argent pour l’éducation, etc.. Je veux que, quand il sera grand, le gamin aille à l’université en Europe du Nord. La Roumanie est proche de tous ces pays.

J’ai mis la plus grande priorité à les guider parce que c’est la grande raison qui m’a fait quitter le Japon pour la Roumanie. Je peux enfin faire ce que je pensais devoir faire.

Je pense abandonner cet appartement pendant que je suis loin pour économiser.
et je vais aussi ré-accepter les dons à partir de lundi prochain. La dernière fois, personne ne l’a remarqué alors cette fois j’essaye d’avertir un peu avant de les ré-accepter. Si vous n’avez jamais lu ce type d’article et que vous me soutenez, je serai très heureux que vous envisagiez un don ou un virement mensuel.

On m’a traité de hippie, de blogueur vagabond ou de piquer aux gens en leur faisant peur, etc. J’espère que je me fais enfin comprendre, pas à pas.
J’aide une famille. Cette famille et moi, on aide d’autres familles. Cette famille, les autres et moi, on aide encore plus de familles. Je n’aime pas les “ismes”. Je ne crois qu’aux actes.


Les informations ne sont pas la vérité, elles sont la réalité virtuelle dans laquelle leurs sponsors veulent nous voir vivre.

  1. Excellent news! You’re reaching people. You should never think twice about what others are trying to label you. It’s a waste of time. I, we, know what you are doing. That’s all that matters

  2. Dear Iori Mochizuki,
    let me remind you what I wrote to you on November 9, 2011 :


    Now, you start organizing settlement of Japanese families in Roumania instead of France. It’s your choice, but you are going to do what has been advised.
    Blessings to you from Cathy (France)

  3. I am an ultruistic man, in NZ who cries for your plight, I am Possibly available for marriage to assist one of you to escape and enjoy an extended life, elsewhere.
    not that I am sure that NZ is any safer than any where else, afterall, we all share the same ocean, but I am open to a genuine person, iI am an honest man and I dont tolerate anything less, If I can help you and you are worthy please talk to me

  4. please dont get my previous message wrong in your mind, I am not some deviant looking for a quicki, I am available for a professional financial engagement, in the sense that I can help someone resettle, and intergrate into a foreighn culture, where marriage would be a requirement for citizenship, such as my country, where marriage is required for 10 years before citizenship is granted

  5. hey Lori These emails dont apply to you, I am meaning this communication for a japanese female from the fukushima prefectures, who wishes a life elsewhere,
    I am an older man (55) who has no requirements from a spouse other than they be genuine and self supporting, in my country this is nessasary, I would like to help an honest human toward a full life, I have no expectations or obligations except what is agreed to, in other words ,I do not expect love and romance nor money, I simply wish to help someone continue life, where their present situation may well be untenuable.
    Lori, if you come to NZ ,please contact me , as all my resources are available to you,(meager as they may be) to continue this endeavour.

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