Tokyo women’s medical university hospital “We are told not to give radiation inspection by the gov.”

Tokyo women’s medical university hospital put this notice at its entrance.

"We are told not to give radiation inspection by the gov."


To patients

Currently, we don’t serve radiation inspection or medical treatment.



This hospital is famous for hyperthyroidism.

Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist asked about the reason why they don’t serve radiation inspection.




The nurse at the reception of Tokyo women’s medical university hospital. “We are told to say, we don’t serve radiation inspection. We can only say, please consult near public health center. We can not do radiation inspection for a sudden outpatient. Radiation issue is connected to the government…”




    FUKUSHIMA DIARY – L’hôpital universitaire de médecine des femmes de Tokyo “On nous a demandé de ne pas faire les examens de radioactivité du gouvernement.”
    Par Mochizuki le 7 Juin 2012.

    Le Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital a mis cet avis sur sa porte d’entrée :

    “On nous a demandé de ne pas faire les examens de radioactivité du gouvernement.”

    Aux patients
    Actuellement nous n’offrons pas d’examen de la radioactivité, ni de traitement médical.

    Cet hôpital est célèbre pour ses soins de l’hyperthyroïdie.

    M. Suzuki, un journaliste indépendant interrogé sur la raison pour laquelle ils ne servent pas l’inspection de rayonnement :
    @hanayuu 東京女子医大病院、受診相談窓口の女性看護師「被曝検査は行っていないと言うように指示されている。地元の保健所に相談してくださいとしか言えない。被曝検査は、いきなり来院されてもできない。被曝の問題は国との絡みもある…」 @hanayuu @yurihiranuma
    — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 7, 2012

    L’infirmière de la réception du Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital . “On nous dit de dire, nous n’offrons pas d’examens de la radioactivité. Nous pouvons seulement vous prier d’aller consulter à proximité du centre de santé publique. Nous ne pouvons pas faire d’examen de la radioactivité en consultations externes. La question de la radioactivité est liée au gouvernement … ”

  2. SO,at what TIME do you wake up and realize its time for your leaders to commit hari-kari,before your children die or after your government has allowed them to die????????WE,have the same problem here in america,the american people have their head so far up their ass,they can’t tell they’ve been deceivied too.SAD HUH ????

    1. It’s true! People are oblivious to the world around them. I’ve talked to some people in New York, upstate about Fukushima and they don’t know what that is. Very sad indeed. For years companies have been spewing toxic waste not caring one bit. They pay the fine with money and the poor citizens around the toxic waste dumps pay the price too; It’s called cancer! I can’t stand Americas fake sneaky lying cheating government! Poor Japan people and everyone and everything around them. The only thing left now is to try and live the best they can with all the radiation, deformations and contaminated food and waters. So freaking horrible, the worst disaster to hit man kind and It’s all political BULLSHIT!

  3. Everyone knows a second earthquake will come sooner then later.
    This is Agenda 21 unfolding.
    The governments are corrupt all over the world.
    Planned at Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations.


  4. My wife is a nurse at that very hospital – the signs were put up to try and stop the number of people coming in convinced they had radiation poisoning and demanding attention. It is bad enough when people with a common cold come to hospitals and tie up the very limited resources they have without needing hypochondriacs with made up disorders.

    Trust me, if there was even one case of a person having any illness at all related to the situation in Fukushima the press would be throwing money at them and it would be all over the news. Simple fact is that such a case does not exist.

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