M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked to be 42 μSv/h 4 hours later

At 14:51:51 of 6/28/2012, M5.6 hit Fukushima. Japanese seismic scale was 4. [LINK]


M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked 3 hours later


M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked 3 hours later 2


3 hours and 4 hours later, radiation level spiked up in Fukushima. The highest reading was 42 μSv/h.[LINK]

Since 21:00, the graph has not been updated at the moment of 2:48 of 6/29/2012.


M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked to be 42 μSv/h 4 hours later 3


↓ The video of Fukushima plants from 19:00 ~ 20:00, when the radiation level was in the peak. Huge gas / smoke / smog / fog / water vapor / evaporated tax is covering the plants.


On 6/28/2012, Hamadori area, where Fukushima plant is located was given advisory for dense fog but other areas in Fukushima were not given advisory for dense fog. [LINK]

M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked to be 42 μSv/h 4 hours later 4

It was not raining around Fukushima plant. [LINK]

M5.6 hit Fukushima and radiation level spiked to be 42 μSv/h 4 hours later 5

  1. Looks bad, no ones talking about that plasma flame sort of thing and it’s emissions and reactor 2 was smoking in that video. Too bad everything’s a secret and WE’RE ALL BEING KILLED! WTF HAPPY, WTF.

  2. and if you think spent fuel pool four can kill the world, wait till you see the load of the common spent fuel pool, it’s also something like 40-50 ft away from reactor 4. My understanding is the spent fuel storage has boron impregnated plastic panels/grids, plastic melts easily.

    1. And no cameras, so anything could be happening in addition. Do you think that they will tell us and does it matter if it was the spent pool or a reactor? Einstein said that nuclear power was a hell of a way to boil water.

      1. I think the N.korea spiel is propaganda NOW, our govt’s are disgusting, lying, people/child killing cowards and it has been proven.
        /regarding the gov’t telling us ….
        Remember when the real radiation levels were three decimal points higher than what was reported, and allllllllll the lies continuing to this day, the lies and witholding of information started day one and it has been the course to follow “PROVEN”, the problem with that/and with this is, THAT SYSTEM WILL BREAK, the nuclear contamination can, will, and is rearing it’s ugly head. Lying and withholding true information purposely destroys any ability for crucial life saving/mitigation actions/measures/ETERNALLY UNFORGIVABLE. This is unprecedentedly bad, but that made it infinetly worse, remember at it’s worst there was no alertibg of plumes/etc to safeguard people, they found out after, ie explosion reac3,dry venting, wet venting, ie spent fuel fires 4. Sure they could see it, but the retort “no immediate danger to health, no meltdown, spent fuel4 is not burning it is something else in it, containment is not breached, the u.s is bringing coolant, we are cooling it, is safe to burn debris, cesium beef, support by eating, everything is safe, editing out diet’s concerns when his speech it was televised etc” Tokyo soil=nuclear waste. So they effectively killed their civilian population, you would have had to leave on the 11th or 12th 3/11. None did in real terms.

        1. It’s impossible to do a “WORSE” job of protecting your civilian population, It’s impossible to do a “BETTER” job of contaminating your civilian population, get that chernobyl was no where near as densely populated as japan, and in comparison while it is a disgusting continuing nightmare, for the japanese thus far fukushima IS UNPARALLELED ARMAGEDDON and an ELE to them, I don’t know about us, but I know that anything on the globe that has a thyroid definitely has I131-I129 etc contamination, absorbtion and damage, that is a fact and it’s real.
          Some time ago u.s tested deer thyroids and found iodine 131 from chinese nuclear bomb tests, hence if it’s out there our thyroids soak it up, and a lot has been put out there.

        2. ‘member when they’d decontaminate around gov’t monitoring posts and replace the soil… So many nasty deeds.

  3. Each of reactors at fuku “barring 4” I’ve heard had a core that weighed just under “100 tons”, I will take that to mean 100 tons for ease. 123= 300 tons of “it can all be classified for ease as spent mox fuel after reactor operation at length/the worst” has fissioned with no containment “open air”. That’s just reactors, it doesn’t include the 1234 spent fuel pools “guaranteed emissions!” or common spent fuel pool or fukushima DAINI DAINI DAINI, or this one 35.947938,140.691277 >1 REACTOR here WITH IT’S ROOF BLOWN OFF AND IT’S SPENT FUEL POOL STEAMING WHEN THE SAT PICTURE WAS TAKEN. Fishing=far from genius.

  4. Eating/drinking or breathing is also far from genius, but whaddya gonna do.

  5. Anyone noticing ‘extra large’ plants and flowers?! I am! I have never seen Agapanthus that is over 6 feet tall, dandelions taller than my kid… I am assuming radiation does that sort of thing? In Northern California.

  6. wow you have done a lot of research to back this thing up. There appears to be no other explanation than hydrogen explosion, or some kind of explosion, in the reactor or beneath. Something is happening underground.

  7. It just now occurs to me: the common spent fuel pool could be in a lot of danger from an earthquake; has anyone checked its damage up till now, and its stress-worthiness? Although it’s sitting on the ground it could perhaps fall apart enough during an M.8 quake to leak out its water. Then what?

    1. Then the ocean is so screwed it’s not even… well it’ll be screwed bad and everyone in the world “northern hemisphere even more so” will have to do the ductape/plastic wrap bug out routine and shelter in place for months, maybe a year if they don’t want to die of radiation poisoning “I won’t bother with the gory details,” after that, there will be major hotspots all over the world where “plumes” have rained out.
      you know how there’s a word “they’ll” there should also be a “there’ll”.

  8. great its been raining like a mofo coming from the west jetstream central can with heavy winds the past week on and off…

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