Tepco considers to track workers by location information in Fukushima plant having series of suspicious “accidents”

Following up this article.. Someone turned on 4 irrelevant pumps / 203t of 37,000,000,000 Bq/m3 contaminated water transferred to wrong place [URL]


Tepco considers to track all the Fukushima workers by location information, they stated in the meeting of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) on 4/18/2014.


Tepco cannot deny the possibility that someone entered the storage house to turn on the wrong pumps for malicious purpose again. However, they can’t confirm the entering record or the pump operation record.

Having these suspicious “accidents” occurring continuously, Tepco added the idea to track Fukushima workers to the list of potential countermeasures.

It hasn’t been decided if Tepco makes those workers wear GPS device or any other equipment, but they didn’t deny the idea either.





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Tepco envisage de tracer géographiquement ses travailleurs dans la centrale de Fukushima qui connaît des “accidents” suspects


Article lié : Quelqu’un a mis en marche 4 pompes : 203 T d’eau à 37 milliards de Bq/m³ transvasées au mauvais endroit

Tepco a affirmé au cours de sa réunion avec la NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) du 18 avril 2014 envisager de suivre géographiquement les déplacements de tous ses travailleurs dans la centrale de Fukushima.

Tepco ne peut pas nier l’éventualité que quelqu’un soit entré dans le bâtiment de stockage pour y mettre en marche les mauvaises pompes dans un but malveillant. Ils ne peuvent néanmoins pas, confirmer les enregistrements des entrées et des pompes mises en opération.
A la suite de ces  “accidents” suspects continus, Tepco a ajouté l’idée de tracer les travailleurs de Fukushima dans la liste des mesures préventives possibles.
Ils n’ont pas décidé si Tepco allait faire porter des GPS ou autre à ses travailleurs mais ils n’en rejettent pas l’idée.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. The workers really need detailed engineering diagrams and training in the hodgepoge of pipes and instructions. Which I bet TEPCO can not provide..the AS IS (actual) diagrams of what is what…no way!!!

    Plus DO all the workers read and write Japanese..the foreign ones do not I am sure. And the level of workers…can they read and write even? Dirt cheap pay, homeless/pulled off the street workers..what kind of employee quality does TEPCO have? Little joy in TEPCOville..lots of drinking..lots of depression..and no incentive if what we hear about forced labor is correct. So what is TEPCO going to do..FIRE a worker who only can work for five hours in a year? Give me a break…

    1. If i remember correctly, such so-called “final revision” diagrams were “lost” long ago. What they do have for documentation differs greatly from what exists in-situ. Something to do with documentation scandals and having lied to officials (possibly).

      Also, if i remember correctly, when a (sub-sub-sub-sub-sub)-sub-Contractor has been documented (no pens to record today – so sorry) to have received the maximum worker dosage, they are offered their freedom.
      Firing a worker from FukuDieItchy may not be much different from being “retired” from Yakuza. (freedom from pain, freedom from familiar concerns, freedom from sufferage, freedom from taxes, freedom from needing to eat, freedom from the need for breathing, BS – free as always!)

      Seems like employee tracking has the greatest likelyhood of finding scapegoats (read potential retirees).
      Oh inEPTco; you can track them all day long, yet never be able to tell what was actually accomplished. WHO is (NOT) watching the watchers? Lets not forget how gamma/beta shine makes electronics much more reliable whereas security vulnerabilities make such information more private (to those reading – ROTFLTAO). Have fun with all that!

      Now; how about doing something to make worker morale better?
      I am thinking something along the lines of a drinking game. Perhaps “pin-the-tail” on a supervisor(‘s wife) or the removal of tire valves from said supervisor’s automobile (then rolling it over)? Group bonding via daiichi drunken “mailbox baseball”??? (ahh, you never forget your senior prom – but i digress)

      Can worker morale get any worse? (and what are potential ramifications should morale decline further?)
      What will TEmPCO do to make worker morale worse than it already is?

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