Japanese going violent

Acts of violence from passengers to station staff marked the highest in 2011.

In 2011, 616 cases of acts of violence were reported, which is the worst since 2005, when they started collecting statistics. Yomiuri newspaper interviewed 3 JR companies in the main island of Japan.

Also, the association of Japanese private railways published 229 cases of acts of violence from passengers to station staff were reported by 16 private railway companies all over Japan. It has been over 200 cases since 4 years ago.

In 28% of the cases, the reason of violence is not clear, such as a passenger does violence to the station staff all of a sudden when he/she was simply talked to.
75% of the perpetrators were drunk. Half of the cases happened after 22:00.
22% are in 40s, 19% are 60s, 17% are 50s.

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