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Spent Fuel Pools

[Mystery] Tepco “We haven’t injected seawater to Spent fuel pool of reactor1”

On 4/1/2014, Tepco stated they haven’t injected seawater into SFP1 (Spent Fuel Pool of reactor1) since 311.   It was stated in their report about the desalination equipment installation into

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco doesn’t analyze the Pacific seawater in the east of Fukushima plant outside of 30km radius area

  Tepco doesn’t take seawater samples in the east of Fukushima plant from Tepco’s own report.   On 4/1/2014, Tepco released the sampling plan of the Pacific seawater. From this


[Column] I’m in Cyprus now.

(This is the English ver. of this column)   Before a week passed since I came back from Netherlands, I flew from Bucharest to Cyprus. This is the latter half