Reactor 4 lost most of the wall on sea side

Pictures of reactor 4 from South East side.

It lost most of the wall on sea side.

Reactor 4 lost most of the wall on sea side


Reactor 4 lost most of the wall on sea side2


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Le réacteur 4 a perdu presque tout son mur côté mer
    Par Mochizuki le 1er juin 2012

    Photos du réacteur 4 vu du côté Sud-Est.

    Il manque presque tout le mur côté mer.

  2. That would explain the tilt of the F P they are now denying !
    All that weight and No support on the east side !

  3. Iori, I tried to put an article from a few days ago on my Facebook and I couldn’t. Yesterday Facebook in US went down, (was inaccessible) to many areas of the nation. The people who run Facebook could not explain what happened. It lasted for about three hours. I will try again today to bring these pictures to thousands who will hopefully spread the word. Thank you for the risks you take and all you do to stop the media blackout. You are NOT alone. Cher

  4. No it didn’t, nothing has changed except one concrete column and horizontal on the top floor as the area around the Spent Fuel Pool is cleared in preparation for an attempt to remove x2 of the unsused fuel rod assemblies. The lower photo is just darker and has more contrast than the first pic so it looks like the top floor is undermined, but the support columns and the rubble pile are still there. Don’t panic! (yet)

  5. Gee, but isn’t Nuclear Power Safe for all of us?

    FUCK NO. When will “Yet” come? It’s HERE>

  6. @omniversling, yes, the columns show a little crumbling (top) with more debris sticking out between the columns. Given previous fires, do we know what shape the rods are in now? The floor needs to be cleared ahead of removing the rods but will there be time to bring in a new crane and build a building or receptacle to put the rods in, before another large quake? What about any fuel that’s melted down into the bottom of the vessel and/or ‘out’? We are running out of time! There is some hope, if rumors are true, that the OB administration went to the U.N. with a ‘plan’ for Fukushima.

  7. I wondering if anything it’s looking more stable rather than less stable structurally. In the bottom picture there appear to be more risky parts which could collapse, this extra weight could have been a problem too. Is there a plan to encase the building?

  8. I am afraid that you may be misinterpreting this photos. They are currently taking the building apart as they prepare to build supporting structures to keep the building from collapsing totally while they remove the spent fuel. I don’t think this represents a weakening of the structure beyond what already there after the accident. I would like to have an update on the progress, however.

  9. I think walls have been removed to prepare to remove nuclear fusions from the pool. Two fusions will remove on this July for test.

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