Fukushima local news paper stopped updating condolence column for a week

Fukushima local news paper stopped updating condolence column for a week
Fukushima Minpo, a Fukushima local news paper has been stopping updating the condolence column since 6/10/2012.

Fukushima Minpo is the biggest local news paper in Fukushima, it used to update the condolence column daily, it has been collecting attention for the amount of the list for the size of the population in Fukushima. There used to be 40~60 people listed, from variety of ages.

35 people were listed 6:57 6/10/2012. There is no explanation why they stopped updating the column.





  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Un journal local de Fukushima a interrompu sa rubrique nécrologique depuis une semaine.
    Par Mochizuki le 17 juin 2012.

    Le Fukushima Minpo, un journal local de Fukushima a arrêté sa rubrique nécrologique depuis le 10 juin 2012.

    Le Fukushima Minpo est le plus grand des journaux locaux de Fukushima, il mettait à jour sa rubrique nécrologique tous les jours, il avait attiré l’attention par l’ampleur de ses avis de décès pour une population comme celle de Fukushima. Il y avait entre 40 et 60 morts listés, de tous âges.

    35 personnes étaient listées à 6:57 le 10 juin 2012. Aucune explication n’est donnée sur cette interruption.

    Source : http://www.minpo.jp/okuyami/

  2. condolence= obituary? If so, it is not surprising and judging by behaviour this far, could have been predicted.

  3. Wow. Too many people must be dying. One way to hide it is simply to stop reporting the deaths.

    The US had to do something similar with official birth’s and deaths after atomic bomb tests in the USA. Adjustments were applied to figures on births and deaths. Fallout causes still births and miscarriages as well as raising the death rate. One year the state of california had a 50k adjustment made to its births and deaths to cover over the unfortunate effects of fallout.

    It would be interesting to do a count of reported births in the Fukushima area. I guess pregnant women will have left. But you can bet any area affected by fallout will have a noticably lower birth rate.

    1. I read on the internet to this day people are ill from the nuclear bomb testing. Love canal in Niagra falls area; same thing! Billions of toxic waste dumped from a chemical company and people had their homes and town built right on the top of it all………….is that insanse or what?? Who are the CRAZY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD?……………..

  4. Watch the hollywood stars pregnancies, many are as self absorbed as they come, so they don’t even knoooooooow about fuku and they are awash in it annnnnnnd in the media eye I might add.

      1. I wouldn’t do that. Hollywood is very awake these days. The ladies there commonly have homebirths and free births. They know what makes their bodies tick. Funny thing about Hollywood…. while the channels pimp lies, the employees begin to get wise. They don’t start out wise, but since nobody leaves them alone, activists get to them and educate them. They are at the head of the line for peer-to-peer intervention because of their popularity level and connections within Hollywood.

        They are just people. They are not the Pentagon who tweeks their scripts in the background.

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