Fukushima worker hunting from overseas

Tepco related companies are starting to hunt Fukushima workers from overseas.

The conditions look like typical false information for nuclear working job.

The newspaper below is for Japanese Brazilian.


Fukushima worker hunting from overseas


1) 30,000JPY/day  2 hours/day within 20km area.

2) 10,000 ~ 12,000 JPY / day  house and 3 meals provided. within a “safe” place, off on Sundays.





  1. Arnie Gundersen spoke of employees coming from USA due to the limits of radiation exposure, having to cycle workers through. Considering how high the radiation, no wonder they will need to recruit far and wide.

      1. And of that 600,000, how many are alive today? How many suffered from long term radation sickness and/or cancers?
        Should the next batch of workers include the government and Tepco officials that have continued to lie about the dangers and conditions at Fukushima?

  2. Just wondering how they are “returned” to home country? And if they know they can not only carry radiation internally but expose others such as family members? What human rights do these workers have? If not being protected, these people could be going to a forced labor camp. Has anyone talked about their experiences? Are they even still able to talk? Just saying..

    1. $377.55/day for 2 hours work, at today’s exchange rate. Everything’s closed so no place to spend money 20km from plant. Apartment rental should be real cheap!

      Might be our answer to the worthless American dollar as the yen/dollar exchange rate keeps getting better for the yen. It was 140 yen/dollar not long ago….

      For someone dying of some disease, anyways, this might not be a bad way to help leave his family in a better financial condition. Who knows? The neutrons pouring through his body at work might even cure his incurable cancers!

      1. Are you kidding? I think you need to review what the atomic bomb did to the residents of Hiroshima

  3. In the excellent German TV documentary called The Fukushima Lie, Mr. Naka who is a top engineer working at the site said that his MAIN WORRY was that since this catastrophe is going to take a LONG TIME to fix, finding workers and engineers who are qualified is not going to be easy. I guess Japan taxpayers are going to need some DEEP pockets in order to bribe, coerce, trick and finagle some dupes to go into that place and come out of it with cancer.

  4. I disagree with all this fear-mongering. If the fear-mongers say cancer may “double” in Fukushima itself, I don’t see anything worth worrying about for the rest of the world. People are already full of radiation from the radioactive phosphate fertilizers required for corporate agriculture, but nobody is complaining about that, and that is orders of magnitude more radiation than Fukushima. Alternative news is as factual as mainstream news for the most part. In all this radiation fear-mongering, who has posted any scientific evidence proving that the radiation is dangerous? I tried to find some data, but can only find vague statistical correlations. I also found out that all the Japanese people under the Hiroshima bomb had cancer rates exactly the same as all other populations – no increase in cancer at all. Did people forget that the uranium came from the earth already? It’s not like it is something new man has manufactured. All that uranium would be doing what it is doing regardless of Fukushima.
    Uranium is “100% all-natural” or “organic” as many would like to say.

    1. ”Uranium is “100% all-natural” or “organic” as many would like to say.”
      >Study enriched uranium.

      1. Since you think it is harmless, why don’t you go there, and make $355.00 a day cleaning it up? Free room and board!

      2. Hay Chad! Got some great recommendations for places, in addition to Fukishima for you to live, since you believe all this is so harmless and btw, where do you get your information. The Soviet Government covered up Chernobyl for years and there’d be a great place! You could also move to Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania. Those places are un-inhabitable, but you probably wouldnt mind!

    2. Hey Chad, how much radiation is too much? You point out were are exposed, not by our choice, to a lot of radition (who among us asked to be exposed to bomb fallout? Anyone?). So at what point is it all too much? Since this is going into all fish, and the fish they eat and birth, and we eat that, how much will be too much? Where is the tipping point? Where is the human body tipping point for radiation?

      Cancer isn’t the only issue: birth defects and the costs associated, poor health, poor mental function, food issues, and so on. I suggest you drop the tired meme of “if it doesn’t cause cancer it is fine” for a while and focus on everything else.

      1. We don’t know “how much is too much”, because we don’t take people and deliberately radiate them to death to establish the science. So, most all data is based on statistics based on other sources of radiation. Also, radiation does not CAUSE cancer. Cancer is a multi-staged process that requires many biological processes going awry. It is just an area that is very poorly understood. I am not saying that large amounts of radiation can’t kill people, I am just saying that the fear-mongering done in the media is surfing on a wave of those with an IQ<120 or so, which is 95% of the population, people that can only react with "feeling & emotion", and that is no more responsible than anything else stupid humans do. What is the tipping point? I think the tipping point was the point that we became unable to live independently in an agrarian society, and populated ourselves into a state of dependency, which created all the problems and corruption we see in the world today.

        1. Actually There have been tests on humans throughout the past 50+ years. Both the U.S. and Russian Military’s and Governments had testing programs on this vary topic. It’s just been covered up and hushed.

  5. At today’s exchange rate – June 2, 2012 – 30,000.00 JPY = $384.394 USD
    52 working weeks/year. That’s 104 working days.

    $384.394 x 104 = $39,976.98 per year.

    That is just so very little money for all the risks and hassle.

    I would take a pass unless somebody lives in Africa, Latin America, or Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent or some hopeless areas like Palestine.

  6. Chad you are obviously a shcill for the nuclear industry. Uranium is dangerous in the natural form too! We have evolved over millions of years to adapt to natural background radiation where we live. Man made plutonium has been enriched from uranium ore, as no plutonium is found in nature. Plutonium is not a natural element we have been exposed too over thousands of years. It is a man made concentrate of uranium to make an analogy. As for radiation data there is plenty from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is an inverse statistical relation to cancer for a small dose for some people but when the statistics are layer over each other through time you see the inverse disappears and actually any dose rate of radiation from onwards of zero adds a statistical correlation with added cancers over the general population. A lot of people misquote that study and say small doses of radiation appear to lower cancer rates as there is a dip in the numbers below zero. When a further sampling of people over a larger geographical location the dip went away and rates of cancer increased at all rates of dose! So there is no safe level of radiation and in fact low doses are worse than a single high dose. The DNA damage is worse for low dose over time. This is because the genes are consistently bombarded with radiation and small mutations occur. These mutations lead to cancer because the genes never get time to repair themselves. So a single high dose will cause genetic damage that will heal to a certain degree depending on dose of course and duration but assuming the same amount of radiation was released and absorbed the prevailing theory is a higher dose in a single shot will be less damaging than a low dose over time. The high dose does its damage and the body starts to heal the damage as much as it can while the low dose keeps damaging year after year with no break or healing. So no matter the dose man made radiation is bad. It is not the same as natural background and cosmic radiation. We have adapted to our specific areas through time. The made elements are dispersed in a form we have never encountered naturally before ever! Weapons testing combined did not release as much radiation as this one event already has. The organic argument is laughable because there are several natural poisons that could be “organic” and still kill you! Mercury is organic by your logic too and I do not see people running up to drink it!

    1. No, I own my own business, I have degrees in Chemistry and Aeronautical Engineering. Choosing “sides” on an issue is for idiots. If people had brains, they would be caring about honest truth and facts and science, instead of being “groupers” that want to join a “side” of an issue. Except for the immediate Fukushima area, background radiation isn’t much changed because of Fukushima, and the radiation would exist with or without Fukushima. It is too obvious that you get all of your information from the media, so I won’t bother commenting on all of your recycled media statements. You seem to have studied things in the media somewhat, but that is not good enough. You need to dig deeper into the hard science of all these things, and stop relying on “what people say”. You are mostly reflecting OPINIONS that you have heard. Anyway, humanity faces bigger problems than the natural minerals that exist on earth. This is all way out of proportion, and if you are smart, you will avoid the leaves & branches,
      and try to find the root. We don’t have all the millions of problems that are reported every day in the media, we have one problem which will never be talked about in the media, and until we get at the root, nothing changes in this world, and you can expect more and more of the same.

  7. Uranium in mines contains 0.7% of the heavy radiocative isotope..

    uranium in bars is enriched to 3.5%

    (both are toxic, ussually stay as bonded minerals in

    underground deposits)

    You will have over 1 Million surplus cases of cancer in Japan,

    not to mention the abortions and deformities.

    1. 1 MILLION is NOTHING. That is less than 1% of the population. Almost everything we do every day is more risky than the radiation, and the fear-mongering is WAY OUT OF PROPORTION. As I said, radioactive phosphate fertilizer is highly radioactive as well (as is anything deep in the earth, including oil/coal/etc), and has created a radioactive body load far in excess of anything Fukushima will give you, but I don’t see all the “let’s populate endlessly” people talking about that, in fact, it is never even mentioned, because the population can’t be sustained without it. And nuclear power has a place alongside all the other stupid aspects of supporting endlessly increasing fleshy viruses.

      1. That right there, such a proclamation, you know, you’re not so special, I’m sure your quite normal hmm, the problem is govt’s and people who hold a lot of power aren’t so special either and hold the same view, glad to know 1 million is nothing, I disagree I think the number is a lowball and I expect at least ten times that for various reasons, I also disagree that 1million is nothing, it’d be humbling I think to put yourself in that statistic somehow. You need to learn a lesson, and I can assure you, you will be getting one, oh don’t worry, I will too and if you have kids, wife, dog, cat, baby on the way, they will too. Personally, I think we will learn nothing, human nature is what it is, countries hate other countries and peoples, kids bully, those with higher education or $$ galore dictate, think their better, etc etc. Lie lie lie et voila >ele.

      2. Your tone also implies this whole “mess, no?” is insignificant, I’ll admit I swing the other way on this one, but by all means don’t let it bother you for one more second, you like the world you live in right now, fukushima’s are just part of it right? no biggy, don’t let this “insignificant, fearmongering event” slow you down in whatever you’re up to.

        1. If you enjoy worrying about things that support the infrastructure, then don’t drive, because there is a 1 in 240 chance you will die driving. How does that compare to the risk of nuclear reactors? Uranium is all around you – in your air, water, soil, and rocks. In your pottery, glasses, foods, and all non-nuclear energy you use – like coal and oil. It is also excreted very rapidly (within days) from the body in the urine. There is very little evidence that it causes cancer. So little, it’s neglegable. People do mine it, and process it, and they are not all dying of cancer. You have Radon seeping into your home which is far more deadly – so it is best to not live in a closed environment if you REALLY care about radiation. In your life, you will see people die of many things, but radiation won’t be one of them. As I said, which you choose to ignore, your commercialized food contains 1000s of times more radiation from phosphate fertilizers than the Hiroshima bomb, and you don’t worry about that,
          because there is nothing you can do about it, but it is 1000s of times more radiation that you will ever get from Fukushima. The half-life of uranium is 4.5 BILLION YEARS, that means it decays VERY SLOWLY, and is not as dangerous as you think. It’s the elements with short half-lives that are most dangerous, radioactively speaking, and they don’t pose much hazard after initial events. Acting out of emotion & fear is just stupid, and the main reason everyone keeps serving those they despise, the fear of the personal responsibility of dealing with all the reality required to sustain yourself independently, outside the systems of power & servitude.

  8. I should say that I come here from Rense.com, which has this TEPCO/Fukushima stuff at the top of the headlines every day for weeks now. My comments stem from the hype on that website.

  9. I am Brazilian and i can translate some of the writings in there:

    The beginning goes something like “Great Hiring Opportunity”, the pay being 30k/day with a 2-hour work journey.

    But the interesting part is what comes below…they classify the job as ‘disposal removal’ or more roughly ‘rubble removal’. Now, won’t that clarify what this is relating to? Let’s go fellas, let’s go sing our way into nightly luminescence.

  10. You don’t like it, leave.
    I can tell, you think your I.Q is higher than 120, you infer and assume, not so smart after all, the problem with so called smart people is they are as predictible as the rest and have the same fallacies, failures and vices as everyone else statistically, the I.Q thing is a non starter, ie, if you or anyone else thinks themselves superior intellect,,, then solve global warming/pollution, come on smart guy, you will be humbled. I did it, it only took 14 years, and unlike Einstein, I am not going to be predictable, and I am not going to share, you want mental clout? then prove it, any parrot can recite verbatim. Someone needs to learn lying is not ok, especially when lives are at stake “I thought they were day 1” Humanity needs humbling ie; learn these lessons, I didn’t set the wheels in motion, create the problems, nor will I solve them when needed. I would like to note, in 1998 I became quite upset when building knowledge about japan and all things nuclear, and I did make it loud and clear this would happen, I screamed, phoned, emailed and posted allover the place, what I said was known before fukushima was even planned “THIS WAS WELL KNOWN THIS AREA CAN SEE 9.0’S AND HUGE TSUNAMIS UNPREDICTABLY AND PREDICTABLY CENTURIES AGO THERE WERE STONE SIGN POSTS AND WE HAVE HAD PLATE TECTONICS KNOWLEDGE SINCE BEFORE FUKU, DON’T YOU OR ANYONE EVER LET ANYONE SAY WE DIDN’T KNOW/SEE IT COMING! NO!”, everyday it operated they taunted, teased and poked death with a stick, every day since 1964, many said “don’t do that” they were not listened to, fukushima I> 6 reactors 7 spent fuel pools, fukushima 2 four reactors 5 spent fuel pools all predicted to all burn/fission every last bit. Keep lying… WORLD…but there is a price and it is NON NEGOTIABLE JUST LIKE ME> YOU CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH A MADMAN. I am not a narcissist, I do not lie, I have scruples and I help rather than hinder, I am not going around dosing flora, fauna, people, children, importantly they nor I were properly educated to make the decision to be dosed nor did we give permission. Lie/die, simple. I have also stopped paying my taxes as of march 2011 as I will not support communism, corporate or otherwise and have had to start working for myself, I will not be a proper part of this world until I see some changes, I will contribute though in my own way that will aggravate those who are destroying this world, it is a very easy and simple distinction and mantra I plan to persue and further, enjoy YOUR world Your AIR/WATER/TUNA ETC, I was never, am not and will never be a part of it because I disagree with it. Enjoy your “safe” communism. I will be fighting against it ALONE.

    1. This is what is in the fertilizer dumped on your food, which is then sucked up by the crops, so unless you are growing your own, enjoy this the next time you eat:

      U-238: 22 – 140 pCi/g (800 – 5,200 mBq/g)
      Th-230: 5.4 – 430 pCi/g (200 – 16,000 mBq/g)
      Ra-226: 0.7 – 24 pCi/g (25 – 900 mBq/g)
      Th-232: 0.14 to 4.6 pCi/g (5 to 170 mBq/g)

      1. TX 4 That, I will be looking into it, also a link where you read those numbers would be a slice of nice 😉

  11. btw chernoble was bad, this is worse, so please shove that u know where for me.

  12. Some of the highest levels of natural background radiation recorded in the world are from areas around Ramsar Iran, particularly at Talesh-Mahalleh which is a very high background radiation area (VHBRA) having an effective dose 200 times greater than normal background levels. Annual exposures of people living in Ramsar range from 1 to 26 rem, which is 10 to 260 mSv (compared with 0.06 mSv of a chest radiograph or up to 20 mSv of a CT scan). Most of the radiation in the area is due to dissolved radium-226 in water of hot springs along with smaller amounts of uranium and thorium due to travertine deposits.
    This high level of radiation does not seem to have caused ill effects on the residents of the area and even possibly has made them slightly more radioresistant, which is puzzling and has been called “radiation paradox”. It has also been reported that residents have healthier and longer lives.

  13. It’s a fool who cannot look at the birth defects and cancer incidences from the nuclear industry, or even at the basic science that says all ionizing radiation is HARMFUL.
    Fools have to ignore the statistical work by Jay Gould and Busby exposing their lies. They will not look at Fallujah contaminated with US uranium alpha radiation nor even at the radiation raining out in North America giving people skin rashes and other radiation sickness ailments. They shill to spread more uranium disease, fully known as the causal agent since early mining exposure to radon gas. They ignore the Micronesians and Navajo. The rise of cancer incidence in the nuclear age is documented by the oldest cancer registries. Ionizing radiation is the most potent mutagen known to biology. Genetic researchers use radiation when they want to mutate chromosomes because it is the most effective at damaging genomes. How can anyone but a moron make believe there are no victims around Chernobyl? Too bad HBO scuttled ‘Chernobyl Heart’ after they aquired it or Chad could try to explain away those poor tortured children.

  14. The best way an intelligent person could put the lie to what Chad is saying is to take a geiger counter and do his own tests. The second way is to review the literature and statistics. Chad is a fool playing for fools. Is Japan still willing to be duped by these people? What he says is so preposterous it qualifies as the Big Lie. Anyway, it will be hard to convince the Japanese affected that they are experiencing a psychosomatic disease caused by fear mongering. These sites get plagued by these pro nuke trolls and we just have bear their stupidities along with their horrible uranium. Chad, check it out, the difference between natural uranium safely buried for eons and uranium dug up, enriched, set on fire, melted down, gone into fumes and nanoparticles, is HUGE. Get a life.

  15. chad cars, fertilisers etc you eagerly compare to the single most man made catstrophy on Earth are hardly comparable: I can chose not to drive, I can chose to eat organic food, but I cannot order the wind around, I will never be able to eat tuna and a few more things ever again in my life time, but there is one thing about radiation I find very conforting, those like you who are in denial will go extinct first, there must be a God

  16. chad: cars, fertilisers etc you eagerly compare to the single most man made catstrophy on Earth are hardly comparable: I can chose not to drive, I can chose to eat organic food, but I cannot order the wind around, I will never be able to eat tuna and a few more things ever again in my life time, but there is one thing about radiation I find very conforting, those like you who are in denial will go extinct first, there must be a God

    1. Couldnt said any of this myself any better Stella. People who continue to hide their heads in the sand will be in for a Rude Awakening! By the way for the ones commenting about news, I dont ever listen to it. I do research it online and not just one source. I have a few and they must be proven theirselves with a correct story about three times before I will pay attention to them. The so-called news doesnt exactly talk about Fukishima, all it wants really to have is stories about stupid celebrities all the time. I dont watch any news

    2. You are simply wrong. 1000s or MILLIONS of times more radiation is dumped across the land (and into the waters) and on your food from fertilizers than Fukushima will EVER do. Fukushima is one pile of uranium/MOX on the planet, fertilizer is dumped across all arable land across the world every year, by the TONS. And the figures I posted are just for 1 GRAM of fertilizer. And most people cannot “choose” to drive, they have no choice. And that was just one example of the risks in modern life. Everyone around coal power plants (pre-scrubbers) is irradiated far beyond the normal population. Fact is: nothing is free, and every benefit comes with a risk, and every advancement comes with a drawback, and every medicine is a poison – there is no free lunch. And as long as people want to develop and populate as they do, there will be associated risks, and that’s just the way it is. Every modern building material has toxins, but if you want the comfort of a modern home, you accept them. There’s no free lunch.
      And that talk about Tuna is just nonsense. From what I read, Tuna had 5 or 6 times the “normal” (whatever that is) amount of radioactivity, and 5 x 0 = 0. 5x a toxic amount may be meaningful, but 5x a negligible amount is still nothing. People don’t know how to think about things. You don’t realize that radioactive elements are everywhere, all around you, already. Just living in Colorado or getting on an airplane will give you many times the amount of radiation as “normal”. You are just freaked out by preachers of doom talking about things you can see and can’t measure. And it is UNTRUE that uranium is “safely buried in the ground” before man gets his hands on it – the radon and other products of uranium fission come out of the ground and water everywhere, all the time, and all these “normal” sources of radiation are far more dangerous than Fukushima is to the rest of the world.

      1. There is a free lunch “silver bullet” or 2 or 3, I should know, I developed one. Perspective is all a matter of perspective, shame you can’t see past your own a##, and as a retort to your fukushima=squat, One word, plutonium and it’s unparalleled toxicity to you & me.

  17. No, I am not a troll. I just care to look for truth, and there is BS on all “sides” of an emotional argument. Truth doesn’t have “sides”. Sometimes, we must accept that we don’t have enough knowledge to draw firm conclusions. Corruption is everywhere, up high, and down low – it’s in all of us. In many ways, the modern world is too much for any one man to grasp. There is not enough time in life to learn the truth of all things. I think a society has limits, and when they are reached, it self-implodes. I do think that man should live more humble and simple lives, and I am not sure selling ourselves out to the modern world as we do is going to give us the return on investment we expect. I think we are at a point where we are spending all our time trying to fix the messes we create ourselves, and I am not sure if that is what a “good life/future” is all about. I left the systems of man behind, and traded it all away for a piece of land to homestead and poverty, and I don’t regret it at all.
    I have much to learn even after 15 years of leaving modern society behind (except for an Internet connection), but I don’t regret it at all. I prefer peace & solitude & the wonders of nature, and the challenges of meeting my simple daily needs. I have large doubts about the course mankind is taking, and I think (and studies show) primitive societies live much happier lives. Only thing is: armies & technology can always destroy them – but does that mean it is better, because it is more powerful & destructive? Probably a mix of both worlds is best, but does humanity have the wisdom and self-restraint to accomplish that?

    1. Definately self absorbed!!
      The seaker of truth…. 🙂
      I doubt you by default.
      To your first post in this thread you got a reply from Iori himself. If you stayed tuned you could have learned something but you just continued your tunnel quest.
      Maybe this was your first visit to this site, you should do your research first to understand that this is very different from rense.com. Im not sure what a “boheme” like you are doing on such site…

  18. Agreed, and on your ponderance> obviously not, regrettably, see “fukushima” or the 400 or so other potential ele machines, and asst other ele makers/planet breakers.

  19. As a final kick to your backside, for yours/and others consideration>
    After 30% core melt there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO STOP THE REACTION “unless you have meltable neutron poisons integrated into the fuel but, no one has instituted these, they exist though”, you can assume this will go to the final worst conclusion ie; fukushima 1 plant, 6 reactors 6 spent fuel pools and common spent fuel pool and dry casked fuel and possible nuclear weapons development plutonium pits and u235 tampers and shells and lithium deuteride etc on site all fissions/fusions “the fusion can happen if deuterides are around”
    fukushima daini “fukushima #2 plant” 4 reactors 4 spent fuel pools and common spent fuel pool and dry casked fuel and possible nuclear weapons development plutonium pits and u235 tampers and shells and lithium deuteride etc on site all fissions/fusions. It’s easy to infer this once the site is “prohibitively hot” which it is now, hence no babysitting.
    Yellow/brown/green smoke is burning nuclear fuel, for reference
    fresh fuel “non mox” burning/etc=bad but still deadly, no cesium/strontium/other fission made products
    fresh fuel “mox” burning/etc =very bad+has plutonium and bomb grade u235 no cesium/strontium/other fission made products
    spent fuel “non mox” burning/etc = EXTREMELY BAD+lots of plutonium bomb grade uranium 235 and 2000 other fission or so made products.
    spent fuel “mox” burning/etc = EXTREMELY BAD+lots of plutonium bomb grade uranium 235 and 2000 or so other fission made products.
    You could quite safely generalize and be correct that all the fuel here and there/everywhere is in the EXTREMELY BAD category and be upwards of 99% correct and by nucleide content it would also be safe to just call it all spent/used mox “the worst” hope I made it clear. Just one spent fuel pool of extremely bad can wipe out Japan very easily, should the wind be not so “favorable” which it was when 3 blew for the most part, this is happening, this will go to it’s final conclusion “all fuel fissions”<noteworthy<. They will not "get lucky" again when it comes to the wind, that was a one off and they should seriously consider that.
    I said this whole spiel for the most part march14 2011 on a post on google groups.
    One final thing, I have seen satellite pictures of daini "fukushima2plant" and believe you can see the reactors melted down by what you see in the water as the meltdown ejects all sorts of crap out the intake pipes into the ocean which you can see from the satellite picture in the bay in front of the nuclear plant, it's very telling.

    1. That is nonsense information at the top, and the rest is a little incherent. You can melt and perform chemical reactions with uranium all day long. How do you think they cast it into rods? It is melted in a blast furnace and cast and machined like all other metals. There is no danger of a runaway nuclear reaction at all – zero. Completely impossible. In reality, here is nothing much to worry about Fukushima except for the people in Fukushima.

      1. no, your rongg, because there is criticality in this stuff right now lil buddy as we speak, any “moderator/neutron absorbing materials” to limit neutron “cue balls essentially” production/fissioning are va va vaporized.
        +your mom & dad. You don’t seem to take killing children seriously enough if at all. la la la I can’t hear you2u2 /also

        1. *based on boiling/vaporizing temperatures of the materials involved.
          *moderators “silver/boron rods” first to melt then vaporize.

          1. “Criticality” is something that only occurs under very specific conditions, and generally lasts far less than 1 second. It is a temporary discharge of neutrons that only affects people in the immediate area – like within a several meters or so. It is nothing to worry about, unless you are very close to the material. Anyway, there will be no critical reactions at Fukushima, the conditions do not exist for that. The material would need to be neutron reflecting container or in some other condition that adds to the normal fission processes. Again, it’s just nonsense stuff to attract attention for advertising money.

            1. The U-235 concentration would have to be 30% or more for a criticality to occur. The U-238 concentration in the fuel was only about 3%. There is not enough neutron emissions for anything to go critical.

  20. RENSE.COM headline: Up To 5,000,000 Bq/kg Measured In Urban Area
    And there is 20,000 Bq/kg in fertilizer, so essentially, if you pass by some of this 1 million Bq/kg (the real measurement in the article), you are walking past a 50kg bag of fertilizer (20,000 Bq/kg). But stupid people just look at the headline and freak out because of the numbers, when they are essentially meaningless.

  21. There is no point in trying to compare natural uranium buried in the ground for the last couple billion years, with digging it up and then fissioning it producing many non natural isotopes,such as plutonium. Uranium isotopically is not very well uptaken by plants, so the radioactive fertilizer problem is more like in polonium uptaken by tobacco that is inhaled as fumes, or in cesium uptaken after deposition in a meltdown. Ingestion is a less direct pathway to cellular damage while inhalation of alpha or exposures to heavy gamma or neutrons is a major problem especially with permanent terrain contamination. For example with alpha particles, the official military report from 2008 on Gulf War Syndrome admits real disease and traces it back to DU. It openly validates the cancer incidence data from Basra. This is evidence of harm. I answer false claims with rebuttals and the real evidence is irrefutible.
    I have tested all my fertilizers with a geiger counter, and confirm firsthand the geiger counter is more excited by granite counter tops. Folks mainly are exposed to natural radon poisoning indoors in certain geologic zones. I live outside the main plume from Fukushima and have radiation monitored continuously since five years. I would know if there was a radiation spike. I test rainwater for radiation. I live in a low natural background geologic landform. There are a few fertilizer products today with dangerous heavy metals, but organic farmers don’t use them.
    The Japanese and others have good reason to fear not only the cesium but the DU off the high temp fuel rod melts. This is a high temp metal fume coming off the meltdowns and criticalities and explosions of very small and potent U238 which makes up the bulk of the fuel by mass…an alpha emitter. It will get deposited and be remobilized in dust. It blows worldwide in tiny bubble structures as small as a virus. Of course it decays slowly, compared to the hot fission products, which is why the military claims DU is only ‘weakly radioactive’, but in a small micron particle of DU there are hundreds of billions of uranium atoms with unstable nucleii. The metal fume ceramic bubble is a structure with little self shielding of the alpha so it is a particularly deadly form of disease in humanity. There are reports of black radioactive dust in Japan. The DU soot in US warzones is black. Reactor fuel rods are composed of mainly uranium oxide, mostly of U238, so it cannot burn like the DU munitions..it is already oxidized. However even a propane torch can liberate metal fumes from a sweat fit pipe.
    Obviously the only solution is to bury Daiichi deep under a mountain of sand ASAP to stop the releases of metal fumes and radioactive steam from the idiotic firehose drill. SFP4 is already melted from a long time ago. The site cannot be saved. Abandon ship and bury it!!!
    I just wish someday the people spreading harmful radiation in the biosphere could face personal responsibility for their toxic legacy.
    There is no biology in supernovas where plutonium comes into its brief existence. Its half life is too short to be apparent naturally on earth. Even Rickover recanted at the end before Congress on his previous advocacy of unearthing uranium for fission and radioactive weapons…and that infuriated Lehman who fired him. Now the US digs up the uranium and sets it on fire with their DU munitions all over the world, and builds reactors that destroy nations from the inside out. The US is the enemy within, as Jay Gould said. Just ask the screwed over downwinders of US bomb testing. The people today ignorant of history and science, with their remaining bread and circuses continue to allow this desecration but fortunately the costs of nuclear power are prohibitive, like losing one’s nation to radiation contamination. The sheeple go back to their TVs and some falsely believe what they are told by morons like Anne Coulter and Monbiot. They ignore all the evidence mounting of the risk of the remaining four hundred reactors and SFPs.
    The future of human populations is already compromised in places like Fallujah hit heavy by US uranium munitions fires because of the birth defects and the gender shifting due to radiation’s hit on the XY chromosome more than the XX. What the bleep does Amerika care about its six sigma culture impacting innocent biology? Not much, Strauss claimed the Micronesians were ‘happy’ after nuking. The spin from nuke people is literally sick.

    1. Believe little you see, and nothing you read. Most of the copy+paste stuff is just opinions. There are many things man does not understand, including all radiological effects on humans and various bio/ecosystems. We don’t understand electricity, magnetism, and many other common ordinary things that we can measure and make use of. My only point was that it is not the end of the world, it is not the end of Japan, it is not the end of the northern hemisphere, and it will not be killing millions of people. And it is not the most important threat to mankind, which is, in my opinion, mankind itself. The ever-increasing human population is driving all powers, technology, engineers, and scientists to keep pushing the limits to satisfy and feed everyone, and they are doing as well as can be expected. None of the crisis facing mankind would exist if the planet had 1 billion people instead of 7 billion. Just imagine how life is going to be like when we have 14 billion to feed and supply energy for.
      We may be able to feed most people, but we are definitely all beyond over-optimal-population. Collapse of one kind or another is inevitable on the current course of humanity. We could live in a clean world with abundance, but a woman’s right to make all the babies she wants is much more important to most people, so – look forward to more and worse.

    2. There are a lot of factual errors in that post, but I don’t have time to correct them all 🙂 But it is good that you try to learn, just be careful between measurements, and opinions of measurements. Usually, measurements are honest, but the opinions of them are dishonest, or ignorant. I would like you to know that fertilizer sold for retail purposes is just a diluted form of the phosphate fertilizer used in commercial agriculture, and your body’s load of radiation is no less than tobacco smokers because of it. My “opinion” is that is behind the rise in cancer of the 20th century. I would challenge anyone to compare cancer rates between people that eat non-fertilized foods and those that eat commerically fertilized foods, and then you will understand why 1/2 of people (or more) in industrial societies die of cancer. Keep in mind, that radiation in food is traveling throughout your body 24/7, from your head to your butt.

  22. “Natural” uranium doesn’t decay and fission any differently in the ground or in a nuclear reactor. And uranium is not only “in the ground”, it is EVERYWHERE, it is a very common element. 40x more common than silver. More plentiful than antimony, tin, cadmium, and mercury; about as abundant as arsenic and molybdenum. The concentrations in Phosphate rock are SIGNIFICANT, and while Oxides are not very water soluble, Uranium Phosphates ARE very soluble. You are wrong about “tobacco”, other food crops absorb it just like tobacco plants. It is also blown off the ground by wind onto the food crops and absorbed/adsorbed that way as well. And it is dumped on the land in 1000s of times the amounts Fukushima will ever do. It also runs down into the ground water from there. You also can’t directly compare radioactive elements in the environment to those which pass into your body from water and food, OBVIOUSLY. When ingensted, Alpha/Beta/Gamma radiation hits all your inner tissues and organs with no protection
    24/7. So, you really have some thinking to do. Also, where do you think Polonium comes from? It comes from Uranium decay. And it doesn’t matter if you smoke it or eat it or drink it. It is passing thru your body 24/7. You are 100% wrong that it is less of a pathway to cellular damage – that is only relevant to a temporary ingestion – it means a little won’t float around and sit in the cells of your body – but when it is in your food/water that you eat/drink 24/7, it doesn’t matter if it is absorbed via intestines or not! It is radiating the body 24/7 even if it is just “passing thru”. Use some brains! You offer no evidence of anything except ignorance. Uranium exposure is hardly hazardous due to radiation at all, but from its chemical toxicity. It is a reproductive toxin, and causes birth defects CHEMICALLY, not because of radiation. Uranium is not very radioactive at all! There has never been a case of cancer seen due to Uranium exposure. On the other hand, decay by-products such as Radon
    ARE significant health risks, which you dismiss. It’s like almost everything you say is 100% WRONG. Gulf War Syndrome, if real, and if caused by Uranium, is due to CHEMICAL toxicity and kidney impairment, not radiation. Yes, granite is very radioactive, and as I said, your store bought fertilizer is a very diluted form of the Phosphate fertilizer used commercially. And no, Japanese have no reason to fear DU. The winds blow most fumes into the ocean, and as I said, uranium is everywhere already, and Fukushima is not adding much to the surface land, if any. There have been no criticalities, it’s impossible. You need at least 30% U-235 to sustain a criticality, and you only have 3%. I don’t know where you get all this garbage information. U-238 can NEVER go critical. It is not fissile. There is NOT billions of Uranium atoms in a microscopic amount of dust. A billion Uranium atoms would be a few centimeters long! I don’t know where you get this information, but you are getting BAD INFORMATION.
    People are NOT spreading “harmful radiation”. If anything, nuclear reactors collect all the Uranium from the earth, and concentrate it into small areas, and burn it up! Nuclear reactors actually CLEAN THE ENVIRONMENT of radiation – duh! That was one of the worst and most disinformational posts I ever read! Ugh! Just about EVERYTHING YOU SAID WAS WRONG!

    1. Chad
      Your true identity is revealed. You are a selfabsorbed Troll and Tepco would be well served to have you included in their payroll, if your not alredy…
      Nothing you say can be taken seriously, absolutely nothing.

      1. No, it is sharing some truth, not trolling. All the radioactive “waste” ever produced would fit on a soccer/football field piled 6-7m high. That is almost nothing compared to all other waste produced on earth since the 1940s, and there is much less radioactive minerals in the soil because of it. Nuclear reactors DO burn it up, that is how they create the heat. You don’t have to work for TEPCO to understand that.

    2. Correction one of my statements: It is not Uranium Phosphate in the fertilizer, it is Uranium Sulfate (created in the processing of Phosphate rock into fertilizer with Sulfuric acid)), which is very water soluble, and averages about 1000-2000 Bq/kg according to a Saudi analysis. But again, 30 million metric tons are dumped on arable land around the world every year, year after year, and it isn’t “external” radiation after you eat+drink (or smoke) it. And it’s not temporary either, it’s 24/7 passing thru the body, striking all internals with alpha/beta/gamma radiation. And people around the world and Japan are worried about Fukushima? It is laughable in proportion.
      see: http://www.radioecology.info/Bergen2008/proceedings/26.%20Khater%20Uranium%20P.pdf … not to mention the toxic buildup of other heavy metals.

    3. Correction one of my statements: It is not Uranium Phosphate in the fertilizer, it is Uranium Sulfate (created in the processing of Phosphate rock into fertilizer with Sulfuric acid)), which is very water soluble, and averages about 1000-2000 Bq/kg according to a Saudi analysis. But again, 30 million metric tons are dumped on arable land around the world every year, year after year, and it isn’t “external” radiation after you eat+drink (or smoke) it. And it’s not temporary either, it’s 24/7 passing thru the body, striking all internals with alpha/beta/gamma radiation. And people around the world and Japan are worried about Fukushima? It is laughable in proportion.
      see: http://www.radioecology.info/Bergen2008/proceedings/26.%20Khater%20Uranium%20P.pdf … not to mention the toxic buildup of other heavy metals.

    4. Correction one of my statements: It is not Uranium Phosphate in the fertilizer, it is Uranium Sulfate (created in the processing of Phosphate rock into fertilizer with Sulfuric acid)), which is very water soluble, and averages about 1000-2000 Bq/kg according to a Saudi analysis. But again, 30 million metric tons are dumped on arable land around the world every year, year after year, and it isn’t “external” radiation after you eat+drink (or smoke) it. And it’s not temporary either, it’s 24/7 passing thru the body, striking all internals with alpha/beta/gamma radiation. And people around the world and Japan are worried about Fukushima? It is laughable in proportion.
      see: radioecology (dot) info/Bergen2008/proceedings/26 (dot) %20Khater%20Uranium%20P (dot) pdf … not to mention the toxic buildup of other heavy metals.

  23. Radiation Report from Seattle/USA, and Tokyo/JAPAN:

    Today I measured the radiation level at home; It was 0.08-0.13 micro seiverts per hour(sv/h) at the 2 feet from the floor – I was kind surprised to know how high the level is. The 0.10 micro seiverts per hour at home means that I will receive 0.876 mili-severts of radiation a year (=0.10 x 24 hour x 365 days /1000). Assuming that it is safe to be exposed to up to 1 msv a year, the radiation level at home should not exceed 0.12 micro sv/h.
    I also checked the level of radiation outside of the house. It was 0.10-0.20 micro sv/h at the 2 feet from the ground. As expected, the level of radiation was relatively high at the place close to puddles (0.20 micro sv/h), drain outlets (0.14 micro sv/h), and a park ground (0.13 micro sv/h).
    Update – 3/30/3012 – Since I purchased Radex, I’ve got the chance to go business trip to Japan. I was scared to go Japan because of Fukushima meltdown. I carried Radex with me.
    The radiation level in Tokyo is almost twice as high as Seattle. Inside of hotel: 0.13-0.16 micro sv/h. Outside: 0.20-0.30 micro sv/h (measured at 2 feet from the ground). I wore a mask all the time during my stay in Tokyo to prevent radioactive hot particles from coming into my throat. I checked the radiation of the water in the bath tub. It was 0.13 micro sv/h.
    But, the highest level of Radiation I measured was not in Tokyo – it was on the airplane heading to Narita Airport. The highest point was 2.85 micro sv/h(!!). My Radex started to alarm and kept indicating more than 1.0 micro sv/h for over 5 hours. This means that I was exposed to at least 20 micro sv during my business trip to Japan:( The radiation emitted from Fukushima nukes is drifting in the air away from Japan. Airplanes travel through this air, which is very scary! For comparison, I checked the radiation level in the flight between Seattle to Vancouver – it was just 0.20 micro sv/h. Now I understand the reason why airplane companies try to avoid Narita Airport.

    Pretty much confirms everything I said.

  24. oh and criticality happens chad, ie: reactor 3 nuclear DETONATION, and uhhh how nuclear plants run >fer chrissakes, and all that goddamned steam that’s been pouring out of that place. \
    Funny story, they were saying “cold shutdown” and steam was just blasting out of the reactors, may you poke someone with a stick that you really shouldn’t, ie; japan.

  25. Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based upon on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

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