Proliferated sunflower in Yamagata

Proliferated sunflower in Yamagata


Flower in a flower. Mr. Kitamura (71) found proliferated sunflower in his farm early in this month.
It is in Asahi machi Yamagata.

Proliferated sunflower in Yamagata 2

The sunflower is one of the 80 plants to decorate the street. The small flower is about 10cm diameter, the large flower is about 20cm diameter. Mr. Kitamura comments he hasn’t seen this one.

Expert explains this is called proliferation, when a flower bud is hit by intense heat, the growth of flower bud is stopped and it ends up having a flower in unusual place. It can be seen in a severe summer, can happen to any kinds of flower.



<Settlement report 8/16~17/2012>

This is the space to report how much donation I received today and yesterday.

Soon I’m going to NY. There’s totally no problem but I’m afraid of their misunderstandings sometimes.

Anyway I’m feeling more confident than when I came to Canada. hoping for a good luck.

Settlement report 8/16~17/2012


Settlement report 8/16~17/2012 2



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