“Metropolitan police department seeking the organizer of the 45,000 demonstration”

Following up this article..[Hydrangea revolution] 45,000 joined demonstration against the restart of Ohi nuclear plant

A former news reporter tweeted below,



Apparently Metropolitan police department is seeking the leader of the demonstration. They are calling a lot of places, but ordinary people joined this demonstration by their own choice, they are totally misunderstanding it. Probably the government ordered Metropolitan police department to catch him. We don’t support such government, Cabinet, political members. They should not be elected, we are not deceived anymore.




  1. GO JAPAN!!! Let this WAVE of SANITY wash away the filthy dirt that has infested their government/industry and police!!
    Sure looks like public sentiment has got the government trembling in their boots a bit, eh?

    Hope is still alive and it comes from the Japanese people themselves! Overwhelmingly encouraging!

  2. Perhaps they want to remind him of the sidewalk construction that was scheduled to begin as early as this Sunday.

    I suggest they change their construction plans. Or better yet, have Noda renounce nuclear power on Monday and start decommissioning the 50 remaining reactors.

    Failing both, the police need to understand that this movement has now taken on a life of its own. There is a guy with a microphone on the street corner each week (and many others with megaphones throughout the crowd), but people have simply learned to come there on Friday afternoons. Many have no ties at all to the “leader” and the “leader” has no way of contacting them except on Friday afternoons at the demonstrations.

    Contacting the “leader” may have little impact on the crowd.

    But, if the police are looking to move the demonstration somewhere during construction of the sidewalk, they might try giving the “leader” air time on NHK and other mainstream media to show him speaking to the crowd and then instructing them (via NHK TV) to congregate somewhere else.

    Personally, I’d favor the main gate of the Imperial Palace to demand an audience with the emperor about the need for him to speak out about the difference between JAPAN and Japan Inc. and the threat to the real JAPAN that nuclear power has shown itself to be. JAPAN has survived for thousands of years without nuclear power. However TEPCO’s mistakes at Fukushima have demonstrated clearly that JAPAN life and culture CANNOT survive another thousand years WITH nuclear power. Nuclear power needs to end. And NOW is the time to end it. The emperor no doubt understands this; he needs to speak out.

  3. On first sight, the metropolitan police may seem a little “underinformed” if they try to nail ONE person who “started all this”… or they look for “the” guy to state an example on him. To scare others (who otherwise might follow the first guy’s example and organize demonstrations or take other steps) into “better not doing it”. A mass-psychological (and somehow also terroristic) pacification strategy, carried out on one’s own people by governments – to continually secure the “holding of the reins” – a strategy to secure the status quo, as old as mankind.

    But in fact, the good thing in this special case is: In Japan, it doesn’t NEED twitter or other web amplifiers (anymore) to “spread the word”. Because the FACTUAL SITUATION in Japan ITSELF is so overwhelmingly WRONG, that the “Great Beast” (as Alexander Hamilton, one of the authors of the United States Constitution once called the whole of all “ordinary” citizens) can not be lured or feared back into falling asleep again – because the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Desaster ITSELF is a monument that WON’T ALLOW negligence or halfbaked (as in “immoral”!) solutions.

    Simple as rocket science. 😀

  4. I’m the leader, come get me japan!!!!
    I will beat the police one on one if they want to fight about it!
    I can beat cowards, righteousness is angry and GROWING!!!!
    Yay civillian population, you go girls/guys!!!!

  5. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/metropolitan-police-department-seeking-the-organizer-of-the-45000-demonstration/

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – “Le Département de la Police Métropolitaine recherche l’organisateur de la manifestation des 45 000.”
    Par Mochizuki le 22 juin 2012 · 4 Commentaires.

    Un ex-reporter a tweeté ceci :

    RT @minami_rika: 警視庁が、今回の抗議デモを指揮してる人を探してるようだ!!!いろんなところに電話をしてるみたいですが、このデモは、普通の国民が自分の意志で集まったのに、勘違いも甚だしい!また政府が警視庁に指示したのだろう!そんな政府や内閣、議員など支持し …
    — マロさん (@marosann) 6月 22, 2012

    Apparemment, le Département de la Police Urbaine est en train de rechercher le leader de la manifestation. Ils téléphonent un peu partout mais ce sont des gens ordinaires qui se sont rassemblés à cette manifestation, de leur propre initiative, ils n’y comprennent strictement rien. Le gouvernement a sans doute donné l’ordre à la police de l’arrêter. Nous ne soutenons pas de tels gouvernement, Cabinet, représentants politiques. Ils ne devraient pas être élus, on ne nous trompera plus.

  6. Hey, Godzilla, we are anonymous, we are legions, we have NO leader.
    Do your duty: Protect peoples first! Stop nuke!

  7. So whats the big deal? Did he do something wrong? Is it really so bad to voice an opinion? Did he break a law? I dont know Japanese law, or rights, but it would seem that any atempt to quite the people, would only result in louder voices. I dont think people really care about what you say you are going to do to them, when they feel theyre already dying.

    What are they going to do when people really start to get mad. Like when their sons die, or brothers, or mothers die? Its going to be hard to stop the people. And i dont think Japan has been building FEMA camps and planing to imprison its people like we have here in America.

    It looks bad, but ill i can do is donate. And it dont make me feel any better. Its still scary as shit.

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