How they used to stock 100Bq/kg of radioactive waste

Before 311, radioactive waste to contain over 100 Bq/kg of cesium was stocked like this on the picture.

Now 100Bq/kg is the safety limit of food.

How they stock radioactive waste








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7 Responses to “How they used to stock 100Bq/kg of radioactive waste”

  1. liz butler-henderson says:

    how long are those drums good for? I think only 50 years best case scenario.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post!

    Wonder if the waste company that manages the canisters shown above will take advantage of the reduced standards to move some of this old waste back into the environment? Would free up some storage space that they can sell to someone else. Is there anything to prevent them from doing so?

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  4. Rich says:

    What an incriminating picture !

  5. Satori says:

    Nuclear Insanity Defined.

    Imagine we are all sitting in a bus. We got on the bus because the driver said he knew where he was going and it was a good place.

    In reality, the bus is heading towards a 1,000 foot cliff. Everyone on the bus will die going over the cliff, yes, even the driver.

    You see that the bus is heading towards the cliff. A few other people on the bus see it too.

    What do you DO??

    Do you sit on the bus, shrug your shoulders, and say, oh well, we are all going over the cliff.

    This is question you need to ask yourself this second, no waiting.

    We have a right to go to the front of the bus, remove the driver, and stop the bus.

    What are we waiting for?

    The authorities in charge need to be removed and replaced with “drivers” that wont’ take us over the cliff.

    Anything less, is a waste of time. No negotiations. No time. NOW or NEVER my fellow human beings.


  6. TechDud says:

    would that store of ‘waste’ not now be considered by some (suffering early-onset dementia or worse – a.k.a. ‘simply psychopathy’) as ‘decontaminated’?

    i guess the debate concerning food irradiation is over, then??? :(
    not so surprising to hear little from that lobby in the news lately …
    just wish that i had the chance to have registered my vote, though.

    the ‘unnatural persons’ win again. :( :( :(

    may the truth set as many free as possible. :|

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