Gas coming up from reactor2

Gas / steam / smoke / water vapor / evaporated electric bill / has been coming up from reactor2.


↓ Comparison of 6/18 and 6/20 (6/19 was excluded because of typhoon 04 [LINK])

Gas coming up from reactor2



 ↓ 6/20/2012  23:00 ~ 0:00

↓ 6/18/2012  23:00 ~ 0:00

    1. There’s also “gas” coming out of cranes and the sides of the buildings and actually all over the picture in that case. Part of the problem I’m having is that the compression of the video picture obscures the picture, it looks like things are moving when they are probably not and it’s difficult to get definition.

  1. I have just been censored on Facebook. Not by Facebook by the group “FUKUSHIMA 311 WATCHDOG”. It appears that the reason for being censored is because some people on their tried to assert that this particular nuclear incident was comparable to Chernobyl. The statements people were making were things like “Chernobyl on steriods” and “we have 4 Chernobyls”. My point was that there was only 1 Chernobyl and treating this the same isn’t helpful, it’s a different situation.

    I was branded a “troll” for showing a different point of view. Something which is increasingly being used by people who appear to be enjoying trying to prove that we’re all doomed.

    Conspiracy theory nut jobs are taking over this thing unfortunately, they are doing the very things people accuse Facebook and the government of doing. Spreading disinformation and attempting to silence any one who they think disagrees with them. I do not disagree with the problems the whole planet is facing as a result of what has happened at Fukushima Daiichi and other places. I have been very scared since the start but I try to stick to rational thinking, discussing things in civilised way. Not scare mongering, disinformation, blind belief.

    On the positive side I also had a good conversation about this “gas” but probably can no-longer continue to discuss it due to being banned from the group. Ostracised for daring to question other people’s unscientific assertions.

    I without any doubt that many people will be put off finding out about what is going on at Fukushima Daiichi by people who are started to dominate discussions with pessimism and conspiracy theory. This whole thing is in danger of being dragged down by it, something which the likes of our governments and TEPCO may be quite pleased about as it means they don’t have to do any work to divide us.

  2. …and the jury is still out on this one. It could be water on the lens or it could be gas or vapour rising up above the reactor building. It may be impossible to tell though due to the quality of the camera unfortunately.

    Either way – on discussing it with observers – there appears to be a concensus that there is going to be water vapour in the air which is radioactive occuring. Whether this is it or not is a different matter.

  3. If it is gas or vapour – what is in the reactor building in that corner that it appears to be coming out of?

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Du gaz s’échappe du réacteur 2
    Par Mochizuki le 20 juin 2012 · 8 Commentaires

    Du gaz / buée / fumée / vapeur d’eau / evaporated electric bill / a été émis par le réacteur 2.

    ↓ Comparaison des 18/6 et 20/6 (le 19 exclu à cause du cyclone [])×139.png

    ↓ 6/20/2012 23:00 ~ 0:00

    ↓ 6/18/2012 23:00 ~ 0:00

  5. The radiation readings have kept higher at 0.12μSv/h these days. The average was 0.06 in my house in the south part of Saitama prefecture. The measuring instrument is AIR COUNTER by S.T.CORPORATION.

  6. much love to you.
    you know you’re right?
    its still ongoing, visible in the morning twilight:

    i cannot understand the heads who commented against it.
    and when we are sometimes wrong with our optical analyses what’s up?
    that will nobody hurts.
    but your posting like boxing against it HURTS someone who lives in real,

    please think about it when you powering against something that you too had not seen in real.
    in that point we are all the same-virtual tourists, nothing more.

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