[Column] Doors

I needed translators. I can’t even distinguish sugar and salt at a supermarket.
I study Romanian but I need to be able to understand everything like native, now.

I have a strong support at this moment but the person will go to Japan in April, so I have to think about after April.
I went to the Japanese department of Bucharest university. I haven’t been there. I knew no one. I didn’t know what I could expect.
I only knew the building, and the department is somewhere in the building.
4 guys were chatting in front of a door, so I went into the building from that door. Sometimes you decide things this way.
Though there are some asian language classes, I was the only asian looking person there. They looked at me, but no one tried to catch me. so I kept on walking, who cares.

Actually I didn’t know what I was looking for. but this is life. You won’t know what you were looking for until you finally find it out.

On the top floor, I opened the door with the Japanese flag. It was in the middle of the class. Everyone looked at me. Shhht.

Waited for 10 mins, students came out of the classroom. Obviously I was a weirdo, but I talked to the person in front of me.
“I’m looking for someone who could be my translator.”

She didn’t want to be my translator, but she told that to her friend, and the friend told that to the friend, and I finally reached some of the teachers’ friends.

They may support me for legal translation, and the students may help me for more daily translation.
I found out I needed two levels of translations after all.

Honestly I was a little bit embarrassed but I got someone who could help me.

90 mins in total.

I’m doubtful about planning, designing, calculating everything in advance.
You only need to set a couple of plots and link the dots like rock-climbing.

I hope this will be the win-win connection, they can learn Japanese from me too.




Français :

[Édito] Portes

J’ai besoin de traducteur. Je n’arrive même pas à distinguer le sucre du sel dans les supermarchés.
J’apprends le roumain mais j’ai maintenant besoin d’être capable de tout comprendre aussi bien que les roumains.

J’ai une bonne aide en ce moment mais la personne va partir au Japon en avril, donc je dois penser à après avril.
Je suis allé au département japonais de l’université de Bucarest. Je n’y étais jamais allé. Je n’y connaissais personne. Je ne savais pas à quoi je pouvais m’attendre.
Je ne connaissais que le bâtiment et le département était quelque part là-dedans.
4 types discutaient devant une porte, alors je suis rentré dans le bâtiment par cette porte. On décide parfois de cette façon.
Bien qu’il y ait quelques cours de langues asiatiques, j’étais le seul à avoir l’air asiatique. Ils m’ont regardé mais personne n’a essayé de me parler. alors j’ai continué de marcher, quelle importance.

En fait, je ne savais pas ce que je cherchais. mais c’est la vie. On ne peut savoir ce qu’on cherche tant qu’on ne l’a pas finalement trouvé.

Au dernier étage, j’ai ouvert une porte avec un drapeau japonais. Je suis tombé en plein cours. Tout le monde m’a regardé. Shhht.

Attendu 10 mins, les élèves sont sortis de la salle de classe. Évidemment, je faisais un peu martien mais j’ai parlé à la personne devant moi.
“Je cherche quelqu’un qui pourrait être mon traducteur.”

Elle ne voulait pas être ma traductrice mais elle l’a dit à son amie et son amie l’a dit à un ami et j’ai finalement trouvé un des amis des professeurs.

Ils peuvent m’aider pour les traductions juridiques et les élèves peuvent m’aider pour des traductions plus quotidiennes. J’ai découvert qu’en fait j’ai besoin d’au moins deux niveaux de traductions.

Honnêtement, j’étais un peu embarrassé mais j’ai trouvé quelqu’un pour m’aider.

90 mins au total.

J’ai des doutes sur tout ce qui est prévu, conçu, réglé à l’avance.
On a seulement besoin d’une paire de points d’ancrage et de relier ces points entre eux, comme en escalade.

J’espère que ce sera un arrangement gagnant-gagnant, ils peuvent aussi apprendre le japonais par moi.

  1. lori-san

    you need a girlfriend.

    They are called “A sleeping dictionary”.

    look for a nice older woman, they like the company and
    they aren’t screaming to have a kid.

  2. Dear Iori,

    You will find support in Romania.

    While your narrative is open to the whole world, here in Japan, many Romanians and not only, seriously take into consideration the information supplied by your website.

    You are already a winner. You have a positive attitude, you are confident that from an ethical perspective you are on the right side, and above all – you remain humble.

  3. Dear Iori
    Google and Bing translate aren’t so bad, a little time allowed for research ought to be appreciated.
    As ever all the best and loads of love!

  4. Dear Lori,

    I feel your pain having lived in foreign countries and at first not even being able to read a food ingredient label … and all that with a highly irritable bowel along with an array of other sensitivities and allergies … not fun.
    I have been reading your blog from the very begining and respect you very much. Having lived in asia for 11 years I totally understand how difficult it is for you to leave your family, friends and society … this may sound like a generalization but I do know how immensly important these things are there. (Modern) westeners tend to be a lot more individualized and tend to live alone these days anyways … but in asia this sort of situation is not the norm so I really understand how tough it must be for you and how much courage it takes to go against the grain (of society/family). The saying that comes to my mind when I ponder your predicament and how brave and determined you were to not give in and do what you thought was right is: The nail that sticks out gets hammered. I saw this in real life on a daily basis when I taught in asia … trying out your individuality is not a wise choice and always ends up being a rather (emotionally) painful exercise in futility/frustration, especially in highly “cohesive” and social order oriented cultures. Yet you persevere, and it is that tenacity … that clinging to the truth no matter what that I have the utmost respect for. I read your site EVERY day as it is an invaluable source/documentation of info about the unfolding nuclear massacre. Keep up your awesome work and never have any doubts about the usefulness/rightousness of your mission … time will (in this case, unfortunately) prove your words/actions right.
    BTW, If you ever need a place to stay in Canada don’t hesitate to e-mail me … we have enough space for you, any time!
    I also have a tiny one-room apt in central Warsaw, Poland … that you are welcome to use (it is standing empty at the moment) and you can get the keys from my uncle who lives in the same city … so just let me know.
    Thank you sir!!!

  5. Too bad that guy ‘ Doru ‘ is not posting here anymore , that name is unique Romanian .

    Nevertheless , Great move Iori to go to the University for connections .

    Mingel , mingel and Cinderela will be met sooner rather than later .

    Please also consider my suggestion about a Nippon Conservation Organization to prepare for the Exodus … just like Noah’s Arc .

    Romania is a place being milked by the Banksters via IMF , the bank from where the idiot Ceausescu borrowed .
    To pay it back + interest the cretin had to take away food and goods from his people and sell it abroad for Hard Currency ! Right , that’s the mechanism , the national currency printed by the Romanian governmnet at That time was so devalued by the international banksters that the only way to pay back in dollars was to sell staff abroad .
    No wonder the people revolted ! But the people got it wrong , the cretin Ceausescu did not explain it properly to his people , so the nation went back to capitalism and the rat race .

    They left behind ( in socialism ) :

    -free education including University ( they even PAYED you to attend from another city )
    – free medicare including Dental
    – doctors that were payed Fixed salaries SO their incentive was to get you Healthy , inform you of how to stay healthy and NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN !
    – cheap rents
    – Apartments for every one , there were no homless
    – jobs for everyone , there were no unimployed ( and because they were working for themselves their work load was very light … )
    – organic foods
    – zero drugs
    – very low crime ( brutal jails with NO radio TV or GYM )
    – no ( large numbers ) of stray dogs

    Draw backs :

    – had an awful time finding a Black Sabath or Led Zepelin album ( because of some of the lyrics )
    – only two black/w TV chanels ( circa 1978 )
    – no sensless violent movies
    – no luxury items like Rolls Royce
    – one year wait to buy a car
    – corruption in the governmnet , nepotism

    Conclusion : borrowing from certain sources can destroy a Nation .

  6. Iori , if what I read above is true and you suffer from digestive problems/ irky bowl , the solution is very easy ( as long as no pathogens are causing your problems ) : start eating according to your blood type , get the book ‘ Eat Right for your type ‘ by Dr. Peter D’Adamo ( and find your blood type ASAP ) .
    Do not deviate , if is not on your good-foods list than do not eat/experiment : lectins are very potent , as an extreme remember the peanut allergy and the Ricin lectin that just a drop kills a human in minutes … So this diet is a Lectin Avoidance because the large family of lectins are found in EVERY food type ! That’s why this diet is fundamental to health .

    Than : have vitamin ESTER-C at all times in your drink including/specially at night in the glass by your bed side .

    Than : never cook vegetables/fruit except carrots

    Than : take 1 morning + 1 evening spoons of Cold Pressed organic Flax Seed Oil or even better Hemp Seed Oil ( Caution : if you never used it , you will Rush to the toillet in minutes , so get used to it by planing ahead for the first week or so 😉

    No deep fried foods or junk food pop included

    Have an organic apple a day ( all food must be organic )

    Have organic Wallnuts through out the day for maintaining good metabolism ( my Trick : the iodine provided FILLS up the receptors in the tyroid gland so any Radioactive iodine doesn’t ‘stick’ ) .

    Take two quality multi-vitamin-mineral a day

    Have Pure White Vinegard 5 % acetic acid BATH ( when you don’t expect a date ) , pour the staff over your head , wash hair , face , body , arm pit AND put it in your ears twice a week for best wax removal ( and good Hearing ) .
    It destroys most bacteria including under the arm pit ( removes the perspiration odor / but you’ll smell for a while like Salad 🙂 .
    Do not Wipe the vinegard , let it evaporate .
    Close eyes and Nose because it stings .
    Got biten by a spider or bed-bug ? Spread the white vinegard over the wound , next Scratch the wound to open it then rub in and around the white vinegard : it neutralizes the Enzyme which is the Toxin in the spider venom , greatly speeds recovery .

    Use lemon or balsamic vinegard in your salads because their acid acts as a pathogen sterilisation , besides nutrition .

    Have Pumpkin seed RAW ( not cooked ) and raw Ognions and Garlic as part of your Daily food : the Y-shaped Antibody is made of Zinc atoms ( Pumking seeds ) and Sulfur ( Oginions/Garlic) so your body will have plenty of material to built antibodies when needed .

    Filter your own water instead of bottled water .

    Where quality sunglasses .

    Best wishes , and ask me other health related questions if you have problems .

  7. Trivia : give yourself a big point if you knew why the apple Must be organic .

    A : because most of the nutrition /antioxidants( dark red ) are located in the Peel , the same place where Pesticides gather .

    BTW , one apple a day keeps the doctor away , HENCE Two apples a day should keep Two doctors away , no ?!

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