Evacuee from Futabamachi, “Something yellow fell from the sky like large flakes of snow after explosion”


On 3/14/2013, Greenpeace held a meeting of Fukushima victims in the Diet Members’ Office Building of the House of Councilors.

Ms. Sawagami is an eyewitness of the accident. She evacuated from Futabamachi to Ehime.

She said,

I came from Matsuyama city. Before 311, our family had 9 members of 4 generations.
We were the farmers with a side business in Futabamachi and planted rice in holidays.
On the day of 311, I heard the nuclear plant explode. Something yellow fell from the sky like large flakes of snow. I thought Japan may end I was going to die.
The screening test indicated “over scale” for me, I was told to abandon all the clothes.






Français :

Une évacuée de Futabamachi : “Après l’explosion, quelque chose de jaune tombait du ciel, comme de gros flocons de neige “


Le 14 mars 2013, Greenpeace a tenu une réunion des victimes de Fukushima dans le bâtiment des bureaux des membres de la Diet de la Chambre des Conseillers.
Mme. Sawagami est un témoin de l’accident. Elle a évacué de Futabamachi à Ehime.

Elle dit : “Je viens de Matsuyama. Avant le 11-3, notre famille comptait 9 membres de 4 generations.
Nous étions des paysans avec un commerce à côté et on plantait du riz pendant nos vacances.
Le jour du 11 mars, j’ai entendu la centrale nucléaire exploser. Quelque chose de jaune est tombé du ciel, comme de gros flocons de neige. J’ai pensé que ce pouvait en être fini du Japon, j’allais mourir.
L’examen de dépistage indiquait “over scale” pour moi, on m’a demandé d’abandonner tous mes vêtements.


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Actually, nothing has progressed in the plant since 2011. We still don't even know what is going on inside. They must keep cooling the crippled reactors by water, but additionally groundwater keeps flowing into the reactor buildings from the broken parts. This is why highly contaminated water is always produced more than it can circulate. Tepco is planning to officially discharge this water to the Pacific but Tritium is still remaining in it. They dilute this with seawater so that it is legally safe, but scientifically the same amount of radioactive tritium is contained. They say it is safe to discharge, but none of them have drunk it.