Settlement report 6/11 ~ 6/12/2012 – Believers

Settlement report 6/11 ~ 6/12/2012 - Believers


Settlement report 6/11 ~ 6/12/2012 - Believers 2



1 hour later, news paper companies finally reported the explosion of reactor 1.
At first they didn’t even report it exploded, instead “Explosive sound was heard, white smoke is coming up.”
If someone really wants to deny the truth, he would think, it was just a sound, not an actual explosion.

Another one hour passed. Chief Cabinet Secretary held a press conference. He announced, explosive sound was heard. Some kind of an explosive phenomena might have happened.

Because they repeat “explosive sound was heard”, I even thought reactor 1 had explosion multiple times. and it wasn’t the explosive sound. It was an explosion.

At 19:16 evacuation area was enlarged to 20km. It made me feel like it was safe outside of 20km area, but the plume was already coming down to Tokyo area.

I couldn’t believe the explosion because until that moment, all the media announced no radiation was not leaking from reactor 1. It sounded as if everything was almost under control.

At 20:20, Self Defense Force or Tepco staff started injecting sea water to the pressure vessel but they had to stop it at 22:15. Aftershock was still strong in North Japan. Any of those reactors may explode because of the shock.

They injected sea water into reactor1. That was obvious that Pacific Ocean would be severely contaminated. but I wasn’t confident in my own sense of judgement about nuclear accident, I asked my friend by email.
He is a researcher of genetic engineering in Tokyo University. We were classmates from junior high school to high school. He said,
“Once they put sea water into the reactors, that would be ok. and politicians are still in Tokyo. That means it’s safe here.”
I honestly was surprised at his immature sense of judgement. I even thought it was me to be crazy.
but after all, he was proven to be wrong. He went to Tokyo University not for his sense of judgement, just because he studied longer than average.

By 3/13/2011, the current situation was already set up. People to think Fukushima was nothing vs people to think Fukushima is crucial.

At this time, I was almost the only one to worry about Fukushima. It was only reactor1 to explode, but I was already starting to think about evacuating abroad. When Chernobyl happened, I was still 2 years old. I just saw some documentaries about Chernobyl when I turned to be 7 or 8 years old but I clearly remembered it was utterly scary. People were sent to the hospital, but the hospital was contaminated too. Tens of thousand people were killed because of the government’s lie. The image of people vomiting hard in the hospital has been sticking in my head since I watched those documentary.
I didn’t know how closely Japan get to Chernobyl, but there was no evidence to prove Japan won’t be like Chernobyl at the same time.
I was even labelled as “selfish paranoid” on variety of discussions on the internet. Still the main issue was / must be Tsunami disaster. People living outside of North Japan were sticking to the repetitive movie of Tsunami. Tsunami is visible. It was more powerful than nuclear.

However, from my experience of Great Hanshin Earthquake (Jan 1995), it was only the matter of time for them to stand up again. I am truly sorry for the victims. but it was only the matter of power, food, and concrete. Only enough amount of input reconstructs most of the things because it was already over.

Having gone through the disaster, which is beyond our imagination, human mind wanted the “reason”. Why did they have to be killed ? What did cause the disaster ? They started needing the logic to explain the mechanism.
This is like the starting process of religion. To remember and make the pain easier, they want to “understand” what’s behind the disaster. Some went to the theory that “America attacked North Japan”, which I don’t want to touch, and some went to the theory that it was nemesis.

Majority is the later one, they wanted to associate it with environmental destruction and their personal decadent life style. They wanted the simple logic “because we did something bad, we were punished by god or earthquake.” (I mean the earthquake and Tsunami, nuclear accident was obviously a boomerang of our civilization.)

Obviously, this mentality doesn’t last long. Probably it lasts for one month at the longest. but it had the harmful aspect from the beginning – Underestimate Fukushima. They overrated Tsunami and earthquake, they criticized people to concern about Fukushima for not devoting to “atonement” -Sympathize with Tsunami victims.
What’s more, it was manipulated by the government.
The slogan of “Support north Japan” was born at this moment and it got the disguise as atonement by taking the risk of radiation exposure willingly, and grew to be the group mind which is killing the whole society right now. At the beginning, it was only volunteer. Now it’s to accept debris, consume contaminated food, and staying in the contaminated area.
Even on Facebook, I was criticized to spread the “harmful rumor” about Fukushima. They say it interrupts the support for North Japan. They said we must go to the disaster area for volunteer support.
Tones of food, blankets and donation were sent from all around in Japan and the world. but what the people in disaster area needed was information, which was the most difficult to obtain. A lot of the people were staying where the plume went in Fukushima and they believed their shelter was safe. Also, even volunteer people got exposed to go to the disaster area without knowing anything.

However, I wasn’t allowed to talk about this.
People started tones of pointless things in the name of “support”.
On TV, they said let’s save power for north Japan. ..You can’t stock electricity. Your saved electricity doesn’t go to save north Japan.
They also said, let’s eat less to support North Japan. ..Your saved food doesn’t go to North Japan to be eaten. This slogan was changed to “Eat and Support North Japan” a few weeks later.

On Twitter again, I heard the system called SPEEDI under Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology exists. They say, government has been investing billions of yen in it and it is to simulate the motion of plume in case of nuclear accident. However, the site was down. Now it is known to be the biggest crime against human right for Japanese government to conceal the SPEEDI data. but at this time, I was told,

“Japanese government is not that cruel to conceal SPEEDI. You are paranoid. Face “the truth”. People in North Japan are in such a pain. ”

This wrong view over Japanese government origins from the lack of historical knowledge.
From the Russo‐Japanese War in the beginning of 20th century, it has always been the Japanese custom for people to be killed by the suicidal strategy. Through the past century, people were always deceived and killed by its own government. It is famous that the government tried to make Tokyo citizen fight against american bombers during WWW2 with bamboo spears.
Even after WWW2, there have been historical public pollution such as Minamita disease or Midori juji problem. Victims of all of these crimes are still suffering and even though they were lucky, they took years to get proper compensation.

Now the worst public pollution has started. People were blinding themselves. Some were even thinking it looks brave and heroic to act like they don’t care about radiation. Some of them even thought supporting nuclear power looks more intelligent because they look like they were not emotionally affected by the minor accident in Fukushima and don’t miss the importance of nuclear technology.

but the more I researched, the more confident I became. I quit discussing. Though it takes months, I had no other choice to post correct (may not look correct at that time but will be proven to be right as time passes) information and gain trust of people step by step.

Anyway, I understood the world has changed.
I sealed up the windows. Monday was coming.

I was interested to see how stock market would behave.



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