ABC : Fukushima radiation clean-up flawed

ABC reported about Japanese decontamination.


  1. What a clusterfuck beyond words. I have always had such pride in Japan but now I look at it as a country of fools from top to bottom.

  2. you have to stop reactor/spent fuel pool “emissions” BEFORE you “try” to decontaminate

    1. You have made a very GOOD POINT! You have to stop the spewing radiation first. They haven’t done that yet…………and their is no way to stop the holes in the fuel rods from leaking radiation. The fuel rods were heated and cooled. Causing small holes in the rods to leak the radiaiton. Their are about 1,000 or so fuel rods. Correct me if I am wrong with the number of rods.

      The water used to cool the reactors spews into the Pacific Ocean…..

      Cesium-137 is the most difficult and most expensive radioactive toxin to clean up and almost impossible to clean up. Since it dispurses into everything! Has a 30 year half life………..

      As some of us realize, TEPCO is puting on one heck of a show. The reality is, sad to say………the levels are too high, too much of it and the radiation is still spewing everyday for over a year……I can’t type the rest of what will happen becuase I just can’t do it…….and I will not. But I will not say a situation is ok when a situation is really BAD!

  3. If you told them you are smarter than them, they would disagree, time ticks by, then they die, and nothing matters. You cannot negotiate with a madman.

  4. In response to those who blame this disaster and its mishandling on the Japanese:

    Take a look at how well the United States gov’t has cleaned up its own nuclear meltdown in Santa Susana, California…and notice how well they covered it up for decades (melted down in 1959)…They haven’t cleaned it up yet because they don’t know how to and they don’t care because they hid it so well almost nobody knows that the meltdown occurred or that, as a result, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are contaminated. So very few people complain.

    Yes, the Fukushima meltdowns are far worse. But these meltdowns have occurred because of design flaws and these reactors are USA designs.

    And don’t forget that Japan is an occupied nation. USA has occupied it continuously since 1945: the same year Hiroshima & Nagasaki were irradiated. Whenever a Japanese Prime Minister has dared to defy the occupiers wishes he has been immediately replaced by a yes-man.

    Look what happened to PM Hatoyama when he dared to listen to his people’s wish to move a noisy US military base away from schools and homes. On 2 June 2010, Hatoyama announced his resignation before a meeting of the Japanese Democratic Party. He cited breaking a campaign promise to close an American military base on the island of Okinawa as the main reason for the move.

    Look what happened when PM Naoto Kan NY Times May 28, 2012TOKYO — In an unusually stark warning, Japan’s prime minister during last year’s nuclear crisis told a parliamentary inquiry on Monday that the country should discard nuclear power as too dangerous, saying the Fukushima accident had pushed Japan to the brink of “national collapse.” His Prime Ministership lasted all of 15 months.

    it’s now difficult to find these facts on the web unless you search form them specifically.

    I find the actions of these Japanese gov’t leaders exceptionally courageous. Especially in an occupied nation.

  5. When I plugged in toxic waste disasters on google…………WOW, a lot of companies in the United States have been fined money, year after year and some first time for dumping and mis-handeling of toxic waste. Please…………the United States has a lot of corporations that have come into towns and made them so toxic, people and children became sick and died. To this day, Love Canal in Niagra Falls New York sat upon 22,000 tons of toxic waste. A Hooker Chemical Company dump site. 900 families were evacuated 3 decades ago. To this day, families of love canal are suffering with babies born with deformaties and cancer.

    Are some business people really that IGNORANT AND STUPID TO THINK DUMPING TOXIC WASTE IS A PROPER WAY TO HANDLE TOXIC WASTE! Really, what are they thinking………or not thinking….or don’t understand about the affects of toxic waste. Come on man, after all, they are a chemical company well aware of the damage steming from their chemicals and they just go and dump and dump and dump…….like a few other companies in the United States has done in the past and present day! Oh boy and I fired up already and it’s not even close to my bed time!!!!!! WTFlip man!

  6. The Japanese government sits on their hands! Decisions just take too long. The patience of the people in Tohoku starts running thin.

    Therefore, have local citizens and NGOs taken the fate of the land in their own hands. They want to decontaminate Fukushima with the help of sunflowers and other plants that remove Cesium from the soil. This is called Phytoremediation (from Ancient Greek (phyto), meaning “plant”, and Latin remedium, meaning “restoring balance”) and describes the treatment of environmental problems through the use of plants that mitigate the environmental problem without the need to excavate the contaminant material and dispose of it elsewhere – which is currently the band-aid-solution of the government and TEPCO.

    The government has poo-pooed this activity as “not efficient” to justify their own stupid show-off decontamination attempts, but Ito-san, an activist from Iidate Village, has proven that the cesium collects in substantial amounts in the roots, not the leafs as tested by the government. (For those, who can read Japanese –

    Our own goal is to help them with the next step – the safe and secure processing of the Cesium-laden biomass after harvesting, which is currently still an unresolved problem, and proper storage of the small amount of radioactive residue.

    Mochizuki-san, can you contact me directly? I need your help. I am living in Yokohama and speak Japanese.

    You others, please visit our website and contribute to this efforts.

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