Breaking News: TEPCO watching us in stealth mode

This is the site admin- Nika – writing today with some interesting stuff Iori and I wanted to share with you all. We share because its sunshine on the murky corporate nuclear deep that pervades these dark times.

Because Iori had to set up this new blog due to a possible DDOS attack at his old blog that effectively shut him down – we watch our traffic blogs for signs of trouble.

There is a thriving industry that gets paid very very well to surveil the web for content that might or might not be of concern to various corporate interests. You may find hits on your blog from such companies even (or especially?) if all you write about is the transcendent qualities of a fresh twinkie.

Some of those companies do it openly. They are not breaking any laws and the information seems to be considered public domain.

Some companies prefer to do this surveillance cryptically and what we will show you today is just such action by a company – Dream Train, inc. – that has been owned in the past by TEPCO – is currently owned by Mitsubishi – company that not only makes cars – it makes nuclear reactors in its Heavy Industries division. Needless to say, the Japanese politicians are deeply invested in helping Mitsubishi and other companies export nuclear power plants as a growth strategy for Japan (sad and part of the whole death cult/disaster capitalism that is going on right now).

Also, towards the end, I will show you a document that puzzles me about the ownership of the company in question.

Ok, let me walk you through it.

Today we noticed an odd hit, shown below.

It was odd to me because of the org and the fitness and I had a free moment – I clicked it

Its a dead link.

I drilled into the stats a bit more…

I did a whois on the IP to get more info on this Dream Train, Inc.

That gives us a hit in Tokyo, in Funabashi. Its not terribly informative because its a partial record – I had to go to the APNIC registry with the IP address…

Ahh – now we are getting somewhere – the hit belongs to an internet provider called Dream Train Inc at the address shown above.

Why are we getting nonsense hits from this internet provider?  Why would they hide themselves with such a crude method. Who owns it?

Google tells us a bit more….

Mitsubishi owns it now, according to this page that I grabbed in the image above.

A bit more googling reveals the following:

Who owns it? Mitsubishi or FreeBit?

We find also…


So TEPCO owned Dream Train previous to Mitsubishi and FreeBit – or does it still own it?

TEPCO owns a LOT of Japanese corporations – it has played big in the internet space. Thats very handy when it comes to controlling the flow of information into and out of Japan. Doesnt hurt that TEPCO is essentially the largest investor in almost all the media streams into and out of Japan.

TEPCO’s 2008 annual report shares the following:

But a 2011 risk analysis by Ernst & Young, found at this link (PDF), indicates that TEPCO owns almost all of this company.

Confusing right? I wonder how many other visits we get from companies with complex/convoluted ownership leading back to TEPCO.

Thankfully, this blog, although written by Iori, is based outside of Japan.

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