Osaka city started incineration of disaster debris

On 2/1/2013, Osaka city government started incinerating the disaster debris from Iwate.
100 tones is incinerated a day, 36,000 tones will be accepted by the end of March. 2014.



Français :

La ville d’Osaka a commencé l’incinération des débris de la catastrophe

Le 1er février 2013, la ville d’Osaka a commencé l’incinération des débris de la catastrophe d’Iwate.
100 tonnes sont incinérées par jour, 36 000 tonnes auront été reçues fin mars 2014.

  1. Let’s examine the logistics of this twisted Diet plan:

    They are moving by truck fallout debris 650 miles to Osaka from a prefecture that is only 150 miles from Fukushima NPP.

    Osaka is 362 miles from Fukushima NPP. There is no fiscal or health logic in moving hot debris that far to burn it in Osaka which already has many refugees from central Japan. The incinerator filters don’t work you idiots in Tokyo! You are mass murderers of your own countrymen!

    The only logical place to haul radioactive debris is within 20 miles of Fukushima Daiichi. That land is uninhabitable for 1,000 years already. Quit trying to make the rest of the country catch up to those horrible radiation levels.

    My sympathies to the Japanese people who must endure these cruel decisions by your leaders.

    Warning to Japanese families within 1,000 miles of the Fukushima NPP:
    Keep your children indoors as much as possible. Replace HEPA filters twice a month. Buy imported food and water. Don’t exercise outside.

    You might not all be alive next year unless you practice fallout safety guidelines promoted here. Your government doesn’t give a nasty natto about what levels of fallout you eat or inhale. You are the native Expendables.

    1. Say it again but LAUDER , Sickputer !

      The Bilderbergs had a hard time taking over Japan just as with China ( see the under-evaluated currency battles ) .

      What you can’t conquer you should destroy /. Or at least make an international radioactive/et al dump out of it .

      One of the bonuses : there will be a lot of very cheap highly skilled Labour available once the ‘arrangements’ to relocate dozens of millions of Japanese will be ‘finalized’ , uhooo !

  2. → Spreading the debris will → destroy medical reference groups: this should „solve“ a problem that „they“ (=TEPCO, government …) will have: class action suits by the affected citizens.
    Up to now it makes sense to compare cancers-rates, genetic defects etc of → contaminated areas and → non contaminated areas. And for example near Fukushima you will find the reason for increasing health problems: TEPCO and its Nuclear Power Plant.
    A class action suit against e.g. TEPCO only makes sense if you have the possibility to compare contaminated and non-contaminated areas in Japan.
    For the future they make this comparison senseless – and class action suits.

  3. Anonymous typed these pixels of light: “Voting with my wallet – I won’t be visiting Osaka for the next two years.”

    SP: I think you might find the radiation in the soil, water and air won’t be gone by then. Better have any descendants who survive check again in about 10,000 years. The land might be better except for the million year poisons. Mankind will not outlive what the Dr. Frankensteins have unleashed.

    There is no Pandora’s Promise…only grief. Hope for the future died March 11, 2011. RIP Northern hemisphere. Sayonara Japan. You deserved a better fate.

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