Rice planting in 30km area

Rice planting in 30km area

Rice planting in 30km area


Rice planting in 30km area2


Rice planting in 30km area3


Rice planting in 30km area4


Following up this article..3,100Bq/Kg from field mouse in Kawauchi mura Fukushima

In Kamauchi mura, where they measured 3,100Bq/kg of cesium from field mouse and the atmospheric dose is 3.11μSv/h, 50 of volunteers from Tokyo area planted rice.

Kawauchi mura has been restraining rice planting since last year. From looking at the result of this test harvesting, they will restart rice planting next year.

They had the volunteers plant in 30 of 10 ares rice fields with different amount of minerals to absorb radiation, in different depth. They don’t plan to distribute the harvested rice.

福島第1原発:川内村で試験作付け ボランティアら田植え
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