[Analysis] How to make protests productive

There have been numbers of major anti-nuclear protests in Japan since 2011.
As Fukushima Diary, I have been watching and reporting them. I used to stay up all night long in the summer of 2012 to watch them live.
Based on my observation, I would like to suggest 3 important processes to make protests successful.

1. Define the goal

When you jog, you want to know for how long you jogged, how further you went, and sometimes how much calorie you burnt.
It’s also necessary for protest. You need to define what the effectiveness of the protest is otherwise you go in the circle. Sometimes it might be how many assemblymen they manage to take in, sometimes it might be how many reactors they manage to stop.
It should be quantitative and directly connected to the purpose of the protest.

2. Evaluate the effectiveness

Even when you have a party, you evaluate the “effectiveness” of the party, such as how many friends someone made, how many presents you received etc..
It’s also necessary for protest. You need to evaluate the effectiveness that was defined above.
It should be brutally and objectively done like they protested against the opponents.
The output should be in quantitative so you can compare each time of the protest.

3. Feedback

If you cook soup and your family member said it was too salty, you would reduce salt after the next time.
It’s also necessary to give feedback to the protests.
If you defined the effectiveness as “for how long you get the chance to talk in front of the TV crew ” and it was 2 mins where you expected it to be at least 5 mins, you need to change something after the second time. (If you ever have second time.)
If the result turned out to be positive, you need to think about how to grow it.


In order not to let protests end only as a relief of frustration, systematic management would be necessary.




Français :

[Analyse] Comment rendre les manifestations plus productives


Il y a eu de nombreuses grandes manifestations anti-nucléaires au Japon depuis 2011.
En tant que Fukushima Diary, je les ai surveillées et rapportés. Je suis resté debout toutes les nuits de l’été 2012 pour les voir en direct.
A partir de mes observations, je voudrais proposer 3 choses importantes pour que les manifestations soient réussies.

1. Définir le but

Lorsque vous courrez, vous voulez savoir combien de temps vous allez courir, quelle distance vous avez parcouru et parfois combien de calories vous avec brûlées.
C’est aussi nécessaire pour les manifestations. Vous avez à définir l’objectif de la manifestation sinon vous tournez en rond. Ce peut parfois être le nombre d’élus y participant, ou combien de réacteurs en ont été arrêté suite à ça.
Ce devrait être quantifié et directement lié au but de la manifestation.

2. Évaluer l’efficacité

Même quand on fait une soirée on en fait un bilan d’efficacité, comme combien de gens sont devenus amis, combien ont fait des cadeaux, etc..
C’est nécessaire aussi pour les manifestations. On doit évaluer l’efficacité de ce qui a été défini ci-dessus.
Ce doit être fait brutalement et objectivement comme l’était la protestation devant le camp d’en face.
Ce doit être quantitatif, pour pouvoir le comparer aux autres à chaque nouvelle.

3. Retours

Quand vous avez fait une soupe et que votre famille vous dit qu’elle était trop salée, vous mettez moins de sel la fois suivante.
Il est également nécessaire de faire un retour sur les manifestations.
Si l’objectif défini en était “combien de temps êtes-vous arrivés à parler devant les télévisions” et que ce fut pour 2 mins quand vous en attendiez au moins 5, vous devez changer quelque chose  la fois suivante. (s’il y en a une.)
Si le résultat se révèle positif, vous devez réfléchir à comment l’augmenter.

Pour ne pas laisser les manifestations finir comme des exutoires de frustrations une gestion systématique en serait nécessaire.





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7 Responses to “[Analysis] How to make protests productive”

  1. Roger NYMO says:

    Essentially is to control the consistency of our communication in the definition of goals and the adequacy of the means employed to achieve them.

    In France only a legal action against the criminal group AREVA could expect a global blow in one of the ruthless hearts of the nuclear lobby.


  2. Jay says:

    … and when common-sense fails , go ahead and apply Scare-Tactics :

    1) Radiation will cause pretty girls to start growing FUR !! And 2 …

    2) watch the video towards the end of the web page , hang-on before minute one and 40 seconds , than appreciate the magnitude of the geological events in Japan ( feel free to pee in your pants + pass along the video to others ) :


  3. laurie steele says:

    i just listened to a kpbs interview on the restart of san onofre, not one mention of fukushima, and i am afraid my comment will be deleted as i used “jays” scare tactic theory… :p (i also directed them to this website)… anyway, as far as the salt issue, i’ve heard if you put a wine cork in the food it will absorb the excess salt. :p

  4. kintaman says:

    I think they need to start a movement to arrest those who lied and deceived the people about the accident: Kan, Edano, Hosono, Dr. Yamashita, etc, etc.

    • Jay says:

      Hey Laurie Steel , good comment there about USA/Canada ignoring Fukushima , a personal radiation detector can easiely replace both country ‘leaders’ .

      But look at what Kintaman proposes , Justice !!
      Outch … Kman , the Justice Station passed and the majority of the Japanese voters are still on the ‘train’ : 62.7 % of them voted last month a pro-nuclear govern-ment in office !

      Obviously , Justice needs first a Good Scare and nothing beats a personal Cancer ! Just watch … while collecting the evidence like Iori does , eh !

      Buna ziua Printul meu Japonez ..

  5. jlv says:

    Cover up! Conspiracy! Fukushima disaster panel so far reports three young people have thyroid cancer!


    Well, a simplistic assessment suggests that out of 360,000 people (assuming 1/2 male and 1/2 female) you should expect over 41 cases without Fukushima radiation. Therefore, Fukushima has saved 38 people from thyroid cancer. Who or WHO is covering this up?

    I only offer this to combat the equally witless comments on this site.

    National Cancer Institute
    Cancer of the Thyroid


    Incidence Rates by Race
    Race/Ethnicity Male Female
    Asian/Pacific Islander 5.3 per 100,000 men 17.7 per 100,000 women

  6. VyseLegendaire says:

    On one hand I agree with the points here – how to make protests more productive.

    However on the other, I thought Iori was not really a fan of protests because they are not truly effectual; they do not cut at the underlying root causes of the problems, and they are not an effective means of resistance because the powers that be can simply ignore them.

    The root cause is government monopoly on violence meaning they have the guns and the boot to your neck, and the true path of resistance is emigration or genuine noncompliance-resistance.

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