Arrived at Canada

Finally arrived at Canada. I had series of troubles since when I got out of Vienna airport.

There was no problem at the passport control, got Austrian stamp straight away.

However, at the boarding gate, there was “the second passport control” by the airline company.
The old “gentleman” (At first I thought so) asked me where I am from. I answered “Japan”. then he asked me where I checked in. I checked in at the train station, where is called “Mitte”. He replied, “You told me you are from Japan, but you are actually from Vienna.”.
He started suspecting me for the stupid reason, and “ordered” me to give him the ticket reservation sheet to come from Japan to Vienna 6 months ago. Luckily I didn’t throw it away and put it in the pocket of the bag so I can immediately give it to him but if I didn’t have it, I would have been troubled for no reason.

Because the second passport control took too long, the boarding time became behind the schedule. I queued but at the moment when I got on board, I was stopped by security again. She says the big black bag was They started checking my passport number again, and ordered me to open the “BBB (Big black bag)”. There was only another small bag in it, which I had to take out from my suitcase because it exceeded the weight regulation by 3 kg. I gave the BBB to the security staff “You can have it for your own vacation.”

I finally got to my seat but an old lady was already sitting there. My seat was window side but I sat down on the aisle side instead. After taking off, stewardess came to me and started sign language.
“What ?? I understand all the announce.” They say, my seat 27H is marked as “deaf”. Probably that was the old lady sitting next to me, yet the stewardess suspected that I mis-registered status on purpose for some reason. I took 20 mins to fix the situation. Of course the old lady didn’t hear anything.
(She was having a war against the seat in front of her because it was reclined.)

I couldn’t get relaxed at all. I was on the plane for 9.5 hours and had 2 meals, 4 movies but couldn’t enjoy none of them because of all those problems. Especially the problem I encountered at the second passport control puzzled me so much. I couldn’t understand why I needed the ticket reservation sheet.
There were a lot of Indian on the plane for some reason. They were recognizable because they all wore turbans. One of them came and opened the luggage case above me. At the moment, his suitcase dropped on my head.

I spent the last 2 hours on meditation. I had to. Soon after getting off the plane, police came and checked my passport. The old “gentleman” at Vienna airport must have reported. I was taken to the back office apart from other passengers. They checked my returning tickets, Japanese driver’s licence, and even inside of wallet. I had searched around on the internet for historical trouble cases that other Japanese people have met at Canadian airport. I printed out my online bank account and even made the perfect sightseeing plan for the following 3 months. They checked about 70% of the documents that I prepared. If I didn’t prepare them, I would have been sent back to Japan, and can no longer come to Canada. I thought I was too paranoid but that was right to do.
He asked me “What do I do ?” “How come can you get such a long vacation, is that normal ?” “Why don’t you go back to Japan ?” I simulated all those questions but again, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have written this in the hotel room now.

I’m so relieved now.

On the taxi from the airport to hotel, I was talking to the Indian driver. He said, “My brother is also fighting against nuclear plant in South India. They just want money, so greedy. Accepting nuclear power means the death of the community. I heard about Fukushima. That was right for you to have left there. All the nuclear plants must be shut down now all around in the world.”




  1. Iori… welcome to north America. I enjoy reading your diary. Thank you for showing us how life is post 311. 🙂

    1. I live close to Vancouver, BC.

      Traditional Salsa with Cilantro Helps with Heavy Metal Chelation of the Body. If you have Cilantro and then eat Turmeric the next day it helps the body –
      First – draw the heavy metals out of their “hiding places” in the body into the bloodstream,
      Second – Turmeric helps the body excrete the heavy metals by facilitating in improving liver function.

      Don’t eat too much cilantro in one meal. You will more than likely feel sick at one time or another the following few days if you do. This draws the dormant heavy metals into the bloodstream without giving the body TIME to excrete them. Turmeric is necessary for this.

      By the way, Shitake and Matsutake grow in the Pacific Northwest under Rhodedendrons.

      Enjoy your stay!

  2. international travel SUCKS. it’s worse than ever now. you were right to overprepare! i’m so glad you made it, even though i know how you felt with the difficulties as i have been through similar. much love to you, iori. welcome to NA. xooxoxoxox

  3. I’m sorry you had such a hard time entering my country. Little do they know the service you’re providing humanity. You should be treated as VIP.

    Which airport did you land at? I live in the nations capital city.

  4. what a crazy story, but this is what it is like trying to get into a 1st world country like Canada as a ‘foreign’ visitor. You have to be prepared to show lots of information to appease the security bureaucracy. good job.

    I live in Montreal, and if your coming here, would love to meet you if your travel plans permit.

    – Stefan

  5. Hi Lori,
    I’m a fan of yours – so excited to know you’re in Canada. Welcome.
    I’m in Toronto, if you visit this city and need a friend, just let me know.
    Also, if you’d like to connect with a great antinuclear group here,
    there’s the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (, Angela is a friend of Dr. Helen Caldicott’s.

    1. That’s a wonderful offer.. I was hoping he would come to Australia so we could offer him a room. I’m sure there are many that have rooms to offer…. Iori, is there a network set up to help put refugees with people who want to help??

  6. that must have been quite a stressfull ordeal Iori glad you got through it all with out having an enurisim

  7. gooogle maps this other nuclear plant that seems to have blown it’s 2 reactors roofs off>>>>> 37.666497,141.017783

    1. the one above is a few miles north of fukudaichi
      37.23278,141.012923 <<<<< this one is a few miles south of fuku daini
      also blew it's roofs off X4
      so daichi=4 blown roofs/reactors "essentially"
      just north 2 more reactors with roofs blown off, and then
      just south of daini 4 more reactors with roofs blown of = 10 so far and I think there may be more, my coordinates prove it visually, thank you and good whatever.

    2. 37.236872,141.018029 < this is at the four reactor site south of fukudaini,,, if you google map these coordinates, the arrow is sitting on what I believe to be a FIFTH REACTOR at this site, it looks to be a supplemental or "process" reactor, also look at the huge tower near it, has to be bad stuff here if they built a tower that big, also it's roof IS BLOWN OFF, SO 11 NOW

  8. I know that’s a fifth reactor on that site!, same stack as the other four reactors there, same steam to turbine system also

  9. So MEDIA, WHAT ABOUT THAT??? “crickets” thought so,… still think milk is safe? anyone, anyone? Bueller?
    Supplemental, possible burned out shell of sixth reactor at last site coordinates mentioned.

  10. @Intel Agent – Could you please be more forthcoming with details if possible?

    To say such things without supporting evidence appears irresponsible.
    I have a possible burned-out skull here at my last coordinates, and that style of reporting isn’t helping.

    I hope that you are wrong, and not for my own self.

    “Fry?” – Ben Stein’s monkey.

    >>>>> 35.947938,140.691277

  12. I am giving you the coordinates you just put it in the searchbox on google maps and zoooooooooom in, the sat photo’s are good enough for visual proof, just took a stroll down the coast to see what’s what>> cuz no one else will it seems. sidenote, I’m good at recognizing reactors from satelite recon now 😉 but 🙁 cuz were in trububble.

  13. to me that looks like its under construction still rather then anything wrong

  14. Well, it’s pretty cool that you found these, and there is exhaust, which is quite potentially radioactive; but it’s hard to say if it’s damage, or construction, since Japan seems quite intent on continuing it’s use of Nuclear power, it could be the site is intended to replace Fukushima?? Besides the open roof on some of the reactors, I see nothing that could look at all like structural damage. I don’t think it’s likely a replacement plant, but it doesn’t look very damaged compared to the structures I’ve seen on other buildings, which is odd, since it’s right next to the water.

  15. Akin to a SETI “WOW signal”; you need to point the “dish” elsewhere in the “sky”, and get confirmation from a separate “telescope”; so to speak.

  16. Welcome to North America, Iori! So sorry to hear about all the hassles during your trip. A Kafkaesque experience, for sure! But something you can add to your memoirs.

    May the rest of your trip be smooth and enjoyable. You deserve it!

    Happy, safe travels to you and thanks again for all you do in the name of Truth about the insanity of nuclear power.

    >>>>>>BREAKING NEWS HAVA LQQK<<<<<<<<>>> 35.940785,140.688515
    That makes SIXTEEN REACTORS!!!!! THESE ONES HERE ARE AS BAD OR WORSE THAN DAICHI>>> I just kixxd the world’s a55.

  18. “CAPS WERE NECESSARY!!!!!” YOU WILL SEE WHY, YOU HAVE INTERNET, LOOK AT THOSE LAST COORDINATES, >>>> eating ur lunch/drinking your milkshake etc, ur welcome;)

    1. I can quite believe it.. look at the quakes that have been hitting ALL OVER Japan this last couple of weeks. Intel Agent.. nobody cares tho.. only us that post on these sites……. nothing will change….. we could be giving birth to babies with 2 heads and they would just hide the figures. I’m sorry but all we can do is act like sitting ducks. Sad world huh.

  19. Welcome to Canada Iori. Hope you make it out west. If you need a place to stay give me a shout. Number is available on my FB page. I could help you with the immigration issues should you choose to stay.

  20. I did it, not the government, not human population, not japan, usa, france, canada, not the news, not the media, not the presidents, not yukio edano, not ex-skf<"meh", not the NRC, FBI, CDC, EPA,ETC, not the experts, not the professionals, not the students, not the military, and on and on and on.

  21. Welcome to Canada!

    Where in the country are you?

    IF you come to Vancouver Island let me know!


  22. Welcome to Canada Iori. It is good to have you visiting Canada and I wish you safe travels here. I live in Vancouver and have been writing about Fukushima since it happened. If you are visiting in Vancouver feel free to email me if you would like to visit.

    Your account of travel frustrations coming to Canada seems like something out of a movie. I hope things will go smoother for you, now that you are here.

    Best Wishes

  23. Indians are invading Canada because they want to take over all the jobs. They already did in the US and UK and it destroyed the US and UK economies. There are 1 billion unemployed in India they all want other countries’ jobs.

    1. When cam to Australia 8 yrs ago from England the lack of Indian people took a couple of years to get used to. I didn’t see one…… Until this last 18 months………. now they come and then their friends come then their cousins come then their wife’s family come. I can’t complain. We’ve been able to get an awesome curry from the local restaurant that let the Indians take over the running of it 🙂

  24. Intel Agent, you may have figured out what a power plant in general looks like, but you have identified *coal* and *oil* burners as reactors.

    Look at the coal fields and oil tanks next to them. Look at the duct work with the gas scrubbers, just like you find in any modern coal or oil powered plant all over the world.

    For example:
    >>>>>>BREAKING NEWS HAVA LQQK<<<<<<<>> 35.940785,140.688515

    Calm down. You found the Joint Power Co., Ltd. Kashima

    From their web site: (translated of course)
    Our company is a joint venture established by Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., performed by the co-combustion of heavy fuel oil power generation economically and low sulfur gas generated by Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Kashima Steel Works, both the power generation We have supplied to the investment company.

  25. 16 reactors THUS far, and I provedidid it, I’m smart in some things and not so in others, but strolling down japan’s east coast on google maps is NOT GENIUS,,,, but no1 proved 16 reactors are all fuku’d up thus far, just me, so clearly not genius, but i’ll toot/goose my horn juss the same. Toot/toot/squeeze/squeeze 😉

    1. You go for it Intel Agent. All we can do is build up a network online. You will find those you have added on your fb now are having more and more mutual friends… add me. My email so you can find me on fb is

  26. So now you understand how Japan treats foreigners when they come to the country, especially more than once within a year. They throw you in bureaus at the back, keep shouting at you, asking you a ton of questions and behave like you’re rubbish. A total nightmare.

  27. We all know Fukushima Daichi 2 REACTORS a few miles north of fukudaichi roofs blown off
    37.23278,141.012923 >4 REACTORS A few miles south of fuku daini 4 roofs blown off
    >>>continuation of above site> 37.236872,141.018029 >This is at the site south of fukudaini,,, if you google map this coordinate, the arrow is sitting on what I believe to be a FIFTH REACTOR at this site, THERE WAS A POSSIBLE 6TH REACTOR HERE.
    35.947938,140.691277 >1 REACTOR here WITH IT’S ROOF BLOWN OFF AND IT’S SPENT FUEL

    35.940785,140.688515 4 REACTORS blown to smithereens WAYYYYY WORSE THAN FUKUSHIMA DAICHI!!!!!
    That makes SIXTEEN REACTORS!!!!! maybe more

  28. meant to say
    We all know Fukushima Daichi 2 REACTORS a few miles north of fukudaichi roofs blown off
    37.23278,141.012923 >4 REACTORS A few miles south of fuku daini 4 roofs blown off
    >>>continuation of above site> 37.236872,141.018029 >This is at the site south of fukudaini,,, if you google map this coordinate, the arrow is sitting on what I believe to be a FIFTH REACTOR at this site, THERE WAS A POSSIBLE 6TH REACTOR HERE.
    35.940785,140.688515 4 REACTORS blown to smithereens WAYYYYY WORSE THAN FUKUSHIMA DAICHI!!!!!
    That makes SIXTEEN REACTORS!!!!! maybe more

  29. I don’t mean to be spammy but it didn’t put what I wanted to say correctly, something with the page refresh comments “my side” sorry
    We all know Fukushima Daichi 2 REACTORS a few miles north of fukudaichi roofs blown off
    37.23278,141.012923 >4 REACTORS A few miles south of fuku daini 4 roofs blown off
    >>>continuation of above site> 37.236872,141.018029 >This is at the site south of fukudaini,,, if you google map this coordinate, the arrow is sitting on what I believe to be a FIFTH REACTOR at this site, THERE WAS A POSSIBLE 6TH REACTOR HERE.
    35.940785,140.688515 4 REACTORS blown to smithereens WAYYYYY WORSE THAN FUKUSHIMA DAICHI!!!!!
    That makes SIXTEEN REACTORS!!!!! maybe more

  30. It put that instead of Daichi <basically 3 reactors blown to hell and a fourth that burned it's spent fuel pool… so we'll say FOUR
    Now the others…,, I'm a freakin' expert on daichi ferchrissakes, and I know more than 2 blew up there, I have no idea why it posted rubbish,,

  31. You have no clue what this kind of speculation could do to people reading this, do you?
    I have never read anyone so excitedly proclaiming the suffering of so many.

    If it is ‘artistry’ you claim, you have succeeded in evoking emotion from me; the urge to puke.

    1. I think that any reaction is better than none. I’ve tried to explain to Intel Agent here that like you, nobody wants to hear it. We all know the Governments lie… all of them! Trust your intuition TechDud…. who do you think’s lying? I don’t think he’s getting excited as you put it about this……. I think he’s completely overawed that if he being a simple man can see this on google images.. which we all have access to these days …… can see it then why aren’t the Governments taking action.

  32. lies=death IN THIS SITUATION!!,
    I’m glad your on the side of KEEPING 16 Giant, spent fuel filled REACTORS MELTING DOWN A SECRET techdunce, I’d like to rip your ears off whilst inserting my knee in your face. /pardon my french, I just want the truth for everyone, it’s not nice to poison people and be all secrety secret about it, I’m big on saving lives and safety and intelligence, priorities you seem quite laissez faire’ with.

  33. QUOTE> I’m good at recognizing reactors from satelite recon now 😉 but 🙁 cuz were in trububble.
    Translation, am not gleeful,,,, as we know what potential 4 reactors/spent fuel has… I assure you I am well versed. As you say ” damn telling people about this or that” and I say ” DAMN NOT TELLING THEM!!!!!!!”

  34. Regards to “speculation” You are sentient beings “like me ;)” I like to know stuff, since nobody drove around snapping photos of reactors I had reservations about, I did it mysnelf, you have the coordinates, internet, google maps, EYES to distinguish pristine nuke plants from blown to smithereens ones, I got what I wanted, visual intel on the reactors, m sharing, make up your own mind, I have nothing to do with it, blame the satellite company idiot.

  35. What you see is just someone who did their homework and is the first to say and attempt to prove through visual identification that 16 “possibly more” reactors are in varying states of distress, roofs blown off doesn’t mean meltdown, but IT HAS MEANT IT 100% OF THE TIME THUS FAR.

  36. btw canada is a bunch of communist liars also… proof?
    asst life endangering/human rights violations, child endangerment, potential genocide, etc, visual confirmation> see coordinates.

  37. 我々はすべて福島の大地を知っている fukudaichi屋根の2 REACTORS数マイル北に吹き飛ばさ
    福第二4屋根の数マイル南37.23278,141.012923> 4原子炉は、吹き飛ばさ
    35.947938,140.691277> ITの屋根が吹き飛ばされ、それが土の画像が取得されたときに蒸し燃料プールを過ごしていて、ここ1リアクトル
    35.940785,140.6885154原子炉は福島だいちTHAN WAYYYYY悪い粉々に吹き飛ばさ!!

  38. Glad you arrived safely in Canada Mochizuki. I hope you enjoy your stay.
    Intel Agent, are you absolutely 100% sure your coordinates point to Nuclear Power Plants? 😉

    1. well I was staring right at them when I took coordinates, so I hope so, besides, I know for a fact more than daichi blew up, takes malice to endanger civillians by lying, f the government/all

  39. Waow ! Your life sounds like out of a spy movie ! You could teach lessons to the guys who write the Jason Bourne movies. Congratulations for giving so many good answers to so many crazy questions ! Now I hope you meet nice people in Canada.

  40. watch nhk newscasters, I bet they don’t know 16 reactors blew up, because it’s a secret, well, was, A REALLY WELL KEPT SECRET>???? weird how it was kept so well… not sayin’… more, cept they lost the silly secret game.

      1. Thank you for naming a place, I couldn’t get any names out of google maps, only 3 or four more sites to be named so the can be crossed off the “omg 111!blown to smithereens nuclear plant111”

  41. Canada is not a good place not only because it is in the path of the radiation but also because it is a right-wing imperialist government pretty much like the USA.

    We looked at Canada and decided NO. Not only is Canada the “running dog” of the USA, it institutes many human rights violations and the police/military state is rampant.

    Instead many countries to the south will remain relatively free of the radiation, I think. Just take a look at a jet stream map and you can see the radiation will be all over Canada and the USA but does not blanket the tropics like it does the temperate zone.

    We chose the highlands of Mexico but many other places will also have relatively low radioactive fallout especially places like the Caribbean.

    Countries outside the USA sphere of control are typically much happier and healthier than within the USA empire. Check it out and decide for yourself. Staying in Canada or the USA is not a healthy choice due to radiation, the unethical nature of what the USA and its allies do to the world, the rich thievery, and the coming police/military state that Iori already got a taste of.

    1. I would never set foot in Mexico until their Civil War, drug wars and xenophobia goes out of style. I don’t have a problem with the local people but their nation is in shambles. You must be well away from all the chaos. But even still, how do you know the violence won’t spill into your neighborhood?

      I’ve looked into expatriation. I think for most Americans, they are better off relocating within the country if need be. Especially if like me they have a big family and extended family members to be concerned about and no foreign language skills or cultural experience. Which pretty much covers most Americans.

      1. And intermediate language skills don’t count as foreign language skills in my book if you are talking expatriation. You have to do better than that. You need to be really good with the language if you don’t want to be a helpless foreigner relying on the sporadic good nature of strangers.

    2. Rokko, we all are soaked with radiation on a continual basis. Radiation from Fukushima is worldwide, including the Southern Hemisphere.

    3. I like and respect what I hear from Rocco.

      Unfortunately, I am stuck in the US right now, but I am working on leaving it again for a long time. I do have Amerophile family members (even they don’t like the wars led by Republicrats and the corporation absolutism) but since I was neither born nor raised here it is easier to leave. I certainly would not want to raise children (the flag and all that).

      Not all, but many places in Mexico are preferable to many places in the US.

  42. Mochizuki san,
    I hope you had a nice trip and welcome to Canada.
    If you are planning to visit Montréal and need help of any kind,
    feel free to contact me.
    Oshigoto ganbatte ne!
    We are with you!

  43. Great story. You can’t make this stuff up, things have fallen off so bad…

    Prepared as usual, Iori. Enjoy Canada but don’t get caught in any protests.

    1. Indeed! Canada needs all the Kawaii she can get!

      If you have a chance to do so, please visit Haida Gwaii.

      “[Old Massett, British Columbia acting band manager John Disney] said his suspicions around adequate government testing started 25 years ago, after the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

      He’d been out on his fishing boat and heard the Coast Guard over the radio telling lighthouse operators to disconnect their rainwater systems.

      When he tried to find out why, the local, provincial and federal health authorities told him not to worry, the coast guard were just being overcautious.

      He asked whether they were testing and was assured they were. But he decided to do his own investigation and took samples from his Nadu Road rain catchment system to a private lab. They found two types of radiation were at the danger level. He drained his 4,000 gallon tank. Fast forward to two weeks ago, post-tsunami in Japan, he said, when he was told not to worry about potential radiation in the rainwater here.
      “My hair stood straight up,” he said.”

      “John Disney, economic development officer for Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, talks about building their own radiation monitoring station… after the Canadian government failed to assist them. It cost a tiny fraction of what the government said it would cost.”

  44. The people of North America welcome you. We are not our governments or our police state. They do not represent us. US government basically dictates fascist policies to Canada and those in power comply willingly. the US is doing this all over the world. they actually have gone way beyond the Nazis in meddling in the affairs of countries everywhere with military in hundreds of countries. And no doubt, nuclear power and destruction is one of their agendas. We are with you and appreciate the truth you have provided!

    1. Indeed Jeff. This is Amerika, the USSA of imperialist corporate crime. Canada is her darling little sister. But I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, as a natural-born of this place. It’s important to have familiar culture and there really isn’t a safer alternative elsewhere. As far as I can tell, the whole world is going to corporate hell in a handbasket. So I live upwind of every other power plant in the country, but downwind of Japan. Still, it seems like the radiation flows mostly north and south of where I’m at on the West Coast. During the nuke testing days this spot was the lowest in fallout. I sure wouldn’t want to be east of the corner of Indiana and Michigan right now…

      The people are indeed a mix. There are the small business entrepreneurs – many seeming sane and friendly – the farmers and ultra country folk (usually poor) with very old fashioned ideas or way-individualistic egalitarian thinking – and then the rabble of public-schooled vaccinated fluoride-heads, who barely make any sense. And then the often greasy lawyers, doctors, politicians and CEOs sitting on top of everybody else in the food chain trying to pull off the public “nice guy” image who generally try to keep their public image clean and “toe the line.”

      And then there’s the government employees. Trained in paranoia and power… Just be really nice and respectful to those types and their doctor-proxies so they will leave you mostly, hopefully… alone.

      Of course those are generalities. No one can ever be counted on to actually fall in line with their stereotype. But I think if I was a stranger to the USA I might find that description perhaps a bit useful.

      1. Frankly, I think America’s hope lies mostly with the farmers and country folk, and anyone willing to come over to their ways of thinking. If I were coming to America and wanted to find the best in her or Canada, I would probably want to stay outside city limits as far as possible. Besides, in any crisis a city becomes hell in a matter of hours or at the most, days.

  45. Frankly, I would do internet research as a foreigner on any destination to check their reputation for handling foreigners and general crime statistics. In some states the police will “legally” shake you down for cash if you merely drive their highways. (you can get your money back if you stop traveling to prove where everything came from – you have to prove it was lawfully earned to keep it.) Likewise, some towns have scary reputations for gangs or racism. Whereas others have a beautiful reputation of peaceful people and scenic vistas, and your blood pressure could be pretty low there no matter your nationality.

      1. I haven’t seen any bad places besides areas in Tacoma (otherwise known as Tacompton). Even then, it’s not even close to parts of LA and San Diego next to the border. Besides, everyone has concealed pistol liscenses in that state which is why I think everyone is so polite there.

  46. Konnichiwa Iori, welcome to Canada!

    I have a spare sofa if you need a place to stay in Vancouver. I am one block from Stanley Park in Coal Harbour (downtown). Great view and location.

    Thank you for your efforts to inform about the ongoing tragedy of Fukushima.

  47. Wow, what a drama.

    Glad to hear you finally made it. It is very good you have as much document as possible when you travel, I agree, if you didn’t have them, you would not be in Canada I think.

    Hope you get settled, and if you really are in Canada, then I imagine you eating bacon + maple syrup on pancakes. So enjoy.

    Canada is good, it’s like America but with less god. Always good when a country is not founded on thousand year old lies.

  48. lookit all this luscious mochizuki san love ♥ i hope Turtle Island (north america) is very sweet to you ~ WELCOME xoxoxoxoxoxo !!!!!!!!

  49. Iori……… I have followed your journey….. been inspired by you….. felt pain for you and other Japanese people. I hope you can settle now in Canada and get back to living life before all life as we know ends due to nuclear power related problems. I hear japan reopening 2 of it’s reactors somewhere….. very sad they have not learned anything… very sad they feel they can risk the human race. Iori…. you’re an inspiration to many. Good luck man 🙂

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