Fukushima plant tide embankment is still in the temporary state “EXIF of the picture is removed”

Major aftershocks hit Japan continuously, and Tepco insists Fukushima accident was caused by Tsunami.

However, they still keep the tide embankment temporary state, which looks like it’s made of debris.

Mysteriously enough, the EXIF data (exchangeable image file format) is removed from the photo.

Fukushima plant tide embankment is still the temporary state "EXIF of the picture is removed"




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Français :

La digue de la centrale de Fukushima est toujours en état provisoire, la partie EXIF de la photo est enlevée


Des répliques majeures frappent continuellement le Japon et Tepco insiste à dire que l’accident de Fukushima a été provoqué par le tsunami. Cependant, ils laissent toujours la digue en état provisoire ce qui la fait ressembler à un tas de gravas.
De façon assez mystérieuse, la partie EXIF (exchangeable image file format) des données est retirée de la photo.

La digue de la centrale de Fukushima est toujours en état provisoire, la partie EXIF de la photo est enlevée


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  1. I just saw again the HD documentary about Fukushima and the tsunami : the comentator was all-over the video disclosing how the waves were just over a meter higher than the wall built in one of those devastated small towns .

    The Reason : the earthquake lowered the area by just over one meter and so the protection wall became instateniously useles , just as the video shows .

    Fukushima area ALSO dropped by over one meter !! And it will drop again during the next large EQ rendering the newly built wall useless again .

    Imagine also the stress on the brittle concrete when it took a meter acceleration and sudden stop .

    But that video also shows the future of Tokyo and Fukushima : cracks could be seen in both locations separating slowly Moving sides . Was like a mountain balanced on the edge of a knife , that kind of 3 Hertz oscilation back and forth along the cracks .
    That’s where the slice of earth will separate plunging both locations into the Pacific , just as you cut a slice of cake .

    But why fret or feel inferior , both San Francisco and Los Angeles are populated by millions of happy ‘adults’ who could not care Less about the future … oh , add Vancouver too . And Seattle . Now we have dozens of millions of happy imature adults in the North America west coast alone … that also don’t mind eating the pesticides in foods …. or fighting in Afghanistan/Iraq etc. … or using Fiat currecy … and going to curch …

    It all makes sense : there are no mature adults on Earth but just monkey DNA . The Planet of the Apes and Disney Land merger 🙂

    BTW Iori , for the last time and for the Record , that sprayed solid foam cover for the entire Fukushima Plant : it’s Your job to suggest it to the authorities , I will not do it .
    Of course , if you are a reader and want to forward the Foam suggestion , please go ahead , more info in the comments section of the recent past story about 98 Bq/Kg Honey from Japanese bees . This message will not be repeated , Darwin Selection in effect .

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