[Column] At the end of a day

I did never expect to have a Japanese lesson in Bucharest.
I explained my situation to one of the professors and we got the consensus about translation.
She had the master class of Japanese after having the meeting with me, so I joined it randomly.

They are studying Japanese and I actually wanted to study Romanian.
The more you speak, the faster you learn. If you can speak a phrase, you can listen to it, you can write it, and you can read it.

Actually the class was so much more difficult than I ever expected. It was about business Japanese such as Keigo but probably I would drop out the course. The professor pointed at me but I made a mistake in front of everyone.

The students are in early 20s, so brilliant and eager to study new things.

In the intense lecture, I was thinking if I can tell them what’s behind me. Can you readers ?
When I compare the difficulty to take Japanese students to Romania / Europe and the difficulty to take the Romanian students to Japan, the former looks way easier to me.
Romania was also contaminated by Chernobyl but at least they don’t have Cs-134 and Sr-89 to remain here.

After all, I only got to know some people who could help me translate stuff.

I came home and did the first laundry in this apartment. In this apartment, laundry machine is to share. and I made this hanger by umbrella. (30cent)
These are all my underwear anyway.

[Column] At the end of a day

After a long day, I’m listening to Warren Haynes in not cold room.


We don’t need much to be content. I personally need a little bit of the sense of “progress” and good piece of music at the end of a day.

More and more children are turning out to have thyroid cancers, M6 happened offshore chiba. As hoping nothing is going to happen when I’m stopping, I rest to restore my energy for short.



Français :

[Édito] Fin de journée

Je ne me serai jamais attendu à avoir une leçon de japonais à Bucarest.
J’ai expliqué ma situation à l’un des professeurs et nous sommes arrivés à un consensus sur les traductions.
Elle m’a indiqué un master en japonais après m’avoir rencontré, j’y suis alors allé à tout hasard.

Ils étudient le japonais et je voulais vraiment apprendre le roumain.
Plus on parle, plus vite on apprend. Si vous pouvez dire une phrase, vous pouvez l’écouter, l’écrire et la lire.

En fait, le cours était bien plus difficile que tout ce à quoi j’aurais pu m’attendre. C’était sur les affaires du Japon genre Keigo mais je vais sans doute quitter ce cours. Le professeur m’a désigné mais j’ai fait une erreur devant tout le monde.

Les étudiants ont dans la vingtaine, tellement forts et enthousiastes à apprendre de nouvelles choses.

Pendant l’intense lecture, je me demandais si je pouvais leur parler de ce qu’il y a derrière moi. L’auriez-vous fait, lecteurs ?
Lorsque je compare la difficulté à trouver des étudiants en japonais en Roumanie / Europe et celle d’envoyer des étudiants roumain au Japon, la première est plus facile pour moi.
La Roumanie a aussi été contaminée par Tchernobyl mais au moins il ne reste plus de Cs-134 et de Sr-89 ici.

Au final, j’ai seulement trouvé quelqu’un qui pourrait m’aider dans les traductions.

Je suis rentré à la maison et fait la première lessive dans cet appartement. La machine à laver est collective dans cet immeuble et j’ai fait cet étendoir en parapluie. (30 cent)
Tous mes sous-vêtements y tiennent de toute façon.

[Édito] Fin de journée

Après cette long journée, j’écoute Warren Haynes dans cette chambre pas froide.


On n’a pas besoin de grand-chose pour être bien. Perso, j’ai besoin d’une petite impression que “ça avance” et d’un bon morceau de musique à la fin de la journée.

De plus en plus d’enfants s’avèrent avoir des cancers de la thyroïde, il y a eu un M6 au large de Chiba. En espérant qu’il n’arrivera rien pendant que je m’arrête, je me repose pour retrouver rapidement mon énergie.

  1. Good morning dear Iori !

    You may want to print the following :

    As your personal Secretary , while you were sleeping and re-energizing , I worked out a suggested Schedule and Strategy asking you to consider and initiate ASAP .

    Purpose : to introduce your self to the Main Media , both Print and TV in order to achieve a Recognizable International Stature . This esteem will help create and be the foundation of the Nippon Conservation Organization , the Noah’s Ark of the Japanese race .
    First step is the Media in Romania .

    Principle : must secure a willing Romanian to be your Translator .

    Method : advertise in the Japanese Class of the University that “ Applications for a Romanian – Japanese Translator are now being accepted by Iori Mochizuki for the purpose of Appearing on TV and in the Newspapers , a Carrier Opener ! “ .

    What we can offer to the Translator :

    – no money
    – opportunity to have the name printed in Newspapers
    – opportunity to Appear and have name Displayed on TV
    – further learning Japanese from a University Degree Japanese native

    Must secure Translator before going further .
    No Contract , has to be ‘ on honour ‘ based on a Driven individual who wanhts to make it into that kind of carrer .

    Schedule of Duties for both Iori and the Translator :

    1) Contact local Newspapers with offers to :
    a) have an interview about Fukushima and related issues
    b) write a weekly Column about Fukushima and related issues

    Terms : Negotiate Paycheck/Freebee Vs. Your Website exposure in Print .
    Translator’s full name Must appear in print .

    2) Contact the TV stations with same offer including the weekly ‘ Fukushima Diary ‘ PLUS deal to have face and full name of Translator appear long enough ( not just 2 frames ) . Offer to hand them weekly a Ready-made High Definition News-Clip ready to broadcast . ( Do you have or can get an HD instrument + basic editing ? ) .

    End of schedule .

    As your Secretary I also analyzed your daily reports and I recommend the easy following points in response to what other similar websites display :

    1)Must comment on Reports , such as explaining diagrams , piping , photos , schematics , etc. The reader needs to be guided and provided with additional thoughts in order to ‘digest’ properly the Situation .

    2)Must display in a bracket at ALL times the Legal or Normal Value of radiation readings . So when the News post a 100 Bq/Kg fish , next to it in a bracket should be ( Legal amount is 100 Bq/Kg ) . Wherever applicable the Background level should also be posted . This is a MUST .

    3)Must re-post videos/photos from U-Tube or elsewhere in such a Format that it will not require our readers to turn on ( Java ) Scripting .

    OK , that all for now … are you ready to ‘Rock&Roll’ today ?

    So get started :

    – Do you know you blood type …. this is a Priority , I want you to find out NOW , before you go out or put your pants on . See phone book for medical numbers … consider walking into an hospital Emergency section to have your blood type ( takes minutes ) .
    – Did you take your Ester-C vitamin ( lemon , etc ) ?? Bad boy !! DO IT !
    – First mission for today : find the Translator under the Terms described above .
    – Need to buy raw pumpkin and walnut seeds plus raw garlic , onions plus Parsley ( raw parsley neutralizes the odour of garlic/onions ! It’s a Must ) , DO IT !

    Have a superday !

    P.S. : a Wonderful place to visit and have a Date specially Not in the week-end : Herastrau Lake ( Lacul Herastrau ) located next to the Triumph Arch ( Arcul de Triumf ) .

  2. I’m sure something will come of your university visit, that was a good move. The leader of the programme should be able to help you find someone good. I would hand-deliver a letter to them explaining in writing what it is you want them to help with , maybe they think you are just interested in being a student with them and have missed the point.

    Perhaps ask to interview individual students on a one-to-one basis? They can practice their Japanese on you in the interviews and you can select someone who impresses you. If they are keen enough to be Japanese-native fluent, they will agree to some extra-curricular practice with the real deal.

    What you offer may have no monetary value to them, but Fukushima-Diary is the pre-eminent source of its type in a way that has never been done before and the next stage of your plan is dependent to an extent on this one translator. An ego-booster if nothing else.

    That should mean something to a student who is serious about using what they have learnt.

    Best of luck with this next step.

  3. I Second TrollHunter , many good points specially about the Translator who needs to be ‘driven’ perhaps by a Journalist career besides translating , so appearing in Print or on TV is a good start .

    Further more Iori , you Must organize a Network of independent people that put on-line in Your software and on Your website continious radiation readings from their own meters . And not just from Japan …
    For now a Spreadsheet type of file format would be a start before you can write/afford a more graphic/map oriented software .
    Corelate that info to wind data that those people can also provide via electronic mini weather stations that also download their data to your software 24/7 , or wind data that you can pick from other local sources .
    Make the software/spreadsheet such as to turn yellow/red depending on the Values compared to the Legal ones or Previous Background readings ( 2010 ).

    This multiple-sources independent record is gold in Court …

    All those records must be kept indefinetly for future reference .

    How is the Nutrition ? You are what you eat …
    Did you order the book ” Eat right for your type ” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo ? Did you find out your blood type ?
    I will not repeat myself without your input …

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