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[Live] Riot police barricaded official residence

    <Translate> Riot police barricaded the place between official residence and national journalist hall. This is what Japanese government really is. <End>     It went out of control


[Live] 100,000 people of demonstration gone out of control. Ordered to stop.

  Live video from your Android device on Ustream       Live stream videos at Ustream       Roadway is starting to be occupied. According to the organizer,


[Live] Aerial movie of the demonstration

                  Aerial movie of the demonstration is released. Recoded from 18:00 ~ 18:40.   Streaming Live by Ustream       Iori


[Live] Over 60,000 people joined

                Iori Mochizuki


[Live] Demonstration started

      Live video for mobile from Ustream Live broadcast by Ustream Live broadcast by Ustream Iori Mochizuki


[LIve] The demonstration is growing to be bigger than ever (40,000 before its start)

Live video for mobile from Ustream Following up this article..Noda “I can hear demonstration” Ohi nuclear plant is planned to be restarted on 7/1/2012, this is the last chance to

Spent Fuel Pools

[Reactor4]Fukushima worker “Shroud was being replaced when 311 happened, pipes are cut off.”

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that reactor4 was not only in the maintenance when 311 happened, but it was also being remodeled to replace the shroud. The pipes

Natural disasters

M4.5 hit Chiba

M4.5 hit Chiba. [LINK]       Iori Mochizuki

Natural disasters

M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked to be 42 μSv/h 4 hours later

At 14:51:51 of 6/28/2012, M5.6 hit Fukushima. Japanese seismic scale was 4. [LINK]       3 hours and 4 hours later, radiation level spiked up in Fukushima. The highest