[Breaking] Impervious wall construction intermitted “due to the shortage of Fukushima workers”

Having contaminated groundwater flowing to the sea, Tepco is building the impervious wall near the seaside.

(cf, Tepco completed 16% of ground improvement on the east side of reactor1&2 [URL])

In the press conference of 7/24/2013, Tepco announced the urgent construction was intermitted due to the shortage of Fukushima worker. (12:09) For the safety issue, they needed to rest the workers but they couldn’t keep the replacement workers.

Tepco also commented the workers need further trainings.

Tepco has been insisting they have adequate supply of the workers.





Don’t be their accomplice.


Français :

[Breaking] La construction du mur étanche est interrompue “à cause d’une pénurie de travailleurs à Fukushima”


Pour lutter contre l’écoulement des eaux souterraines extrêmement radioactives dans la mer, Tepco construit un mur d’étanchéité souterrain près du rivage. (cf. Tepco a avancé sur 16% de la stabilisation du sol du côté est des réacteurs 1 & 2)

Au cours de la conférence de presse du 24 juillet 2013, Tepco déclare que cette construction urgente a été interrompue par pénurie de travailleurs à Fukushima. (12:09) Par sécurité, ils doivent reposer les travailleurs mais ils n’ont pas pu en trouver pour les remplacer.

Tepco a aussi déclaré que les travailleurs devaient suivre une formation complémentaire.

Tepco a insisté sur leur besoin en travailleurs en nombre suffisant.


Ne soyez pas leurs complices.





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7 Responses to “[Breaking] Impervious wall construction intermitted “due to the shortage of Fukushima workers””

  1. TechDud says:

    Would this not be a good time to pick a gaijin like me?
    It would be an honor to follow Yoshida-san in defending my family.

    Tell them i have a strong back and a weak mind.

  2. Michele Kossack says:

    Can an “impervious wall” be constructed? In Louisiana a few million dollars were spent to build an earthen wall around the Sinkhole of Doom. The first heavy rain melted it. Impervious is similar to advertising the Titanic as “UnSINKable”.

  3. John K says:

    TEPCO probably lied about having enough workers because they want to save money. The same goes for the repairs they’re making. Using the minimum amount of money possible to keep the reactors in check and to also deal with the clean-up. The situation won’t change without foreign intervention. Japan can no longer deal with this problem alone. It lacks the management ability and there is too much corruption between the government and TEPCO. The nuclear village lives on.

  4. Flo says:

    One may call this the beginning of “Phase II” of the accident,
    if one follows the “roadmap” that Iori drew/continues to draw.

  5. Grace says:

    The collective worldwide governments need to send their unremorseful/unrepentant prisoners to build the wall. If they die it is no real loss.

  6. 7 Hail Marys says:

    400 tonnes of water to cool the reactors every day?

    According to Google, 400 tonnes is around 400,000 litres. I have no idea of how much of that water can be recycled and resused, but it can’t be much.

    How can Tepco possibly hope to keep storing such huge amounts of water?

    And, given water’s inherent nature to find even the smallest exit from a container, how can it NOT leak into the environment in increasingly large quantities?

  7. Heading TO HELL says:

    The only “road map” that’s working here is….the road map to Hell!
    This is a joke.
    There is no such thing as an impervious wall. Everything leeches out something. By the time this wall gets built, it’s the new Maginot Line of Radiation Denfense….A TOTAL FAILURE!

    At least you could see the Germans coming at you when the line was built. This “impervious wall” is useless when radiation hits you and you don’t even know it.

    Save your money….everything will be dead in 10 years.

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