Someone turned on 4 irrelevant pumps / 203t of 37,000,000,000 Bq/m3 contaminated water transferred to wrong place

203 m3 of highly contaminated water was transferred to the wrong plant buildings.

Cs-134/137 density was 37,000,000,000 Bq/m3 in the wrongly transferred water.


The basement floors of reactor1~4 retain the coolant water and groundwater that increase by 400 m3 per day. Both of them are highly contaminated.

Tepco pumps it up and reuse it for the coolant water after purifying to an extent.


On 4/13/2014, Tepco employee found a part of the retained water was transferred to the wrong plant building. It was 2 days after they found abnormality in the water level of the plant buildings.


From the investigation, they found no less than 4 pumps were turned on, which are not used usually.


In the emergency email to the press, Tepco emphasizes that they didn’t find the wrongly transferred water leaking out of the building. However, no explanation has been made on why 4 pumps were unusually turned on and who might have done it.


On 4/13/2014, a 1m3 tank was found damaged and leak all the stocked water as well. It is not known how / who made the hole on the tank either.

(cf, 1 m3 of contaminated water leaked again / “Did someone make a hole on the tank for malicious purpose again ?” [URL])



You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Quelqu’un a mis en marche 4 pompes  : 203 T d’eau à 37 milliards de Bq/m³ transvasées au mauvais endroit


203 m³ d’eau extrêmement radioactive ont été transvasés dans un mauvais bâtiment de la centrale.
La radioactivité en Cs 134/137 était de 37 000 000 000 (37 milliards de) Bq/m³ dans les eaux mal transvasées.

Les bas étages des réacteurs 1 à 4 retiennent les eaux de refroidissement et les eaux souterraines qui augmentent de 400 m³ par jour. Les deux sont extrêmement radioactives.
Tepco les pompe et les réutilise en liquide de refroidissement après les avoir un peu filtrées.

Le 13 avril 2014, un salarié de Tepco a découvert qu’une partie de ces eaux avaient été transvasées dans un mauvais bâtiment de la centrale. C’était deux jours après avoir découvert une anomalie dans les niveaux d’eau des bâtiments de la centrale.

Leur enquête a permis de découvrir que pas moins de 4 pompes étaient en marche alors qu’elles ne le sont pas d’habitude.

Dans son mail d’urgence à la presse, Tepco insiste sur le fait qu’ils n’ont pas trouvé de cette eau fuyant à l’extérieur du bâtiment. Néanmoins, aucune explication n’a été donnée sur la raison du fonctionnement de ces 4 pompes habituellement à l’arrêt, ni sur qui aurait pu les mettre en marche.

Le 13 avril 2014, un réservoir de 1 m³ avait été découvert percé et vidé de toute l’eau qu’il stockait. On ne sait pas non plus comment / qui a fait le trou dans ce réservoir. (cf. Encore une fuite d’eau extrêmement radioactive, 1 m³ / “Quelqu’un a-t-il encore une fois perforé exprès ce réservoir ?”)

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce qu’on a survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. 1. Workers recruited from Nishinari, Osaka…job qualification, able to communicate? Research has shown many studies indicating aggressive behavior, depression etc for even Low Dose Exposure, these people probably have more than 50mSv, as nobody can trust lead-shielded dosimeters.
    2. Any amateur detective would probably look for a motive. Who, apart from TEPCO, would gain from destroying the lives of innocent people, animals, plants, insects and the Pacific’s Ocean.

  2. If you look at the wildlife around Pripyat, it is doing really well. The biggest disruption to it was not the released radiation, it was all the humans who were living there. Now that the humans are gone the wildlife thrives. I’d expect similar is occuring at Fukushima.

    I’m not saying radiation is good, but people doing everyday things like building carparks and houses is far worse for the animals, plants and insects.

    1. Sickly, poisoned, mutated, weak creatures

      The beasts about Chernobyl are damned. So also the plants, microbes and insects.

      As Damned as Niall the undead Troll.

    2. **The largest wildlife census of its kind conducted in Chernobyl has revealed that mammals are declining in the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant…[The study] was based on almost four years of counting and studying animals there…In their studies on barn swallows, the team observed birds with tumours on their feet, necks and around their eyes…

      Professor Mousseau said the evidence of an increase in biodiversity in the region is “purely anecdotal…This is the first paper that provides quantitative, rigorous data that the mammals really are significantly affected by contamination.” **


      Re building carparks and houses: Yes it can have a severe impact on animal habitat, but it doesn’t (as a rule) cause genetic mutations or contaminate the environment for hundreds of millennia.

    3. Note that Mr. Hawes above has that crucial piece that your replies (repeated lies) always and without fail do not include. That is evidence.

      In addition, Mr. Hawes is able to garner evidence from the BBC – a known den of “nukular” shillery!

      What is the moral of this reply?
      Repeat after me, Nial – “Never cry shitwolf.”

      1. Quote: “I’m not saying radiation is good,”

        Of course, that would go too far to be credible from any source.

        However; you are alluding that it IS good to remove humans.

        That is the most cruel comment i have heard in a while.
        You not only dishonor yourself, you betray your very hatred for humanity.

        Shame will surely follow you through your remaining days before facing mortality, as we all ultimately will.

  3. Sickly, poisoned, mutated, weak creatures

    The beasts about Chernobyl are damned. So also the plants, microbes and insects are distressed in every fashion.

    As Damned as Niall the undead Troll.

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