[Column] Doing this for the pride as a human

I’m doing this for the pride of a human being.

People who are sacrificed in Uranium mining, people who are enslaved in a nuclear plant, people who are left and abandoned without information after a nuclear accident.
We are all human. We were not born to be cattle.
They may be for money, power, international political balance or whatsoever.

Whoever they are, I’m a man standing on the ground. No one is permitted to endanger me, deceive me, deprive me of freedom of choice.
No one is above someone or below someone. We are equally human.
When I don’t allow anyone to sacrifice my life, nobody is allowed to sacrifice my life.

They shall know not everyone can be corrupted by money or any kinds of threat.
Even if all the activists are corrupted, even though reactor4 falls down, Fukushima Diary would be standing here. It won’t move even 1mm.

In April of 2011, media coverage about Fukushima was already decreasing. I was still looking for a reason to move.
but the more I researched, the more angry I became against all the related industries.
After my work, I translated 20~30 news articles and posted on Facebook like “carpet bmobing”. I wanted the world to know how we were treated in Japan.
So many people thought I was a spam. I was restricted by Facebook so many times. but somebody started calling my time to post around “Iori Time”.
One day, someone gave me a blog. My first posts were taken down because of Ddos attack in the first few hours. However Dr. Helen Caldicott introduced my column in her radio before it’s down, another person rented me a server and the domain. This is Fukushima Diary.
I kept on reporting like crazy. Didn’t even think about the layout or literal style etc.
Still my attitude hasn’t changed at all.

To me, I’m not wrong even 1mm. Knowing that I’m not wrong, if I compromise with the criminals, I’d be the accomplice. I hate the crime from the heart of my heart and fight it right in the very front.
It’s not possible or impossible. It’s right or wrong. If it’s right, even if it looks impossible, we shouldn’t hesitate.
Fortunately, I met a lot of people to sympathize with me and I got to strongly believe I am right.
I just go straight where I believe it’s right.

You do not give in and disgrace your soul. Pure soul is the medal. It’s way more valuable than all the treasure in the world.



Don’t be their accomplice.


Français :

[Édito] Je fais ça pour l’honneur en tant qu’humain


Je fais ça pour l’honneur en tant qu’être humain.

Les gens sacrifiés dans les mines d’uranium, ceux mis en esclavage dans les centrales nucléaires, ceux abandonnés et laissés sans information après un accident nucléaire.
Nous sommes tous des humains. Nous ne sommes pas nés pour être du bétail.
Ils peuvent faire ça pour l’argent, le pouvoir, l’équilibre politique international ou autre.

Quels qu’ils soient, je suis un homme debout sur la terre. Personne n’a le droit de me mettre en danger, ni de me tromper, ni de me priver de la liberté de choix.
Personne n’est au-dessus ou en-dessous de personne. Nous sommes tous humains et égaux.
Quand je dis que personne n’a le droit de sacrifier ma vie, personne n’a le droit de sacrifier ma vie.

Ils vont apprendre que tout le monde n’est pas corruptible avec de l’argent ou n’importe quelle menace.
Même si tous les militants étaient corrompus, même si le réacteur 4 s’effondre, le Fukushima Diary sera debout ici. Il ne bougera pas, même d’un millimètre.

En avril 2011, la couverture médiatique sur Fukushima était déjà en train de diminuer. Je cherchais toujours une raison de m’en aller.
mais plus je cherchais, plus j’étais en colère contre toutes les industries concernées.
Après le travail, je traduisais de 20 à 30 nouveaux articles d’information que je postais comme “un tapis de bombes” sur Facebook. Je voulais que le monde sache comment on nous traite au Japon.
Alors, beaucoup de gens ont considéré que j’étais un spammeur. J’ai tellement  souvent été restreint par Facebook. mais quelqu’un a commencé à parler de la période où je postais comme “de l’heure de Iori”.
Un jour, quelqu’un m’a donné un blog. Mes premiers sujets ont été perdus dès les premières heures à cause d’une attaque en déni de service (Ddos attack). Néanmoins, le Dr. Helen Caldicott a présenté les éditoriaux sur sa radio avant que tout ça ne s’effondre, une autre personne m’a loué un serveur avec son domaine. C’est le Fukushima Diary.
J’ai continué à publier comme un fou. Je ne faisais même pas attention à la présentation ou au style, etc.
C’est toujours mon attitude, elle n’a pas changé du tout.

A mes yeux, je n’ai pas tord même d’un millimètre. Sachant que je n’ai pas tord, si je me compromets avec les criminels je deviens leur complice. Je hais le crime du fond du cœur de mon cœur et je l’affronte en pleine face.
Ce n’est pas possible ou impossible. C’est juste-vrai ou faux. Si c’est juste, on ne doit pas hésiter même si ça a l’air impossible.
J’ai, par chance, rencontré beaucoup de gens avec qui sympathiser et j’ai acquis la forte certitude d’être dans le bon.
Je vais droit sur ce que je crois juste, tout simplement.

On ne cède pas, ni ne couvre son âme de honte. L’esprit propre est la médaille. Agir ainsi a plus de valeur que tout l’or du monde.

Ne soyez pas leur complice.

  1. (this is a repost of my first FD comment that never made it up amist the stupid moderator feature (its probably there now since he just dumped everything in moderation back into the site but).. just thought it would go well with this redundant drum-beating of his.. its cut & pasted from a long memo so just thought his words in japanese column were important too)

    [これはこのサイト詠み始めて最初のコメントでした。 その時やはり自動修正昨日に引っかかりなんならと 面倒くさい事になってましたが、 なんとなく 最近の一寸荒れ気味な テーマを軍艦マーチの様フォローしてみて。 同じメモ帳に保存されてたのでついでに 大分前の記録など 珍しい日本語の発言を思い出に。]

    Iori Mochizuki-san

    i must admit the information here since i discovered a few months ago is astounding & if anyone i knew around me was this aware of how BAD Fukushima is doing right now that would be a very nice thing to be honest.. as alas i hate Ignorance more than anything.. these self-righteous people that tell you whats wrong or right.. they have no clue.

    i find & sense u have been reaching out to me in curiosity, as ur open mindedness of posting your photo on the blog our eyes digitally meet everytime i pop on for more Great news. im from Tokyo & i find myself recently talking alot about you to my surroundings.. yes u may perceive that i dont necessarily have much good to say about you.. as forgive me i sometimes portray you as a the ‘coward’ or ‘traitor’ that escaped Japan whom now is in Romania talking to the female trees. im quite a sociopathic punk myself & i dont trust anyone anymore.. maybe thats one ground we can connect upon. its sad isnt it? this many bloody fleshy people on the planet.. 7Billion last time i checked.. & nobody to understand or accept you, simply because you can find faults in other people past the speed of light. its a bad habit no doubt, but its something baka-shoujiki in me that cant lie as the ‘ammoku-no-gyoukai’ see-no-hear-no-speak-no-japanese are. nobodys perfect, apparently, but the system thrives on nothing but perfection.. & Nuclear Energy is such a good example of that. not willing to accept anything better or worse. of course all these anti-society tirades gets me into alot of trouble.. ‘so negative’ but then u just say theres no negative without positive, no shadow without light. but the other day when i was told by an elder relative, of how easy it is to just say this that of how horrible society is, while keeping in mind how really godawful it was during WW2 etc.. u find yourself complaining alot for no reason at times. it boils down to one concept, which is ‘waru-gi-ga-nai’ all humans feel the same sadness fears in general, & this same sentient beings are given the jobs at TEPCO atm whether that be kamikaze work or not. & most of all, what society loves most is a scapegoat.. i read a recent article about Tezuka Osamu’s daughter being attacked by anti-nuke movement by accusing Testuwan Atomu being the sole reason Japan ever believed in Atomic Energy.. these are the same people that burned all his comics in those anti-manga movement days. this is outrageous of course for anyone who loves Tezuka-samas vision more than anything, such as i do, & once again you feel like its Yourself VS the Whole FFFFing world.. maybe this is how Atomu felt?

    anyhow i can go on for pages but i just felt buddha beauty in your current words.. we all know its about Satori in the end until we find an alternative.. such as The Greater Truth. im ashamed to say i cant fold a crane out of origami cuz actually im not Japanese.. i feel that samurai spirit has been destroyed aeons ago. but i do believe anything that brings beauty through meditation has its healing effects on the spirit world, even tho every moment of it is destroying you in reality. an old friend’s kid just ready for elementary school visited me just the other day.. ironically i decorated the table with vast origami sets & colored pencil not knowing how easy todays kids would get bored. turns out the kid brought his own new tablet pc & was touchpaneling away for hours.. it really really saddend me but this is today. perhaps it was Gen-X for me but “The Touch Panel Generation” is going to have to clean up this soulless mess we have all left behind.

    maybe one day when i find true hope, ill learn myself how to fold that tsuru.

    thanks for your effort, & try to believe ur not alone to saying how ANGRY you are about all of this.. if u think for even a moment of Hibakusha & the people who were turned into nuclear shadows, we have alot of forgiving & realizing to do.

    meanwhile.. i try to look into that touchpanel kids eyes and apologize.. but at the same time with divine pity they will live natureless for the rest of their lives.

    “do not seek peace without it within”

    Ziro Japan

    ps> i will quote your “maybe my normal is their new extreme” its time we wake up out of this fluffy nightmare

    [コラム] 嘘つきどものために日本に残って死にたくなかった。
    Posted by Mochizuki on April 27th, 2013
    This is the Japanese version of this column.







    [Column] Thyroid
    Posted by Mochizuki on April 27th, 2013
    Now I’m given the chance to do something for the world. I don’t want to waste anything, any time.

    I keep all receipts. Write Romanian words on them and put on the wall of the toilet, coffee maker and anything.
    However, before learning Romanian, this street has become full of my friends for about 400m long.
    They are all nice, charming, and somewhat shy. Most of the young people like Anime.

    My translator told me she cried on the street when she want to Japan to study. She felt lonely and worried. I wonder if it might be an usual feeling when you are alone abroad.
    Fortunately, I haven’t felt lonely. I’m always occupied. I don’t look back but have so many things to think about for future.

    What worries me is my potential health problem. A lot of my friends in Tokyo area are having thyroid cysts. I don’t know if it’s Fukushima effect but I might have some as well.
    I don’t even know where my thyroid is. I try to check it by myself in the shower but I feel so sick to think if I have a thyroid problem on the road. I don’t want to know. I hope this will be the paranoid, forever.
    Honestly I’d rather leave this world suddenly to suffer for a long time.

    People often ask me if I’m not tired. Basically I’m just sitting and working all day. I can’t be tired physically. Now I feel more like I’m driving myself than being pressured by someone else.

    There are a lot of other Japanese people who jumped out of the country. Gladly they are all happy with me doing fine. They are not jealous.
    Some people call me coward because I left Japan for radiation. I don’t think you can’t do this in Eastern Europe by yourself if you are coward. and me and most of the other evacuees didn’t leave Japan only because we were scared of radiation. It’s because we didn’t want to die for nothing.
    We didn’t want to die for the liars. This is the simplest put.

    At least now I can do something for the world. I think I’m the happiest person in the world.

    “School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose.”

  2. You are doing amazing work and I pass on your articles when I can… know in your heart that you are appreciated for this work!

  3. So Japan Today is attacking you.
    This website is set up by US Army to help the young soldiers understand about living in Japan(in the most nice places like Okinawa). Of course, the Japanese govt is paying the family expenses for these non Japanese…but hey, we now pay for TEPCO bonus too.
    Recently there is an article on the Internet, that says the US Military is blocked from viewing The Guardian newspaper, out of fear that service people may get knowledge.
    My reaction is 2 ways.
    1. You are a hero, because I can protect my family, with your information.
    2. You are a hero because of what you do.
    Why does the worlds most powerful country pick on you? You are just a nice guy blogger…
    Are they hiding something?

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